Sunday, 18 October 2015


Ambling down the memory lane,
Life was pale, prosaic and plain.
Riding in a trackless train,
Soft-hued seat and faded pane,
Jeopardy journey of trying to sustain.

with a lifeless life and bloodless veins,
Fancy, glamour, pleasure and pain,
Sorely sprawled beyond my domain.
Then, a dazzling intention hit my brain,
To halt the norm and pull the chain.

Transfiguring my soul from dry to dramatic,
World was turning to animation from static.
I could see the colorful nature charismatic,
with vibrant rainbow, making me ecstatic,
And crimson roses profoundly aromatic.

Next, I sensed the exquisite emotion,
Got blind in love with all my devotion.
Pale cheeks were blushing with this magical potion.
But soon this heart was victim of explosion,
The watery eyes were flooding the ocean.

Lustrous days were turned to dark nights,
Life was back to black and whites.
My dreary spirit being evident in lights,
Got engaged myself into futile fights,
As I failed to distinguish the wrongs and rights.

Though this life is full of complexity,
Guiding tears and laughs to great immensity.
It's the code of conduct destined for eternity.
A cardinal lesson taught by destiny,
Life is all about fluctuating intensity.
  1. So beautifully penned dear.. I loved your apt rhyme sense.
    It was pure delight reading it from beginning till the end.
    Life is indeed much symbolic to those fluctuating sea waves, so uncertain.
    How wonderfully you have portrayed vivid emotions in the flow, loved the composition. <3 Hugs

    1. I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed reading it :) Thanks a lot dear. Hugs<3 :*

  2. Very beautiful poem and play of words!

  3. Great job with the idea! It feels good to have you back writing :)
    This time, you are really back, right? :D
    The fifth favourite vampire word "eternity" is also there; YAY :D

    1. Haha Thank you so much Teny.. And yeah, this time I'm actually back. Also, eternity is one of my favourite words too, I think, me and the vampires are quite like minded :D

  4. An "exquisite" creation Deeshani... very well written... Beautiful...

  5. These experiences of fluctuating intensity teach many a lessons. Very nicely written Deeshani.


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