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Flourishing benefits of Honey Diet

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Honey, a sweet food prepared by the nectar of flowers is one of the most useful asset to lead a healthy and hearty life. Many of you might be unaware of the valuable fringe benefits that honey provides other than just being a mere sweetener.

Honey vs Refined Sugar
Honey, unlike refined table sugar contains healthy calories with some minerals and vitamins that help in aiding body's metabolism that is a necessary process for maintenance of life. Also, higher the metabolism rate, higher calories you burn. Refined sugar on the other hand contains empty calories and no vitamins or minerals.
Though one tablespoon of honey may have higher calories than that of refined sugar, but honey being more sweeter is comparatively used in lesser amounts and also decreases our cravings for eating sweets.

Nutrition facts and composition
                                             Honey is composed of:
                                             79.4% of natural sugars 
                                                (Fructose 38.2%, 
                                                   glucose 31.3%,
                                                   maltose 7.1 %,
                                                    sucrose 1.3% 
                                                  and high sugars)
                                             17.2% of water
                                             0.8% of minerals and vitamins
                                             rest is undefined. 

                                            100 gm of honey contains:
                                            Energy                   304 kcal
                                            Carbohydrates       82.4 g
                                               Sugars             82.12 g
                                               Dietary fiber   0.2 g
                                            Fat                         0 g
                                            Protein                  0.3 g
                                            Vitamins                0.7 mg (approx.)

Benefits of honey :
  • Health Applications: Honey has been traditionally used in medications to treat various ailments such as cough, cold, allergies, skin burns, wounds and ulcers.
  • Remedy for constipation: Consuming honey with glass full of warm water early in the morning, hydrates the colon and stimulates bowel movements.
  • Better digestion: Honey along with lemon juice helps in enhancing the functioning of digestive system. It contains antioxidant properties and is good source of nutrients that enhances digestion.
  • Energy Drink: Honey is a source of natural energy. It is composed of natural fructose and glucose that raise the blood sugar level temporarily in your body to boost your energy level.
  • Improves bedtime sleep quality: A spoon full of raw honey before bed raises the insulin that makes you feel relaxed and improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Skin moisturizer: Honey absorbs the water and keeps the skin hydrated. It is used in various shampoos, soaps and skin creams. It can also be used at home with milk as moisturizer.
  • Weight loss: Last but not the least use of honey is that it is very useful in speeding up the process of weight loss since it is known for cleansing the stomach. It tranquilizes your cravings for food and makes you feel full during the day. 
Honey diet and Weight loss:

Honey can be very helpful in reducing weight if you replace all your daily intake of sugar with honey since the most cogent and known reason for obesity is consuming a lot of sugar and processed foods(that usually contain very high amounts of sugar). 
Cutting out sugar from your diet such as tea, coffee and milk and using honey instead of it, that is required in smaller quantity.

  • Dabur Honey and cinnamon cocktail: High blood sugar may result in storage of fats in bodyCinnamon is known to regulate blood sugar levels. Mixing one tablespoon  of Dabur honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm water serves as a perfect cocktail for boosting the weight loss.
  • Dabur Honey with lemon juice: Lemon contains high content of Vitamin-C, that increases fat metabolism. Blending the benefits of lemon juice along with that of honey serves as a powerful and delightful drink for summers to lose belly fat.
  • Morning Cocktail: Start off your day with natural weight loss boost drink (with empty stomach).
  • Before the workouts: Consuming the energy drink of honey and lemon juice to boost your energy and burning maximum calories during your exercise.
  • Before bedtime: Honey helps the late night cravings of ice cream that is loaded with calories and also provides you with a good and complete sleep.
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    1. Thanks a lot, very glad to know that I could make one. :)

  2. Nice!

    Please explain the difference between these two sentences:
    Honey is composed of 76% of natural sugar
    100 gm of honey contains 82.12 gram or 82.12% of sugars

    1. Hey I've updated the contents and given the detailed composition. For more info visit
      82.12 gram contains the known sugar compounds plus the undetermined compounds.
      And this is the rough estimate it may vary according to the density of honey.
      Thanks a lot for reading. :)

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