Monday, 11 May 2015

A tribute to my parents

The most valuable possession that I've ever had in my life since i'm born are my parents.. I owe them more than my life for what they've done for me ...from giving their finger to help me walk to giving their hand of blessings on my head and From giving their share of happiness to me and taking my share of sadness from me.
The only ones that'll always be there through your thins whether or not you give a damn to invite them to be a part of your success' celeberations. They'll give up their dreams to fulfil yours. They're the ones that wake up early in the morning just to be your alarm clock and also the ones that come to your room after you're asleep to check if you are sleeping comfortably or not.The ones that always think for your good and always have a solution to your problem.

But, the only reason for parent child gap is that children think that parents won't understand but actually it's only the parents who'll ever understand the problems that you're dealing with and the pains you're going through. Children should always confide their worries with their parents because it's the only place where you'll get the best option for you.
As a kid I've always been spoon fed by my parents in every matter..whether it is packing my bag and getting ready for school or having an issue with a friend or teacher. I was a spoiled child, that's the reason why I'm still dependent on my parents regarding some aspects of life.

Recently, an incident happened that once again proved that they are the best parents anyone could have. So, The other day, my parents came to drop me to the bus stand so that I could leave for my college that is in another city and I just forgot to carry some notes which weren't that important but still I don't know why I told my parents about it while  I was boarding the bus. After listening to this my parents rushed back to home, and the bus started moving. My bus was at its last stopage in the city and it was just about to leave the city that i got a call from dad asking me to come near the door..and there he was standing outside to hand over those notes. I find myself very lucky to be blessed with such amazing parents. And I think every child having parents should be thankful to god for having them in their life..
P.S. - My mother still packs my clothes for college :D xP and
Mom and Dad, I love you guys till eternity and beyond. :')
  1. did your parents read this post :D ? :) parents are absolute greatest :D

    1. No ways, I usually don't express my feelings to anyone. :D

  2. show this post first !! :D it will make them happy! i share post with my mom ^_^

    1. I'm glad to know that.. and I will, one day, probably! :D


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