Sunday, 18 September 2016

Empower one another

I don't speak on this as often and as much as I should, but this is something that we must believe in. 
If a girl has a boyfriend, that does not make her a sinner. If she has been in 15 relationships so far, that does not make her a slut. What if she trusts people easily and has been cheated for all those times? Do you even know how it's like to have your heart being stabbed and broken for so many times?

If her dress has a cleavage, or she drinks or wears heavy makeup or has all guy friends, that does not give you a right to judge her. If she's proud of her body and likes to flaunt it, that's totally her choice. You are nobody to make false assumptions about her. A girl wearing shorts may be a virgin and the one wearing a suit may or may not be, that's none of our business to judge people on the basis of the way they dress up, their lifestyle or family background. 

I feel sorry for the people and especially the females who instantly form negative opinions about other women who are bold enough to carry themselves out in public. We should rather empower each other than spreading hatred and false rumors. It's awful that we ourselves are the major reason for letting us down. 

You will agree that most of the mothers (in fact my own mother) have always barred their daughters from doing so many things that they think is "inappropriate" for us to do. You have to sit decently, talk decently, dress decently. Some woman, being the cooler one(as much as she could) suggested me to wear whatever I like, but not at the places filled with uneducated eyes where it might be inappropriate.

I don't understand a simple thing that why is still there a need to teach us rather than teaching those men who can't even have a control over themselves?
Someone (a guy) told me that he agrees with me, but men just can't help it, it's natural for them to get aroused by the bare skin of women, there's no solution to it, it's "man's nature". And I didn't have words to express how disturbed I was after hearing that. 
I totally agree that there could be a scientific fact that they get attracted more than women do on seeing men, but I do not agree that they're not even strong enough to control those feelings for the sake of humanity! Is it that difficult, seriously? 

I'm not promoting anything, I personally, do not feel comfortable wearing a deep neck top, but I am not making a statement that it's wrong to wear. 
There's no universal wrong or right. It's just a matter of one's opinion. And all I want to say is that we are no one to make opinions on anyone, but ourselves. If you're not in favour of something, that's your personal choice. Something may be wrong for you and right for someone else. If you can't spread love, please do not spread hatred. 
  1. Bang on Deeshani. And, Pink addresses the same and glad you wrote about it! It's our mentality which is wrong.

  2. It's easy to find faults than embrace your own. Our society is the living example of it.

    Hard hitting and honest post.

  3. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  4. Nice post by Deeshani Batra........Thnak you

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