Sunday, 31 May 2015

Opposites attract - A short comic love story


Starring two completely different personalities Kiara and Arjun..

Both went to an educational trip..

After coming back from the trip, both got busy in their lives.
Years passed, and one fine day Arjun noticed Kiara's account on Facebook. On realizing that she's the girl from the trip, he sent her a friend request, which she accepted the very next day. They started chatting, exchanged their conatct numbers and...

Arjun and Kiara decided to go to their respective college by the same train, so that they can finally see each other..

When the Opposite souls met for the first time

And, their sweet and sour relationship continues..

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Friday, 29 May 2015

I lost him in a blink of an eye

The only regret I have in my life is, I couldn't express my Grandpa, that how much I loved him and how significant his presence was in my life. He was my main, my best buddy. The only person who could tolerate my immature behavior. I lost him in April,2006, when I just turned eleven.

Back to the time when I had him, whenever I used to get bored, I used to go to his room while he was taking his nap, and I used to start fighting with him, bothering his leisure time. I always took him for granted, complaining about him to dad while I always knew that I was the wrong one. My dad who was ignorant used to stop him saying, "She is a kid, at least you should behave wisely." I used to laugh at him, play practical jokes on him. Annoying him was my favorite hobby, because I thought he would always be there. I didn't realize that soon I was going to lose him and he'll be gone forever.

Moreover, he was one of the fittest persons in our family. I was not mentally prepared to see him going away from me. Because, no one could imagine an entirely fit person like him to go through any health condition. It was a normal day, when in the morning he felt a mild attack, and my relatives took him to the hospital. And in the evening, mom got a call from the hospital that we've lost him. In a heartbeat, I realized that I've lost a part of my life. I've lost my best friend, I couldn't tell him that I was cold just at the outside, at the inside my heart was full of love for him. I wanted to apologize to him for all the mischief I've done. I wanted to make him feel the importance that he deserved.

I miss everything about him, from his scolding to his pampering and his treats to me, everything..!! I wish I could go back in time and devote my entire time in making him feel special. And, I know I was always his favorite grandchild no matter how bad I treated him, he used to call me deeshani "my pareshani", though. :)

For IndiSpire Edition 67 #MISSME
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Benchmarks for building vocabulary

Do you find the need to know the meanings of all obscure words and learn new words but fail to do so because you can't retain all of them? Then you are at a right place. Our subconscious mind forgets the words which it can't relate to the other words. For instance,independent things can easily be omitted since it will not affect its surroundings and will not have any prominence of its absence.

So, in order to learn words that can be retained in your mind for a lifetime you must learn them by understanding its complete meaning, knowing its usage and its relation with the other words. Just cramming the word meanings is a complete wastage of time because you will eventually forget them.
The easiest way to keep hold on the new words you come across is by knowing the meaning of its prefix, suffix or the root.

Following are some of the examples of prefix and suffix with their meanings and usage in words:


  • Mis- / Miso- : "Hatred"
         Misanthrope: Mis+anthrope, Hatred for mankind(-Anthrope).
         Misarchy: Mis+archy, Hatred of Government(-Archy).
         Misopedia: Miso+pedia, Morbid Hatred of children(-Pedia).
         Misotheist: Miso+theist, Hatred of God(-theist).

  • Phil- : "lover"
         Philanthropist: Lover of humans.
         Philosopher: one who loves wisdom.
         Philomath: Love for learning.
         Philogynist: Philo+gynist, lover of women(-gyna).

  • Ver- : "true/truth"
         Verdict: True saying said by jury.
         Verify: to make sure something is true.
         Veracity: Truthfulness
         Veritable: Authentic
  • Hyper- : "over"
         Hyperactive: overly active.
         Hypertension: blood pressure over normal.
         Hypersensitive: Feeling of being over emotional.
         Hyperbole: Overly praising someone.      


  • -Cide: Comes from the Latin word cida that means "An act of killing"
          Use :
          Suicide : Killing oneself.
          Regicide : Killing a king.
          Infanticide : Killing and infant.
          pesticide : Killing of pests.
          Other examples like patricide, uxoricide, feticide, insecticide, matricide, etc.
  • -Ology: "A branch of knowledge"
           Etymology: Study of words.
           Pathology: Study of diseases.
           Anthropology: Study of humans
           Geology: Study of Earth.
           Other examples like astrology, mycology, neurology, ornithology, paleontology, etc.
  • -Archy / -Cracy : "rule/government"
          Anarchy: Government by none.
          Monarchy: Government by king.
          Democracy: Government by people.
          Plutocracy: Government by wealthy.
          Other examples like aristocracy, bureaucracy, Cryptarchy, hierarchy, etc.
  •  -Pathy : It may be used for one of the three meanings 
  • "Denoting feelings"
                  Antipathy: Feeling opposite/dislike.
                  Apathy: Lack of any feeling.
                  Empathy: Ability to understand feelings of others.
                  Sympathy: Feelings of pity.

  • "Disorder in particular part of body"
                   Cardiopathy : A heart disorder
                   Sociopathy : Personality disorder
                   Psycopathy: Mental illness
                   Neuropathy: Disease of nerves
  • "Method of treating disorder"
                   Allopathy: Treating with drugs opposite to symptoms.
                   Osteopathy: Treatment through massage.
                   Homeopathy: Treatment by minute doses of natural substances.
                   Naturopathy: Treatment w/o any use of drugs.

Knowing just the literal(denotative) meanings of the words are not sufficient for having a good vocabulary, you must have the potential to get the suggestive(connotative) meaning that may be different from its literal meaning. To understand suggestive meaning you must know the commonly used idioms in daily life that suggests a meaning which is different from its literal meaning.


  1. A piece of cake : to find something very easy to do.
  2. A dog's life : hard and unpleasant life.
  3. Book worm : always into the books.
  4. Bread and butter : basic needs of life.
  5. Be spoon fed : discourage independent thoughts and actions
  6. Cold fish : who doesn't show how they feel.
  7. Couch potato : lazy
  8. Cost an arm and a leg : very expensive.
  9. Down the road : Sometime in future.
  10. Dark horse : A secretive person. 
  11. Bite your tongue: Stop yourself from saying something.
  12. Break a leg: Good Luck!
  13. Go off the rails: Start behaving in an unacceptable way.
  14. A cat nap: A short sleep.
  15. To be in the same boat : Be in same situation.
  16. Cup of tea : something that one enjoys.
  17. Chance your arm : To take a chance.
  18. Cash cow : business that makes a lot of money.
  19. Dressed up like dog's dinner : overdressed
  20. Dead set against : completely opposed.
  21. Drop off the twig : to die.
  22. Be all ears : waiting eagerly to hear about something.
  23. Be in your glad rags : dressed up in your party clothes.
  24. Be a chicken : coward.
  25. Be in your birthday suit : be naked.
  26. Bottom line : The total/final figure.
  27. Blood money : money gained from death of some other person.
  28. At the drop of a hat : to make a decision very quickly.
  29. Apple of my eye : Someone that one likes a lot.
  30. A bean counter : refers to an Accountant.

Discovering new words can be fun and serves to be very productive at the same time !!
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

I won't be your son

She was born with a flaw,

a flaw of being feminine.

Innocent ignorant mind 

until saw her parents crying,

For they wanted a boy after her sister Penelope,

Who'll be their solitary strength,

their one and only hope.

She couldn't resist the tears of mother,

Impetuously rushed  to them and uttered,

"I won't say I'd be your son as that'd be a cliche;

Also, I don't want to be one.

Rather I shall be a daughter; 

who's pluckier than every son,

Turning your adversity into ecstasy, 

Changing perceptions of  everyone."

This post is for all the females out there. I am proud of being one and you should be too. People need to understand that daughters are no less than sons. We'll always be there, supporting our parents no matter what comes. And I really feel sorry for the parents who still feel blue when daughters are born. Because they are ignorant of the fact that how lucky they are for having angels in their lives. 

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Friday, 15 May 2015

To-do list before I die (My bucket list )

"Setting goals is the first step turning invisible to visible." ~ Tonny Robbins
"Every man dies, not every man lives " ~ William Wallace
"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching " ~ Gerard Way

Almost everyone has a Bucket list of things that they want to achieve before they die and so do I.
Following is my to-do list which will keep on growing as I find a new motive and shrinking as I complete another goal, throughout my life.
I want to :
  • If not all around the world, I want to at least travel to the seven places having  wonders of the world i.e Taj Mahal(Agra,India), Petra(Jordan), Colosseum(Rome,Italy), Chichen Itza(Mexico), Machu Picchu(Peru), The Great Wall of China(China) and Christ the Redeemer(Brazil).
The most magnificent places on the earth.
  • Gift Diamonds to my mom.
  • Learn speaking Chinese, French and Spanish.
  • Have a collection of luxury watches and handbags in my wardrobe.
Height of ecstasy :D
  • Go paragliding once in my life time and forget all my worries for a while.

  • Get inked on wrist or arm.
  • Go on a loooong holiday trip with my family.
  • Possess mac and urban decay palette collection.
  • Learn dancing hip hop and salsa.
  • Record my own music album some day.(If possible)
  • Become a successful Blogger.
  •  Build real time applications.(Already built one)
  • Run my own business.
  • Earn enough to fulfill all the wishes of my loved ones.
  •  Have a destination wedding.
  • Own a house of my dreams.
  • Get over my fears (schizophrenia patients, anesthesia awareness, losing relations/relatives,etc)
  • Prove my family and friends how much they mean to me.
After achieving all of the above I won't have any fear of facing death because there won't be any regrets.I guess everyone has their unique bucket list, and if you don't, then go create one and get determined to check each point on it one by one and remember, no procrastination!! :D 
P.S. - The above mentioned is my list of goals, not to be confused with a wishlist. :)

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Reason behind mortality : The Original Sin

As we all know that Adam was the first man on the earth according to the known myths. God created him and placed him in the garden of Eden which was full of trees, plants and animals. He also created Eve form Adam's ribs who could be Adam's companion.

They were allowed to do anything in that garden but God commanded them " you shall eat the fruit from any tree, but the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not, for in the day you eat you shall surely die." (Genesis 2:16-17) by this he didn't mean that they'll die at that very moment but eventually their spirit will leave their body.

So, Adam was given a law to obey which was the will of God, but he was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit that is the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which he did eat, and disobeyed God for his self interest.

"Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden"
Wenzel Peter - 1745-1829

A Sin is nothing but an act which is against the will of the God or we can say against the predefined obligations. The first sin committed by man i.e. the original sin which led to the fall of man.
Fall of man is the transition from obedience to guilty disobedience which cursed the human race to go through pain and sufferings and face the eternal death.

Since, we all are the descendants of Adam, everyone of us is born with the original sin that comes from the heredity of our ancestors. We all are cursed to suffer eternal death.That is why we all are mortal, says the myth. !!

So, if everyone was born with Adam's sinful nature, why was Jesus divine ?

There are many scientific reasons behind the fact that not a single drop of blood is contributed by a mother to the child, the blood is induced inside the child only after farther's contribution, mother's blood doesn't come in contact with the child.

And Jesus was divine because Jesus was the son of God, carried and conceived by the virgin Marry. Jesus was born sinless since, he was not the part of bloodline of a sinful man . Jesus was the second man with divine and sinless blood, and therefore he was immortal, i.e he was deathless until he took the sin of others on himself and died their death.

Some sources also give evidence that Jesus was married to Marry Magdalene and she gave birth to their child Sang-real. This means there are chances that the divine bloodline is still running among some of us, but then they should have been immortal. Moreover, if only the man was cursed why do animals and other creatures die?
And if God is said to be so kind then why would he curse us for the sin of our ancestors that we didn't even commit?

The more you get into the history, the more you'll be left with unsolved mysteries and doubts.
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Are you happy?

Okay, today I would like you to answer yourself two simple questions. First, what's happiness for you? And the next is, Are you happy? Different people will have different answers to the former one.I guess most you will have one of the following answers :
success, money, fame, family or friends..
But all of these answers can be generalised into one single answer that is 'satisfaction'.
A happy person is the one who is satisfied with what he/she is and what they've got in their life. But most of us will never be satisfied with our lives. Even if we achieve our goals we'll build the new ones, even if we earn good money we'll crave for even more. Never ending wishes and dreams will never let you be satisfied with the reality. Eventually you'll be dissatisfied or I shall say unhappy with what you do and what you possess.

Most of you will crave for what you don't have, and ignore the things and people you have in your life. You might get those things but if you don't, you'll realise that you've even lost what you once had. I believe one should be happy and satisfied with what they have and should take care of their belongings. Dreaming big is good and necessary for one to achieve more, and one should always dream big but in case it doesn't happens, you shouldn't be shattered and always cherish what you have rather than complaining for what you don't.

Expectations and wish are two different things. A satisfied person will never expect for more, he may wish for more though. But still they would be happy even with their present conditions. So, answer to your second question is, yes you are happy if you are satisfied and in case you're not then you know where to find your happiness.
Cheers! :)

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Monday, 11 May 2015

A tribute to my parents

The most valuable possession that I've ever had in my life since i'm born are my parents.. I owe them more than my life for what they've done for me ...from giving their finger to help me walk to giving their hand of blessings on my head and From giving their share of happiness to me and taking my share of sadness from me.
The only ones that'll always be there through your thins whether or not you give a damn to invite them to be a part of your success' celeberations. They'll give up their dreams to fulfil yours. They're the ones that wake up early in the morning just to be your alarm clock and also the ones that come to your room after you're asleep to check if you are sleeping comfortably or not.The ones that always think for your good and always have a solution to your problem.

But, the only reason for parent child gap is that children think that parents won't understand but actually it's only the parents who'll ever understand the problems that you're dealing with and the pains you're going through. Children should always confide their worries with their parents because it's the only place where you'll get the best option for you.
As a kid I've always been spoon fed by my parents in every matter..whether it is packing my bag and getting ready for school or having an issue with a friend or teacher. I was a spoiled child, that's the reason why I'm still dependent on my parents regarding some aspects of life.

Recently, an incident happened that once again proved that they are the best parents anyone could have. So, The other day, my parents came to drop me to the bus stand so that I could leave for my college that is in another city and I just forgot to carry some notes which weren't that important but still I don't know why I told my parents about it while  I was boarding the bus. After listening to this my parents rushed back to home, and the bus started moving. My bus was at its last stopage in the city and it was just about to leave the city that i got a call from dad asking me to come near the door..and there he was standing outside to hand over those notes. I find myself very lucky to be blessed with such amazing parents. And I think every child having parents should be thankful to god for having them in their life..
P.S. - My mother still packs my clothes for college :D xP and
Mom and Dad, I love you guys till eternity and beyond. :')
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