Friday, 5 June 2015

Letter to God

Dear God,
I Hope this letter of mine finds you quite well, I don't know if this would be appropriate to say but never mind.
Being one of your innocent children, I have a hell lot of queries in my mind for you, some of which are mentioned below. Please be patient while reading them and kindly bestow me with respective answers ASAP.
1. Why did you create people under different categories?
Good or Evil,
Girl or boy,
Black or white,
Ugly or beautiful,
Short or tall.
I mean if identification was the reason, you could have given a stamp or an id card at the time of creation but why this difference?

2. Why did you put the feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger and depression inside a man.

Well, I understand a man without these feelings would be no less than God, but if anger, hatred and depression reside just in a man then why is Lord Shiva known to have shown massive anger at times ?

3. I am very thankful to you for you have created the mankind but why did you bring floods, droughts, volcanoes, cyclones, earthquakes and many other catastrophes into existence?

If human practices against environment are the reason for it then why was a man given that ability to find ways for exploiting the environment, you could have made us Eco-friendly (no pun intended).

4. I've always been taught that God is one, then why does your existence takes a different role in every religion with a different story-line. Are all of them true? Or some of them? Or none?

But now after writing these questions I've realized that the only mistake you did while creating a man was giving an extraneous thinking and reasoning power to us which created these differences between skin, religion or gender and also made us evil minded. You were never biased, you always see everyone of us with single eye, you equally listen to the prayers of a girl or a boy, a black or a white. It's we who created these differences, it's we who did injustice to the environment that is responsible for causing disasters. I guess you were more innocent than us that you thought your children would never misuse these skills but guess what?

They did.


P.S.- I respect every religion and this post is not intended to hurt anyone's religious sentiments. 
For IndiSpire Edition 68 #QuestionsForGod
  1. Deeshani, Well put. Hope many people think about what you have said

    1. Yes hopefully :)
      So glad you liked this.

  2. Too is us who have corrupted the world...not God. God mustn't be blamed for our misdeeds.

    1. Yes, I hope everyone realize it soon and stop blaming God for everything.

  3. Well written.
    Pertinent questions. Looking for answers :)

  4. Genuine questions raised. Hope to get the answers as well but who will give is again a question. :-)

    1. Haha..I think we ourselves must try to find the answers to them :)

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  7. My answers :

    1) Creating all beings equal seems statistically impossible... :-)
    2) Hate for one person does not necessarily correlate to hate for another....that is the twist of human behaviour
    3) God had to control the death rate.....Let's give him credit for using natural means to do this...
    4) Forget exploiting the natural even exploits his next door neighbor...
    5) Hiroshima and Nagasaki are lessons for humanity...
    needless to say with the current arsenals of nations...
    a recurrence would spell the end of mankind as we know it.........
    i guess only roaches would stand a chance of survival....

    1. Further questions on your answers:
      Yes, creating all beings equal is impossible but treating them equal is possible. So why this inequality?
      There is a difference between absence of love and hatred, in God's world hatred should not exist so why this hatred?
      Even Natural means of killing people causes worse pains wouldn't it be better if humans died painless?
      And Yes, a man finds every possible way to exploit everything on this planet and this post was actually intended to sarcastically blame the mankind for all the mishaps and not the God which usually everyone of us are in a habbit of doing.

    2. 1) Equal treatment for all people is a Utopian ideal...To achieve this would solve a lot of problems
      2) Love ia a paradigm. Hatred is the antithesis. Hatred is love turned inside out.....
      3) Painless death is possible even now but i wouldn't want to delve into that right now....
      4) God is omnipresent as you have to read between the exploits every organic and inorganic item on the planet....can you conceive a more selfish creature ?

    3. Thanks for endorsing my point of view.....


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