Friday, 19 June 2015

The Doll house

Shreya, a little girl child who is nearly 7 years of age was born in a family falling under the category of conventional middle-income group. She was being raised in the surroundings where she saw her parents compromising small necessities of their lives for sparing some money in order to save enough to raise their child and meet all of her forthcoming demands. Shreya inherited the giving and compromising temperament as a genetic gift from her parents. She at this little age decides to stop making any further demands to her parents for she can't see them giving up their needs to fulfill hers.

The other day, Shreya goes to the market with her parents keeping in mind that she won't point on any toy or candy or anything that attracts her. She walks past the toys section ignoring all of them but out of the blue she comes across an expensive glossy doll house, the most quintessential thing of which she could only  imagine in her dreams was right in front of her eyes. Her eyes get glued to it, the shine of that doll house was clearly visible in her eyes.

Keeping the promise she made to herself she doesn't demand to buy it. While her parents buy the other commodities, she plays with the doll house there and then and later comes back to home with them. After few weeks Shreya's parents again decide to go to the same supermarket to buy some important stuff. Shreya taking the advantage of this opportunity once again goes to the toys section to play with that doll house. And, the same story repeats for a couple of times.

One fine day her father suggests her mother to go to any other shop instead of going to that supermarket. But Shreya, craving to play with her doll house insists her father to go to the same place. Shreya's father who's absolutely clueless asks her the reason and the innocent child speaks, "When you'll buy your stuff, meanwhile I'll get time to play with my doll house. I know I can't have it but at least I can play with it for few minutes. "

On hearing this he immediately takes Shreya to the supermarket and buys her that doll house.
Shreya astonished by her father says, "I don't need it Papa, I can live without it."
On which dear dad says "Beta, you're too young to worry about us and you never have to. Your wish will be my command princess,  because that's my responsibility and that's the reason I'm here for." Father touched with this heart warming incident, takes Shreya into his arms and kisses her on the head.


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