Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Are you happy?

Okay, today I would like you to answer yourself two simple questions. First, what's happiness for you? And the next is, Are you happy? Different people will have different answers to the former one.I guess most you will have one of the following answers :
success, money, fame, family or friends..
But all of these answers can be generalised into one single answer that is 'satisfaction'.
A happy person is the one who is satisfied with what he/she is and what they've got in their life. But most of us will never be satisfied with our lives. Even if we achieve our goals we'll build the new ones, even if we earn good money we'll crave for even more. Never ending wishes and dreams will never let you be satisfied with the reality. Eventually you'll be dissatisfied or I shall say unhappy with what you do and what you possess.

Most of you will crave for what you don't have, and ignore the things and people you have in your life. You might get those things but if you don't, you'll realise that you've even lost what you once had. I believe one should be happy and satisfied with what they have and should take care of their belongings. Dreaming big is good and necessary for one to achieve more, and one should always dream big but in case it doesn't happens, you shouldn't be shattered and always cherish what you have rather than complaining for what you don't.

Expectations and wish are two different things. A satisfied person will never expect for more, he may wish for more though. But still they would be happy even with their present conditions. So, answer to your second question is, yes you are happy if you are satisfied and in case you're not then you know where to find your happiness.
Cheers! :)

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