Friday, 29 May 2015

I lost him in a blink of an eye

The only regret I have in my life is, I couldn't express my Grandpa, that how much I loved him and how significant his presence was in my life. He was my main, my best buddy. The only person who could tolerate my immature behavior. I lost him in April,2006, when I just turned eleven.

Back to the time when I had him, whenever I used to get bored, I used to go to his room while he was taking his nap, and I used to start fighting with him, bothering his leisure time. I always took him for granted, complaining about him to dad while I always knew that I was the wrong one. My dad who was ignorant used to stop him saying, "She is a kid, at least you should behave wisely." I used to laugh at him, play practical jokes on him. Annoying him was my favorite hobby, because I thought he would always be there. I didn't realize that soon I was going to lose him and he'll be gone forever.

Moreover, he was one of the fittest persons in our family. I was not mentally prepared to see him going away from me. Because, no one could imagine an entirely fit person like him to go through any health condition. It was a normal day, when in the morning he felt a mild attack, and my relatives took him to the hospital. And in the evening, mom got a call from the hospital that we've lost him. In a heartbeat, I realized that I've lost a part of my life. I've lost my best friend, I couldn't tell him that I was cold just at the outside, at the inside my heart was full of love for him. I wanted to apologize to him for all the mischief I've done. I wanted to make him feel the importance that he deserved.

I miss everything about him, from his scolding to his pampering and his treats to me, everything..!! I wish I could go back in time and devote my entire time in making him feel special. And, I know I was always his favorite grandchild no matter how bad I treated him, he used to call me deeshani "my pareshani", though. :)

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