Monday, 29 June 2015

The Blurred Path

It was just a regular day with me sitting in my confined room, I started feeling suffocated like a fish out of the water. I tried to make myself tranquil for few minutes but a point reached when I couldn't take it anymore and I moved out for a long drive.
I was still feeling choked, I glided down the side window to feel the cool breeze and I felt like I've just started breathing. The view in front with flowering chestnut trees at its peripheries was laudable and exemplary. Gazing out of the window to see beautiful forms of nature was replenishing my enthusiasm.

Suddenly, I came across an eye donation camp. I stopped my car and brooded for a while resting in my car, of whether or not to donate my eyes for the needy ones.

"What would I do of them after my death, it would be a pleasure if I could bring back colors to someone's life".

I had no problem in donating them after my death, but all I was feared of was thinking of the time when my spirit will leave my body. The thought of dying was petrifying, I didn't want to think about what happens when I die.

"What if I die after, say roundabout 40 years from now, would they be able to approach my body for my eyes?"
I started feeling uneasy and restless. I immediately, left the clutch and accelerated my car to its full pace. I was horror-stuck. I turned volume of the music to its loudest limit so that it could overpower my frightening thoughts.

My vision slowly started becoming blurred, those tall trees at the sides were no longer perceptible to my eyes. Now I had become even more terrified. Before I could make any effort to decode this situation, my vision turned almost dark. I was not able to do anything to make myself feel any better. My level of anxiety was at its pinnacle. I couldn't figure out what was happening to me, was I becoming unconscious or losing my eyesight? Was it because I was not brave enough to donate my eyes or my fear that was making me feel so. Not only just my eyesight, but all my senses were slowly getting out of my control.

Out of the blue, I heard a solacing voice, a voice that I wanted to hear the most at that instant of time. Voice of my mom saying, " It's 10:30 beta, come on get up, brush your teeth and I'll get you your breakfast".

" Thank God. What a relief!"
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