Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Adrenaline rush of a crush

Missing those times when tiddly things used to cause an immense impact on heart and mind. When not completing the homework for school was the most stressful thing in life. Being the center of attention was the only aim at that time and when a small accolade or responsibility given by teacher used to make my day. I still remember how we kids used to fight to sit at the first bench just to get teacher's attention and if you were lucky enough, you also got the opportunity to mark the attendance or note down the marks of a class test on teacher's behalf.

And then came a transformation from childhood to teenage when fights for first bench were replaced by fights for the last one. When life revolved around Orkut and Facebook, when not getting enough likes on status was the most distressing thing for most of us, along with mood swings and changes in hormones and physical appearance. Teenage also brought a new kind of adrenaline rush, an intense feeling on seeing someone you were attracted to. An eye contact of few milliseconds or a glimpse of light smile were enough to stop the heart beat for a while. When getting their friend request and seeing them online used to bring a wide smile on face.

And, as they say everything has a good and bad side, so do this phase of life. Along with the ecstasy, also came the heartbreaks on seeing them with someone else or continuous failures in bringing your significance into their attention. Though, this adrenaline rush of crush used to last for a short time and was not fixed for a single person.

The advancement from teenage to an Adult has brought acknowledgement of actual problems in life, where making a puppy face is not the solution to any problem. Those times are gone when you can skip the test by taking an off from the school. You have to face your problems no matter how challenging they are. Now, when I gaze back at the past, I literally laugh at myself for being so stupid at times and not realizing what was important and what wasn't but also at the same time I miss it a lot because life was much easier back then.
  1. hehe just remembered my school days, and true nowdays you have to face the challenges no matter what :) good post :)

  2. Thanks Clementia, happy to see that you could relate yourself to this :)

  3. A few candid observations :
    1) Scientists say that it takes 8 seconds of eye contact to "Fall in love".
    2) Crying after a split or failed relationship is actually beneficial. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which lowers the heart rate (adrenaline actually increases the heart rate)...

    Just my viewpoint

    1. Hey, I respect your scientific point of view but here this adrenaline rush is being referred to the anxieties or excitements on small moments that every teenager seems to go through in his/her life.

    2. Anxiety is a physiological response to stimuli. Love is this pushed to the limit. Adrenaline plays a role in either case.


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