Monday, 6 July 2015


It's weird but we have to admit that everyone of us somewhere deep down is hungry for something or the other. That could be hunger for food, money, love, time, education, freedom and could be many more things, beyond one could possibly imagine.

From poorest people on the streets to the richest people in their high profile buildings, everyone is always longing to fulfill their desires. This longing never stops, nevertheless it may take different forms.

As the man progresses, his hunger also progresses with him.

A poor person would just be hungry for mere necessities of his life on the other hand the rich in-spite of possessing all the luxuries would still be craving to win this race of success competing their present selves.

A child would just desire for some part of his/her parents' love or time while parents would be busy looking ways to earn more for their child to raise him/her with all the comforts.

An illiterate would just be longing for learning how to read or write properly whereas the scientists or the engineers would be craving to make their knowledge even more powerful and vast.

People in areas having scarcity of water would be searching for few drops of water to drink whereas people having plenty of it would still be looking for the filtered water, some even for bathing!

A high school student would just be yearning for a mobile phone be it the most obsolete one whereas the college going in-spite of having it, would still want an Iphone or a better one.

Well, that's how life is. Just look around to your surroundings and such ironic examples would never end.
People are full of desires, even if they accomplish it at some point of time, the new ones would be developed.

Talking as an engineer, I would say it's just like a  buffer that keeps on queuing the wishes, one after the other that is more prone to overflow and would never be null. And if it underflows, then that means you're either not living or have turned into a Saint.

What I mean to say is, there's nothing wrong in being hungry. This rather motivates us plus maintains some spice in our lives. Passing through the hurdles to achieve it, utter happiness if you succeed and a lesson in case you fail. All I want to say is, keep this hunger alive in you. Don't let it sink for it'll make you realize the reasons you're living for.
Cheers :)

  1. You're right Deeshani. Not letting the fire (or hunger) die keeps one going, but at same time one has to figure out where to put the breaks.

    1. Yes, one must know that s/he can't satisfy all of them. Thanks a lot for reading, Somali. :)

  2. well hunger is good to achieve... an obsession and passion to create something or give something if it is genuine or if it is going in right direction... but at the same time one need to think that unnecessary desire leads to greed also...
    very good post Deeshani... it is a profound work from your side... :-)

    1. Yes, rightly said Ashish. Many thanks for your kind words.

  3. You are right Deeshani when you say - "...if it underflows, then that means you're either not living or have turned into a Saint."
    there must be a middle path that is to keep it burning bur not let it burn you and others around you. keep the fire ignited but not let it blast :)
    Nicely put :)

    1. Yes one must keep that flame ignited..Thanks a lot for reading :)

  4. FEAR of loss of material wealth, FEAR of loss of status and the FEAR of uncertainty in future are the main factors responsible for this feeling.
    Practice resonance between your thoughts and actions (Mis-match between them is the main cause of FEAR)
    Share your emotions, things, knowledge with family & friends.
    These activities will reduce the intensity of FEAR and generate the feeling of FAITH and CONFIDENCE
    Nature's resources are infinite, we think that these are limited and this limited thinking is the main cause of FEAR.
    By practicing these activities, the flame that will be ignited emanate the cosy vibrations of FAITH and CONFIDENCE and produce the same effect in people around you.....

    Very Nice Article!

    Please keep sharing your original thoughts........



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