Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Drizzle dribble trickle mizzle,

Gently tickle her skin.

Scent of the moist loam,

Deliberately fortifies her desolation.

Chime of the oozing droplets,

Cheerfully accompanies her solitude.

Sight of the panorama,

Sensation of the mild wind,

The glory of the sun,

With artistry of the rainbow,

Provokes her to abandon her seclusion,

And embosom the mother nature.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Ambling down the memory lane,
Life was pale, prosaic and plain.
Riding in a trackless train,
Soft-hued seat and faded pane,
Jeopardy journey of trying to sustain.

with a lifeless life and bloodless veins,
Fancy, glamour, pleasure and pain,
Sorely sprawled beyond my domain.
Then, a dazzling intention hit my brain,
To halt the norm and pull the chain.

Transfiguring my soul from dry to dramatic,
World was turning to animation from static.
I could see the colorful nature charismatic,
with vibrant rainbow, making me ecstatic,
And crimson roses profoundly aromatic.

Next, I sensed the exquisite emotion,
Got blind in love with all my devotion.
Pale cheeks were blushing with this magical potion.
But soon this heart was victim of explosion,
The watery eyes were flooding the ocean.

Lustrous days were turned to dark nights,
Life was back to black and whites.
My dreary spirit being evident in lights,
Got engaged myself into futile fights,
As I failed to distinguish the wrongs and rights.

Though this life is full of complexity,
Guiding tears and laughs to great immensity.
It's the code of conduct destined for eternity.
A cardinal lesson taught by destiny,
Life is all about fluctuating intensity.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Pristine soul, novice and naive,

Wears her heart on her sleeve.

Eyes like a mirror,

Reflecting myriad emotions.

Mind like an innocent child,

Exposed to explosion .

She trusts the deceivers,

With all her devotion.

Shatters her dreams,

For the souls that are frozen.

They take her for granted,

Slaughter her illusions..

Subjecting the epitome of green,

To gigantic erosion.

Eventually, they make her,

Butt of ridicule and rejection.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thank you :)


Hello everyone, as you all know that I was not active in this blogosphere from past two months, since I was busy in the placement drive going on in my campus. But today, I finally spared some time for apologizing to all the fellow bloggers and readers for not doing justice to my part as a blogger and as a reader. I never knew that I was so terrible in prioritizing my work and managing my schedule. As the days passed, I used to get loaded with a little more guilt than a day before for not being here, where I belong, for not being able to read the ingenious and insightful piece of works from the whip-smart minds of my fellow bloggers.

Today, I'd like to share a few thoughts on how I feel being a part of this community. When I started blogging, I never knew that such a heat-felt welcome was awaiting me, you all accepted me with a warm heart and I couldn't be more thankful to you for being so much supportive in the way I perceived the things. I still remember the first comment on this blog was by Shweta Dave, who is a wonderful and one of the most friendly and honest bloggers that I know. Also I must mention, the first warning or rather a useful suggestion that I got regarding my blog post was by Lata Ma'am, a sharp-witted woman whose thoughts always blow up my mind and make me comprehend a different side of life that is usually left unseen.

Not to forget, the mind-blowing bloggers that I came across during this journey of mine. Be it the Haiku masters Somali, Archana, Ravish and Maniparna or the protector of the Vampire community, Tenny, who actually aroused an inquisitive interest about vampires in me, though he's quite strict critic :P
Also I fell in love with the Hindi language after reading Ashish and Sangeeta Ma'am's poetry flowing seamlessly like honey, absolutely beautiful..!!, Saru and Kokila's poems are no less.
Debajyoti's humor and witty comics never failed to make me lose my breath while laughing while Ananya's style statement always left me awestruck.
And as they say, you should save the best for last, the most amazing personalities and my constants on this blog, Purba and Maitreini. I never even imagined that such esteemed and talented bloggers will be appreciating my work. I always knew that these guys will always make time to read my post no matter what.

At last I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for being regular readers of my blog and supporting me throughout this journey.
PS: I'm sorry if I misspelled any of the names and I will be back very soon :D
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