Saturday, 11 April 2015

Be your hero

They say, the more you start discovering yourself, the less u'll find the the need to know others..
No one in this world other than you yourself will ever completely understand you,there are times when the most trusted and relied ones fail to meet your expectations.On contrary, there are also the times when a person who hardly means anything to you surprises you with extravagant attention.Most of us find it hard to recognize and distinguish between the real pals and the fake ones. But the truth is the only person who completes you and the one that makes you happy is the person inside you.
We try our best making others' life full of happiness,joy and comfort and also at the same time we expect a bit more than that from them. The more you try giving special attention to some one the more you'll regret if that particular person fails to do any such effort.
I'm not saying that we should become selfish and self obsessed but before giving over the top treatment to others first see how you are treating yourself..A person can make his surroundings happy only if he himself is happy..A depressed mind can only create a sad environment for them and their loved ones too.
So,stop right here,take a deep breath and feel the freshness of air,feel your existence.You are a beautiful person inside,no one has the right to hurt you.It's your life live it,love it,enjoy it.Be your own hero.
As we all know,Life is too short for worrying about little things..Ignore all your tensions for a while and Spare some quality time for yourself,pamper yourself,eat your favorite food, go to your favorite places alone..experience new adventures and thrills,dress up like a star,act like a boss,never let anyone to control your life and most importantly always put that big smile on your face and make the world feel jealous.Because,you worth it!! :)

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  1. Quite a motivating post. Nice read.

    Keep writing. :)


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