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The Story of A Suicide by Sriram Ayer

The Story of A Suicide by Sriram Ayer and illustrations by Ghana is a heartbreaking story packed with Drama. Trauma. Love. Betrayal. Lust. Hatred. Revenge. It would not do justice if I used only one adjective to describe it. Want to know why? Then, You must probably read it right away without any further ado. 

It's a stark reality that suicidal tendencies and attempts are most widespread among youngsters these days. A teenager's juvenile temperament is certainly not composed enough to deal with critical issues of the society. Sadly these people are the most targeted ones as the blooming flowers are most prone to being plucked. As you grow up you realize that giving up is not a choice, you either deal with the situation or find a solution to it. There are many lives that are connected with yours, you can't just be so much wrapped up in yourself to opt for an easier way that is escaping and giving up on life.

The Story Of A Suicide effectively unveils the hypersensitive issues that persist in our society such as chauvinism, sexual abuse and cyber bullying.
What I liked the most about this novel is that it is so descriptive with every minute detailing of every scene that you can easily paint the situation in your mind. From the visual portrayal and sound effects of surroundings to the body language and expressions of eyes and lips, there are so many instances in the story that make you comprehend the characters and the surroundings so well. Throughout the 31 chapters, I could actually imagine vivid images of Charu, Hari, Mani and Sam.

All four of them are depicting completely different attributes that do exist in many youngsters. Charu is portrayed as the bold and fearless one. She is a free spirit who can't be tamed by the rules set by people around her. Her words and actions do complete justice to her fearless attitude. Hari on the other hand is the nervy one, as he lacks the courage to voice the torture that he has gone through in his childhood to his parents, he doesn't open up with people very easily as Charu does. He is always anxious about his sexuality and feelings. Mani's character has been put up as a boy who had a distressing childhood and is the only hope of her mother who has gone through a lot. Both Hari and Mani have a frightening past, perhaps they connect so well because they can understand each other's pain very well.
Sam is a tech geek (a.k.a tech guru) and is utterly obsessed with social media as most of the teenagers are these days. He feels very proud of his technical skills and rich background. He is portrayed as an egoistical and haughty character who also has this little soft corner for the girl he loves.

I could connect to many traits of each of the characters that are put into words in this novel. 
Hari's parents absolutely reflected my parents as they are equally protective of me. But at the same time they are unaware of the situations which I deal with everyday. Even if they got to know they wouldn't be able to understand me because of the generation gap between us and completely opposite perspectives. Same is the case with Hari and his parents.
Ironically, Hari's father never got to know about the miserable sufferings that Hari had gone through in his Childhood and weren't willing to accept his sexuality despite being so fearful about him getting hurt.
There is no single protagonist in the plot, almost equal attention has been given to the lives of all four of them. The narrative is very expressive and has tints of teenage slang that makes the plot even more credible.

Ayer has very brilliantly drawn the psychedelic experiences, hallucinations, past memories and dreams of the characters. One might get baffled at first but as soon as it is realized that what is being illustrated, he/she will be completely mesmerized by the thought of it and could also relate oneself to some of them.
Beautiful and evocative illustrations by Ghana just add more drama to the reader's imagery. There is an appreciable South Indian touch in the narration with use of words such as "Amma", "Appa", "Aiyoo" and many more.
The plot addresses both feminist and male chauvinist comments passed by the characters so there's no one-sidedness towards a particular sex.
There's a clever use of words that brings apt feelings of young lust, desire, concern, fear, dilemma and rage as the page turns to unravel another chapter. The story ends on a tragic note touching reader's soul to the core. 

Personally, I think committing suicide could only make things worse. And it takes a lot more courage to live, survive and fight with your hardships than taking such drastic step. There are many people out there suffering from fatal diseases, who are fighting each and every day to survive in this battle called life. There are many who are not even sure if they would be able to survive another day or not, but still you can see that hope in their eyes to wake up next morning and embrace the sunlight. You are more than lucky if you're healthy, can buy yourself enough food and have at least one person in your life who loves you. Many people pray and yearn for what you already have. I don't think giving up the most precious thing for the sake of a heart break makes enough sense. I know it's really hard to deal with depression, there are many painful incidents that happen in our lives. But it's not the end, there must be at least one good reason for you to live, you just need to search for it and make yourself feel better. 

All in all I simply loved the concept behind The Story of A Suicide. You may read the complete plot at this  link. Also, there are 'How do I' links on the right alignment of the website that are great sources of help to deal with similar challenges that we face in our lives.
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