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Pipe Dreams And The Crude Truth

It was a sunbaked mundane morning and she was wandering around in her contemplations of being flattered as a luminary in the Country. She was the megastar of her fantasies, projecting a verbal elocution, on how she had gained the prodigious success in the contemporary world.

“Nonetheless, it wasn't a piece of cake at all, yet indeed I survived to hit the glare of limelight,” phrased Ridham in a joyous yet haughty tone.

“It entails plenty of the 3 E's to reach here. Endeavor, Effort and Endurance,” she said standing in front of the mirror, holding the talcum container single-handedly, up right in front, assuming it as a microphone.
Her mood was about to extend into the paradise of ecstasy but turned into utmost rage when a prompt disgruntled voice broke her reverie.

 “Get out of the lavatory you freaky giant cow. You aren't supposed to live there for your entire lifeless life,” yelled Rohan struck by the urgent call of human nature for loo.

Ridham got loaded up with annoyance but being prudent opted to stay quiet and calm instead of getting into needless wastage of time in arguing with her dull-witted younger brother. She came out of the loo and apologized for occupying the washroom for that long.
Thereafter, she went straight away to her mother to resolve her fancy illusions and suspicions of becoming a famed figure.

Geeta was a diligent housewife and a mother of two children, who have lately started arrogantly scorning and mocking her decisions and viewpoints for they have stepped into their adolescence and are too old to obey their mother.

“Hey mom, I need to talk to you on a very, very serious subject,” said Ridham impatiently.

“Dear, I'd love to help you in any matter, but as you can see I'm a little preoccupied with cooking supper and the main meal for your father's boss since he's going to join us for dinner this evening. I reckon, if he likes it, your father may get promoted to a higher rank,” replied Geeta in her gentle voice.

“It's good to know that, but mom, this is much more important than that, it's about my future, it's about my prominence in this world,” she said. “Though, I'm sounding futile but it's not just the bare intuitions. Perhaps, they are haunting me everywhere in my daydreams and night fantasies.”

“Ahan? Sounds quite interesting though. But, how about considering my idea of having your favorite oreo Popsicle for now, which is lying right over there on the shelf and we'll chatter on this matter in detail after I'm done with my duty calls?” asked Geeta.

“That would be quite convincing, mother,” replied Ridham giving a glimpse of smile to her.

It was 7:15 in the evening, the noisy sounds of traffic and the children playing cricket in the street were so loud that it was piercing their house. Although, its residents were quite used to it. Rohan, was busy playing the video game and Ridham listening to her favorite music. Geeta, still busy with her household chores of cleaning the messy areas so that it could leave a nice impression on her husband's boss.

As soon as the clock's hands hit 8'o clock, Ratan arrived home with his boss.

Ratan Arora worked for an Insurance company owned by Mr. Bonny Thomas. Ratan had been trying very hard from last five years to get promoted but consistently failed every time. Still, he was not penniless and somehow managed to sustain his family of four with the handy low income he earned. Presently, he was on the verge of being crestfallen and was giving his last attempt for impressing his boss.

Rohan perturbed by the presence of a strange man in their house, rushed to the kitchen.

“Mom, he's here, a short plump man giving his grumpy looks. I'm not admiring his snobbish behavior towards Dad. Despite of his imperious conduct, Dad is listening to him as a minion,” said Rohan.

“Oh dear, he is the kingpin of the company in which your father works. Perhaps, you're aware of our financial condition. You must behave agreeably in front of him,” said mom asking him to stay calm and polite.

“I don't find any need of acting as a dogsbody for a pompous little man. Thanks for your advice,” grumbled Rohan and dashed inside his room slamming the door as hard as possible on purpose.

“What's the matter with the boy, haven't you taught him the lessons to greet his guests gentlemanly?” asked Mr. Thomas noting the impertinent behavior of Rohan.

“I apologize for his behavior, Sir. He was nauseated by the thought of food since his stomach is not very sound right now,” uttered Rattan, red-faced since he was ashamed of Rohan's lack of showing the etiquette to Mr. Thomas.
 “I request you to ignore the boy's behavior Sir.”
Rohan was ill-tempered while Ridham was quite tolerant and supportive. She decided coping with the situation and acknowledged the presence of Mr. Thomas. Also, she put the supper and the drinks before him.

Geeta was finally ready to serve her appetizing dinner. The aromatic flavors of the savoury snacks were mouthwatering for Mr. Thomas. They enjoyed having dinner. Mr. Thomas was quite impressed by all the arrangements done by Geeta. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Arora accompanied Mr. Thomas to the door to see him off and he left for his home.

Subsequently, Geeta knocked at Rohan’s door to enquire if he was awake, so she could provide him with dinner but Rohan didn’t answer intentionally. He was still mad at his parents for flattering Mr. Thomas just for the sake of getting promoted. Geeta turned desolated on comprehending the fact that she spent her entire day in pleasing and entertaining an outsider and she did succeed but failed to pay heed towards her children’s interests.

Then, she went to Ridham’s room to gaze at her while she was sleeping. Ridham was lying on the bed facing upside down. Geeta kissed her on the head and realized that Ridham was still awake.

“What’s the matter mom? It seems something is bothering you. Your doleful looks are making me anxious. Are you alright?” asked Ridham.
“I’m absolutely fine honey,” assured Geeta in her breathy voice. “I was upset that I spent the entire day fulfilling my job as a wife but I guess I failed as a mother, I’m really sorry for that, dear.”
 “Oh come on mom, you don’t need to apologize. I utterly understand the reasons for every action of yours. So, you don’t need to worry about anything,” said Ridham.
“And as far as Rohan’s actions are concerned, perhaps you should ignore his juvenile behavior. May god bless my thick-headed brother!” she said giving a fruity laugh and sleeps after greeting her mother good night.

 Geeta got relieved after having this talk and the day ended on a mild happy note giving a reality check to Ridham’s imaginations. 
  1. brilliant :D liked it lot ! keep writing ! :)

  2. A nice story that is much like a parable where there is a contrast of two sorts. You could carry this further and show the reader that the boy did in fact end up with a bad stomach for several days and the girl had something wonderful happen to her.
    Thanks so much for you visit. Cheers

    1. Yes, I was thinking about the same. :) thanks a lot for stopping by :)

  3. You have wonderfully weaved the story, Deeshani. It reminded me of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Sometimes, fantasies and imaginations help us to deal with our mundane life but the imaginations should not out power the sense of reality in us :)

    1. I am so glad to know that dear and you're absolutely right, one should not out power the sense of reality by his/her fantasy. Many thanks for being my constant on this blog. Much love :)

  4. The message is beautifully conveyed in the simple flow of thoughts. I was hung up wanting more from the story. Perhaps, Geeta chiding Rohan and beating sense into him with the "mother's magic" at same time? great job penning the emotions that runs through in a home :) Best Wishes.

    1. That's the magic of the story, you may weave it in your imaginations further in any direction as you want to :) Thanks a lot for stopping by. :) Have a nice day!

  5. Such a poignant piece Deeshani... you've soulfully portrayed what actually makes house a home! :')

    1. Thanks a ton dear. I'm very glad to know that. Much love. :)

  6. Very well written Deeshani! Growing children can be difficult, yet caring.

    1. Sure it is :) Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my blog. :)

  7. Daughters are like that, and you have beautifully narrated a mother's concern. I know it's fictional, but I wish Ridham's father gets that promotion.

    Crisp narration!

    1. I am so glad that you could get emotionally attached with the story. :)
      Thanks for the visit :)


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