Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Haiku- Rain Dance

Eager to advance,

In his tuxedo and pants.

Proposed for rain dance.

She just gave a glance,

He didn't lose this crucial chance,

And exhaled romance.

Endearing couple danced,

In exhilarated trance,

On blissful expanse.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Incomplete Fantasy #Cherished

Recently, I was going through the tweets and I came across a song recording of my blogger friend, Purba Chakraborty and I must mention she has a gifted voice..
After listening to it, I just got reminded of the time when I used to have a dream of becoming a singer.

I was not into singing Hindi or even Punjabi songs rather was fond of singing the English ones. And I salute to people who can sing them well because they are far more difficult than singing English ones (according to me). Since, I can barely sing a Hindi song maintaining the proper 'surs'. Anyway, I used to think that it doesn't matter in which language you sing since music has no language, it's something that creates a soothing and refreshing aura around you. Right?

I started singing when I was around 9-10 years of age. When I was in school, I took part in the Choir and Orchestra, assemblies and many group singing and Carol singing competitions. But I was never confident enough to even try for the audition of solo singing.
Years passed and my passion for music grew with time, I was already a singing sensation in my fascinating dreams.

Later, during freshman year, I finally took courage to upload a song on Facebook. I got around 60 likes and so, that was a BIG thing for me. Now, I was confident enough that I was ready to sing solo. I tried for the prelims of solo singing in the annual fest. Since, I study in Punjabi University, the judges there, usually preferred Hindi or Punjabi songs (Mostly Punjabi) that wasn't fair at all. I was afraid that I may not get through because of this reason.

The first round was just in front of the judges and there was no audience so it wasn't really tough for me. I still remember when I saw the list of short listed students. I read the half of it and I didn't find my name anywhere, I lost all my hope but then I finally saw my name in the last 3-4 names. I felt so contended that I clicked a picture of it and it's still with me. I usually capture these kind of moments. The final prelims were in the Arts Auditorium.

I still remember how nervous I was. I had stage fright which I still have and it's a part of my social phobia. My turn was at third number, the 1st contestant (who also turned out to be the winner) sang so beautifully and flawlessly that everyone gave him a standing ovation. Now, I was even more tensed, the 2nd one was okay (she didn't pass through). Now, it was my turn, my heart was pounding at its maximum.

I was literally shivering, that also reflected in my voice. I couldn't feel the surrounding, I couldn't hear the soundtrack. I was so anxious and frightened that my mind nearly stopped working and there was a time when there was complete silence. 

Suddenly, I saw a senior clapping for me so he could cheer me up. He stood up and came in front, he faced the audience to ask them for the same and the very next moment, the entire auditorium was cheering for me. I again gained the nerve for singing and completed my song, I got many compliments after that. Though, I didn't clear the final prelims.

That was the 1st and the last attempt of my singing. I don't know whether it's my stage fear or lack of time that I never thought of singing again after that. Sigh!

This is my 1st recording that was uploaded on Facebook 4 years ago. It was recorded in a mobile phone recorder, so quality is not good. (An excuse for my voice) :D

This post is for the Cherished Blogfest, as singing being my one of the things that I'll always cherish :)

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Nature's Rage


Outrageous wild flames,

Infuriation of sky,

Clouds breathe a sigh.

Mysterious dye,

Sprawling darkness, air goes dry,

Bare trees terrified.

Tranquilly we lie,

Serenely blinding the eye,

Letting the world die.

Haiku Attempt #2
Picture Credits- Abhinav Chawla
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dazzling night


City lights at night,

Planetarium delight,

Prepossessing sight.

Mingling of bright hues,

Impeccably change my blues,

Grants wings to my shoes.

Because I thought, a Haiku was customary. So here it is, my first attempt :) Also, I apologize in advance if it wasn't upto the mark. :|
Picture credits: Abhinav Chawla
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Another Love Story

He belonged to North India while she was a South Indian. Cliched?
He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, while she came from a poor family.
Another Cliche?
But this one's something different yet the most familiar. Here it goes..

Both of them belonged to nearly the same category. There wasn't any issue of caste, race, religion or status, neither their families had an old cold or hot war going on.
Nonetheless they were yet diametrically opposites of each other. 

She was a loquacious chirpy bird while he was a secretive wordless dark horse. 
She was more into expressing herself while he used to keep his feelings and emotions confined to himself. 
She was more into gaining knowledge while he was more into making money.
She was more of intuitive and the one with that gut feeling while he was a practical person. 
She could easily make out if he was lying about certain things or being sad through his body language while he on the other hand, being a man, believed to whatever she said and never thought of exploring what she might be up to in her mind. 

She struggled for making him express his feelings to her for years but she failed every time she made an attempt. She often cried but it wasn't of any use because he was always unaware or perhaps pretended that he didn't know. I wonder why women are known to be mysterious..

One fine day, Trisha finally decided of quitting this relationship that she had with Harshit since she was tired of trying to make things work.
Harshit didn't make any effort to stop her, Trisha was extremely anguished and brokenhearted as she was expecting at least some efforts from his side. Months passed, and there was no sign of apology, Harshit didn't even try to call her once. She was missing him awfully but she was afraid that Harshit no longer loved her or perhaps he never loved her on the first place. She cried terribly, even the moon seemed gloomy that night. She listened to the sad songs and slept. It was 12 am and there was a knock at the door. She opened the door being nearly awake, rubbing her eyes and saw Harshit standing in front of him.
"I want you to see something, come with me," he said. 
"What if I don't want to?" said Trisha. 
"I won't disappoint you this time. I promise," said Harshit, affirming that he won't hurt her this time.
He took her to a place that was decorated with candles, balloons, lilies and carnations. As soon as they came, the fire crackers started bursting in the air with sparkles sprawling the sky and all the balloons were released in the air, adding even more colors to the sky. She saw all her friends and relatives who appeared out of the blue to wish her, the moment she entered. It was her birthday. Harshit had been planning for it since she left. She broke into tears of joy when he said,
 "I see life destined to meet the death,
 sky destined to meet the land,
 North and south poles of magnet being 
attracted towards each other in spite of 
being completely the opposite. 
So if they can meet, Why can't we?"

"Will you marry me?...  Again?"
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Monday, 20 July 2015

Miraculous Town

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Popping my eyes on the vista of blue,

Azure sky flashing the brightest hue.

Instantly the greens seized the view,

Grasses engulfed in morning dew.

Then, silvery glare struck my sight,

The shimmering hills, a lustrous delight.

Clouds dazzling with tints of white,

Guiding back the glory in light.

Rocks and pebbles tinged with brown,

In the aesthetic hamlet of fair renown.

Ogling the jumble of colors all around,

Confessing the grandeur of miraculous town.
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

It all started with "Hello World!"

For those of you who don't know what "Hello World!" is, it is the most basic and simplest program that outputs "Hello World!" on the screen. It is the typical first program that everybody execute in their beginning days be it for C, Java, Python or any other programming language and so did I almost 4 years ago when I started learning the C language. Getting your message printed on a black screen was not that amazing though.

Next step was performing the basic operations like addition, multiplication, etc followed by largest no. out of three, conditional outputs, factorial etc. That was the time when I started feeling like a true programmer. Although, even this was not a big deal for everyone else but for me this was huge. I had already started imagining myself in Google or MNCs in coming 6-7 years.

But, after few months I realized that it's not a doddle and requires profuse knowledge, hard-work and proficiency to reach there. Outputting mere calculations on a black screen stands no where in front of it. Thereafter, during the summer vacations, after my sophomore, I undertook the 6 week training programme in Java language about which I mentioned in my earlier post, Time reveals all the secrets. And FYI this was mandatory for all of us, it was not something that I did for the sake of widening my knowledge.

Now the black screen was replaced by a colorful one, I learned about User Interface that is much more user friendly than the Command prompt (Black screen). I learned about making Desktop Applications. I learned the fact that C language is the parent of every other programming language. Also it was customary to submit a project based on the training programme. The entire class of students was divided into groups of two or three and different projects were given and suggested to them by Mr. Rajesh, who was the CEO of the Institute. However, till the time me and my partner were able to approach him, every project was already taken by some or the other group.

We had no idea on the topic of our project. Rajesh Sir somehow suggested us to make an application for his personal use that would help him to maintain the records of the students and manage the fee deposits. It was an interesting idea but didn't stand anywhere in front of other projects since it sounded very simple as compared to messaging application or lottery. We turned low since the project points had much credits in our evaluation for the semester. Yet we contributed every skill and knowledge that we had on that project and made it look attractive, that was a tedious task since Java has many constraints.

We invested all of our time into the project. Also, we managed to embed a separate messaging form into it which could help him to send any important message to all the students or the selected ones in just one click of send. He was quite impressed from the presentation and working and surprisingly it turned out to be one of the best projects of Java. He provided us with an extra certificate acknowledging the live project that is till date used by him. Also, I got an A+ on my project submission.
Presently, it feels great when your junior calls or messages to tell you that your project is amazing and Sir always flaunts it to all of us. I never thought it could turn out to be what it is now.

Anyway, it was the only remarkable thing happened in my programming journey. After knowing and realizing about the lives of  famous figures like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who were the college dropouts,  I always thought of dropping the college since it is apparently customary act in order to achieve recognition. But years passed and only few months are left for my graduation. I hope, something incredible happens in coming months that create the circumstances for me to drop college and I turn out to be one of them. :D
I know that's next to impossible, but there is no harm in being optimistic.
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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Pipe Dreams And The Crude Truth

It was a sunbaked mundane morning and she was wandering around in her contemplations of being flattered as a luminary in the Country. She was the megastar of her fantasies, projecting a verbal elocution, on how she had gained the prodigious success in the contemporary world.

“Nonetheless, it wasn't a piece of cake at all, yet indeed I survived to hit the glare of limelight,” phrased Ridham in a joyous yet haughty tone.

“It entails plenty of the 3 E's to reach here. Endeavor, Effort and Endurance,” she said standing in front of the mirror, holding the talcum container single-handedly, up right in front, assuming it as a microphone.
Her mood was about to extend into the paradise of ecstasy but turned into utmost rage when a prompt disgruntled voice broke her reverie.

 “Get out of the lavatory you freaky giant cow. You aren't supposed to live there for your entire lifeless life,” yelled Rohan struck by the urgent call of human nature for loo.

Ridham got loaded up with annoyance but being prudent opted to stay quiet and calm instead of getting into needless wastage of time in arguing with her dull-witted younger brother. She came out of the loo and apologized for occupying the washroom for that long.
Thereafter, she went straight away to her mother to resolve her fancy illusions and suspicions of becoming a famed figure.

Geeta was a diligent housewife and a mother of two children, who have lately started arrogantly scorning and mocking her decisions and viewpoints for they have stepped into their adolescence and are too old to obey their mother.

“Hey mom, I need to talk to you on a very, very serious subject,” said Ridham impatiently.

“Dear, I'd love to help you in any matter, but as you can see I'm a little preoccupied with cooking supper and the main meal for your father's boss since he's going to join us for dinner this evening. I reckon, if he likes it, your father may get promoted to a higher rank,” replied Geeta in her gentle voice.

“It's good to know that, but mom, this is much more important than that, it's about my future, it's about my prominence in this world,” she said. “Though, I'm sounding futile but it's not just the bare intuitions. Perhaps, they are haunting me everywhere in my daydreams and night fantasies.”

“Ahan? Sounds quite interesting though. But, how about considering my idea of having your favorite oreo Popsicle for now, which is lying right over there on the shelf and we'll chatter on this matter in detail after I'm done with my duty calls?” asked Geeta.

“That would be quite convincing, mother,” replied Ridham giving a glimpse of smile to her.

It was 7:15 in the evening, the noisy sounds of traffic and the children playing cricket in the street were so loud that it was piercing their house. Although, its residents were quite used to it. Rohan, was busy playing the video game and Ridham listening to her favorite music. Geeta, still busy with her household chores of cleaning the messy areas so that it could leave a nice impression on her husband's boss.

As soon as the clock's hands hit 8'o clock, Ratan arrived home with his boss.

Ratan Arora worked for an Insurance company owned by Mr. Bonny Thomas. Ratan had been trying very hard from last five years to get promoted but consistently failed every time. Still, he was not penniless and somehow managed to sustain his family of four with the handy low income he earned. Presently, he was on the verge of being crestfallen and was giving his last attempt for impressing his boss.

Rohan perturbed by the presence of a strange man in their house, rushed to the kitchen.

“Mom, he's here, a short plump man giving his grumpy looks. I'm not admiring his snobbish behavior towards Dad. Despite of his imperious conduct, Dad is listening to him as a minion,” said Rohan.

“Oh dear, he is the kingpin of the company in which your father works. Perhaps, you're aware of our financial condition. You must behave agreeably in front of him,” said mom asking him to stay calm and polite.

“I don't find any need of acting as a dogsbody for a pompous little man. Thanks for your advice,” grumbled Rohan and dashed inside his room slamming the door as hard as possible on purpose.

“What's the matter with the boy, haven't you taught him the lessons to greet his guests gentlemanly?” asked Mr. Thomas noting the impertinent behavior of Rohan.

“I apologize for his behavior, Sir. He was nauseated by the thought of food since his stomach is not very sound right now,” uttered Rattan, red-faced since he was ashamed of Rohan's lack of showing the etiquette to Mr. Thomas.
 “I request you to ignore the boy's behavior Sir.”
Rohan was ill-tempered while Ridham was quite tolerant and supportive. She decided coping with the situation and acknowledged the presence of Mr. Thomas. Also, she put the supper and the drinks before him.

Geeta was finally ready to serve her appetizing dinner. The aromatic flavors of the savoury snacks were mouthwatering for Mr. Thomas. They enjoyed having dinner. Mr. Thomas was quite impressed by all the arrangements done by Geeta. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Arora accompanied Mr. Thomas to the door to see him off and he left for his home.

Subsequently, Geeta knocked at Rohan’s door to enquire if he was awake, so she could provide him with dinner but Rohan didn’t answer intentionally. He was still mad at his parents for flattering Mr. Thomas just for the sake of getting promoted. Geeta turned desolated on comprehending the fact that she spent her entire day in pleasing and entertaining an outsider and she did succeed but failed to pay heed towards her children’s interests.

Then, she went to Ridham’s room to gaze at her while she was sleeping. Ridham was lying on the bed facing upside down. Geeta kissed her on the head and realized that Ridham was still awake.

“What’s the matter mom? It seems something is bothering you. Your doleful looks are making me anxious. Are you alright?” asked Ridham.
“I’m absolutely fine honey,” assured Geeta in her breathy voice. “I was upset that I spent the entire day fulfilling my job as a wife but I guess I failed as a mother, I’m really sorry for that, dear.”
 “Oh come on mom, you don’t need to apologize. I utterly understand the reasons for every action of yours. So, you don’t need to worry about anything,” said Ridham.
“And as far as Rohan’s actions are concerned, perhaps you should ignore his juvenile behavior. May god bless my thick-headed brother!” she said giving a fruity laugh and sleeps after greeting her mother good night.

 Geeta got relieved after having this talk and the day ended on a mild happy note giving a reality check to Ridham’s imaginations. 
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Friday, 17 July 2015

You're one in a million

The foremost foe, yet the closest friend.

Clashing to and fro, giggling in the end.

Apparently silent, but a maniac indeed!

Perhaps, gets violent, often makes me plead.

A shoulder for crying, a partner in crime.

Whenever they asked, I was always lying.

I kept on denying, my doll is my prime! :)

It has been almost 13 years, since I'm trying to adjust with this  troublesome, mischievous, wicked but above all the cutest and sweetest person of my life, my sister.
Lately, when I thought of the closest thing or person to my heart, I couldn't think of anything or anyone but her. I usually don't take much care of my belongings, be it my phone, laptop, scooty and.. I can't think of any other substantial thing that's mine till date. 

However, there are many people who have crucial roles in my life and out of them, my sister plays one of the most salient characters of this journey.  
Nevertheless, we keep on fighting and arguing with each other, all day long but somewhere deep down, there's a caring, benign sister inside me who loves her the most and I know she feels the same for me.

I remember once, when she was 4-5 years of age or may be less than that, she saw a cockroach. She was literally petrified and started weeping with fear. Even I was afraid of it but couldn't resist her tears. I somehow uplifted my courage and managed to move it outside the room. That was the first time that I realized, how much she means to me. Even after that she was constantly howling out of fear. I couldn't withstand the situation and I too started crying, that actually worked, she stopped crying after that and moreover wiped off my tears. 

She is that one person, whom I may scold, mock, fight or argue but I'd never let anyone hurt her. Perhaps, we act cold and never show our concern towards each other but she is the one whom I would always handle with care. I'd always be her companion, defender and chaperon to make sure that nobody tries to hurt her. 

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Freedom : An Unchained Soul


Wandering on the secluded lane,

No place for pain, no need to explain.

Leaving the vain, living back again.

Pasture is my office, foliage is my mate. 

Let nature be the boss, leaving rest to the fate.

No fear of loss, no complain of being late.

I'm not all alone, there are plenty of shadows.

A beatific zone with animalia fellows.

Sustaining on my own in the sparkling meadows.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Melancholy of trees


New phases come by,
Fresh seasons showing up.
They continue touching the sky,
on struggle of growing up.

Until the group of marauders come,
Each armed with weapon.
Bliss turned into doldrums,
Tears poured from heaven.

When extensive trunks,
and intensive cores.
Were brutally slashed!
to chunks and doors.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Amazeballs Waterfalls


Torrents of the leak,

Dribbling down the peak.

Jet flow travels,

oozing out of gravels.

Plantation is the hedge,

With forest at the edge.

Current flowing, rushing,

dripping, splashing, gushing!

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Charm of The Clouds


The Ghosts of the sky,

Launching dominion over hills.

When dreary zones are dry,

Their dark shadow thrills.

Sorcery of the scenery,

Packed with watery drops.

Escorting the greenery,

The white hats of crops.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Time reveals all the secrets


There was a time when I had ample of curiosities, queries and confusions in my muddled mind. The only difference of the present day from then is, that I have reached a much higher level of skepticism with more doubts and suspicions.
Nonetheless, the answers of past mysteries are being acknowledged as I take a step forth in being more mature as it is rightly said, "There are no secrets that time does not reveal".

When I stepped into engineering, I had no idea what was coming my way. One year passed and I was still clueless. It was when I took the 6 week C language learning programme when I actually discerned that I could make the things work. I won't hesitate telling that 4 years earlier, I didn't even understand what operating systems were meant to do. Android, Windows, Linux or Mac, all were the same to me. I had no clue how my calculator was a genius, how this bar-code reader instantly computes the price of commodity  just by giving it a glance, how does this Google tracks anything and everything I type, even the things that were like the smallest mosquitoes at the corners that can't even be reached by mortein were knocked by Google. :D

Speaking of the past, I remember how faint-hearted and fearful I was. I was afraid of the dentists, needles, lizards, cockroaches and growing up. I never wanted to become an adult to face responsibilities and live an independent life. But time prepared me and made me comprehend the fact that growing up is natural and can be beautiful if you love yourself the way you are.

When I was a child, I never thought of getting separated from a loved one, when I did, I started fearing of losing anyone associated with me, that "anyone" was literally any person who even held a tiny little memory of mine.
It was my biggest fear but with the time, I've seen many people going away from me, some temporarily, some permanently, some physically, some emotionally. It did break my heart every time but made me strong enough to face and endure such hardships in future.

When I see at the past, I can note the difference, a positive one. A quiet, spiritless girl can now live and travel independently on her own. Also, now I know that certain things are meant to be, we can't change it rather we should learn to deal with it while there are also the ones that are made by our own choices and comfort level. 

With the passage of time, I've learned different aspects of life, I've evolved as a daughter, as a friend, as a programmer, as a woman and as a person. But there are still plentiful of things I'm unaware of and I hope they get resolved with time. Cheers! :)

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Music is Magic


Harmony of the music

Instigating love and magic

Nightingale sings,

On the Melody of the strings,

She dances on the symphony

Heavenly beats join the company.

The rhythm makes her groove,

to the #MaxFreshMove.


Music is the energizer of our mind and mood. As they say, life would be tasteless and colorless without the presence of music in it. The beats of drum, the chords of guitar, the melody of flute and the rhythm of piano creates an impalpable euphoria in our soul.
It engenders a captivating aura that makes you forget all your stress and anxieties for a while. It's a spellbinding world full of infinite genres, categories and beats.
It makes us sustain through the most difficult phases of our lives, heals the wounds of a broken heart, strengthens the bonds of friendship and love, gives wings to our imaginations and uplifts the agonized souls.
It is the only language common to the entire world that is capable of bringing universal peace and love.
Listening to a slow tranquilizing music relaxes and pacifies our mind whereas Listening to a refreshing music in this lazy summer boosts our depressed souls and resurrects joy in our lives.
Following is my playlist of energy booster songs that refresh my soul and helps me survive through the restless days.


The Song "Nadaan Parindey" is sung by Mohit Chauhan and AR Rahman.
Song Writer: Irshad Kamil
Movie Album: Rockstar (2011)
Music Composer: AR Rahman


"Hold My Hand" was sung by Michael Jackson and Akon
Songwriters: Tuinfort, Giorgio / Thiam, Aliaune / Kelly, Claude


"I'll Be There For You" was sung by The Rembrandts Band
It was the title song of famous and my all time favorite comedy series, F.r.i.e.n.d.s
Written by : Skloff, Michael Jay / Crane, David L. / Kauffman, Marta Fran / Willis, Allee / Solem, Philip Ronald / Wilde, Danny C.

"I Feel Good" was sung by Vishal Dadlani & Shilpa Rao
Music : Vishal - Shekhar
Lyrics : Vishal Dadlani
Movie Album: Anjana Anjani

"Abhi mujh mein kahin" was sung by Sonu Nigam
Movie Album: Agneepath
Song Writer: Amitabh Bhattacharya

"Bezubaan Kb se main raha" was sung by
Mohit Chauhan, Priya Panchal, Deane Sequeira, Tanvi Shah
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Music: Sachin - Jigar
Movie Album: ABCD

"Taal se taal mila" was sung by  Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan 
Movie Album: Taal 
Music By: A R Rahman
Lyricist(s): Anand Bakshi

"Chak De India"was sung by
Sukhwinder Singh, Salim Merchant, Marianne Dcruz
Music : Salim-Suleiman
Lyrics : Jaideep Sahni
Movie Album: Chak De India

"Jee Karda (Chalni Karde Seena)" was sung by Divya Kumar
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan & Priya Saraiya
Movie Album: Badlapur

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Flourishing benefits of Honey Diet

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Honey, a sweet food prepared by the nectar of flowers is one of the most useful asset to lead a healthy and hearty life. Many of you might be unaware of the valuable fringe benefits that honey provides other than just being a mere sweetener.

Honey vs Refined Sugar
Honey, unlike refined table sugar contains healthy calories with some minerals and vitamins that help in aiding body's metabolism that is a necessary process for maintenance of life. Also, higher the metabolism rate, higher calories you burn. Refined sugar on the other hand contains empty calories and no vitamins or minerals.
Though one tablespoon of honey may have higher calories than that of refined sugar, but honey being more sweeter is comparatively used in lesser amounts and also decreases our cravings for eating sweets.

Nutrition facts and composition
                                             Honey is composed of:
                                             79.4% of natural sugars 
                                                (Fructose 38.2%, 
                                                   glucose 31.3%,
                                                   maltose 7.1 %,
                                                    sucrose 1.3% 
                                                  and high sugars)
                                             17.2% of water
                                             0.8% of minerals and vitamins
                                             rest is undefined. 

                                            100 gm of honey contains:
                                            Energy                   304 kcal
                                            Carbohydrates       82.4 g
                                               Sugars             82.12 g
                                               Dietary fiber   0.2 g
                                            Fat                         0 g
                                            Protein                  0.3 g
                                            Vitamins                0.7 mg (approx.)

Benefits of honey :
  • Health Applications: Honey has been traditionally used in medications to treat various ailments such as cough, cold, allergies, skin burns, wounds and ulcers.
  • Remedy for constipation: Consuming honey with glass full of warm water early in the morning, hydrates the colon and stimulates bowel movements.
  • Better digestion: Honey along with lemon juice helps in enhancing the functioning of digestive system. It contains antioxidant properties and is good source of nutrients that enhances digestion.
  • Energy Drink: Honey is a source of natural energy. It is composed of natural fructose and glucose that raise the blood sugar level temporarily in your body to boost your energy level.
  • Improves bedtime sleep quality: A spoon full of raw honey before bed raises the insulin that makes you feel relaxed and improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Skin moisturizer: Honey absorbs the water and keeps the skin hydrated. It is used in various shampoos, soaps and skin creams. It can also be used at home with milk as moisturizer.
  • Weight loss: Last but not the least use of honey is that it is very useful in speeding up the process of weight loss since it is known for cleansing the stomach. It tranquilizes your cravings for food and makes you feel full during the day. 
Honey diet and Weight loss:

Honey can be very helpful in reducing weight if you replace all your daily intake of sugar with honey since the most cogent and known reason for obesity is consuming a lot of sugar and processed foods(that usually contain very high amounts of sugar). 
Cutting out sugar from your diet such as tea, coffee and milk and using honey instead of it, that is required in smaller quantity.

  • Dabur Honey and cinnamon cocktail: High blood sugar may result in storage of fats in bodyCinnamon is known to regulate blood sugar levels. Mixing one tablespoon  of Dabur honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm water serves as a perfect cocktail for boosting the weight loss.
  • Dabur Honey with lemon juice: Lemon contains high content of Vitamin-C, that increases fat metabolism. Blending the benefits of lemon juice along with that of honey serves as a powerful and delightful drink for summers to lose belly fat.
  • Morning Cocktail: Start off your day with natural weight loss boost drink (with empty stomach).
  • Before the workouts: Consuming the energy drink of honey and lemon juice to boost your energy and burning maximum calories during your exercise.
  • Before bedtime: Honey helps the late night cravings of ice cream that is loaded with calories and also provides you with a good and complete sleep.
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