Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wish she was mine

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A hushed twilight,

with pacific drizzle,

Having a sip of hot tea.

In her beloved ceramic cup,

Makes me revive,

that chromatic chapter,

Filled with the charm of her beauty,

Sparkle of her eyes,

Profundity of her dimples,

Intensity of her voice.

Her binding aura,

full of winsomeness.

When her smile was my life,

her tear was my trauma.

I wanted to have her back,

But I couldn't,

for I heard a voice..

Calling her 'mum' and sadly,

I was not the Father..
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If only

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If I were a pen,
I'd have fabricated,
an astounding drama.

If I were the shoes,
I'd have climbed the colossal mountains,
To touch the vivid sky.

If I were a bird,
I'd have flew till the horizon,
To explore the zenith.

If I were the light,
I'd have kept gleaming,
In the darkest nights.

If only,
I were not just a mere dream,
But an earnest intention,
I'd have made myself dignified..
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Perfection Personified

Let love be the sprite,

Care be the fairy.

Affection be the goblin,

And you be the Cherub..

To demolish the demons of hatred,

Devilry of jealous,

And ghosts of fear..

Painting the chimerical blue sky,

With angels all around..

A fairy-tale turning 

to a whimsical town..

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What's more painful?

Being a part of an Indian family, I have always been taught to not talk about certain things in public. Ample of social taboos continue to exist in our society. The question is who is wrong?
The free minded and unprejudiced people who don't give any heed to such  proscriptions or the people (>60%) who continue to pass on these guidelines to their coming generations. 

Talking about the top most cultural taboo for the Indian women. Any guesses?

Yes, the menstrual taboo. I didn't give a second thought before writing on this topic (an obvious lie). 
I had to think a lot on whether or not being open about such overcritical issue of females. But is it really that big?
No, it' not. There is nothing wrong in having a period, in speaking of period. Yes, I'm saying it again because I'm no longer ashamed of it.  Are you ashamed of being a woman? 
No, right?
Then why being shy on something that's very natural and a token, an expression of womanhood.

Personally, my mother had always been very supportive and I've never been barred of living my life when I'm down. But when I see the people especially the mothers or Nanis or Dadis or aunts around me, I always see them prohibiting their daughters about certain things when they are on their periods. 

Girls are taught not to touch pickles or curd or milk or the Idols. Not to enter the temples, not to have a head bath during their menstruation cycle. I'm sure many of the women feel embarrassed while buying the sanitary napkins, even I do. 
But, the point is, guys, a change starts from within. It's never going to change until we don't bring a change in our mentality.

In future, If I have a daughter, I don't want her to cry when she gets her period for the first time, rather I want her to be happy for taking a transformation from a girl to being a woman. That is something to be proud of and not to be ashamed or embarrassed of. 

At last I want to ask, what's more painful? The intolerable cramps that we get during our periods or these social taboos? Is it really a monthly curse?

The answer lies within you my super ladies! Whether to whisper or to stay free? 
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Monday, 3 August 2015

Flash 55- Trespassing

Despite of being adamant, 
she was guilty of trespassing,
the guidelines that she established, herself.

It wasn't something, 
that she intended, 
or had planned for.

On the spur of the moment, 
she was tempted!
to commit the forbidden act.

Finally, she nullified her guilt,
 of eating the mud cake 
by working out for extra hours. 
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Haiku- Thunderbolt

Roaring thunderbolt,

Ear-piercing, cacophonous,

Sky's assault on Sea.

Dim pitch-black blanket,

Luminiferous lightning,

Nature's revenge from thee!

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rhyme Is My Prime

I walk through the miles,

Wearing a wide smile.

I trust to the core,

Get crushed more and more.

I get subdued by the fate,

Thrashed by the hate.

I see the melancholy shadows,

Savage invasion of sorrows.


I can spot the sun shining,

And the dreadful darkness declining.

I'll rise as a morning Sun,

Fight back till the night's done.

I'll wrestle with these tough times,

Penning my brawny broody rhymes..

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