Friday, 15 May 2015

To-do list before I die (My bucket list )

"Setting goals is the first step turning invisible to visible." ~ Tonny Robbins
"Every man dies, not every man lives " ~ William Wallace
"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching " ~ Gerard Way

Almost everyone has a Bucket list of things that they want to achieve before they die and so do I.
Following is my to-do list which will keep on growing as I find a new motive and shrinking as I complete another goal, throughout my life.
I want to :
  • If not all around the world, I want to at least travel to the seven places having  wonders of the world i.e Taj Mahal(Agra,India), Petra(Jordan), Colosseum(Rome,Italy), Chichen Itza(Mexico), Machu Picchu(Peru), The Great Wall of China(China) and Christ the Redeemer(Brazil).
The most magnificent places on the earth.
  • Gift Diamonds to my mom.
  • Learn speaking Chinese, French and Spanish.
  • Have a collection of luxury watches and handbags in my wardrobe.
Height of ecstasy :D
  • Go paragliding once in my life time and forget all my worries for a while.

  • Get inked on wrist or arm.
  • Go on a loooong holiday trip with my family.
  • Possess mac and urban decay palette collection.
  • Learn dancing hip hop and salsa.
  • Record my own music album some day.(If possible)
  • Become a successful Blogger.
  •  Build real time applications.(Already built one)
  • Run my own business.
  • Earn enough to fulfill all the wishes of my loved ones.
  •  Have a destination wedding.
  • Own a house of my dreams.
  • Get over my fears (schizophrenia patients, anesthesia awareness, losing relations/relatives,etc)
  • Prove my family and friends how much they mean to me.
After achieving all of the above I won't have any fear of facing death because there won't be any regrets.I guess everyone has their unique bucket list, and if you don't, then go create one and get determined to check each point on it one by one and remember, no procrastination!! :D 
P.S. - The above mentioned is my list of goals, not to be confused with a wishlist. :)

1 comment:
  1. Hey Deeshani,

    Nice to read your Goal list.It seems so real :)

    I too, had shared my wish list here-


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