Sunday, 31 May 2015

Opposites attract - A short comic love story

Starring two completely different personalities Kiara and Arjun..

Both went to an educational trip..

After coming back from the trip, both got busy in their lives.
Years passed, and one fine day Arjun noticed Kiara's account on Facebook. On realizing that she's the girl from the trip, he sent her a friend request, which she accepted the very next day. They started chatting, exchanged their conatct numbers and...

Arjun and Kiara decided to go to their respective college by the same train, so that they can finally see each other..

When the Opposite souls met for the first time

And, their sweet and sour relationship continues..

  1. The depiction is cute. It takes a lot of time to make such comic strip. After all, every section has to be fixed. Well done. :)

    Keep writing O:)

    1. Yes, it took me hours. Thanks for appreciating the work.

  2. Nice one deeshani, your post has brought all memories to childhood (y)


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