Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thank you :)

Hello everyone, as you all know that I was not active in this blogosphere from past two months, since I was busy in the placement drive going on in my campus. But today, I finally spared some time for apologizing to all the fellow bloggers and readers for not doing justice to my part as a blogger and as a reader. I never knew that I was so terrible in prioritizing my work and managing my schedule. As the days passed, I used to get loaded with a little more guilt than a day before for not being here, where I belong, for not being able to read the ingenious and insightful piece of works from the whip-smart minds of my fellow bloggers.

Today, I'd like to share a few thoughts on how I feel being a part of this community. When I started blogging, I never knew that such a heat-felt welcome was awaiting me, you all accepted me with a warm heart and I couldn't be more thankful to you for being so much supportive in the way I perceived the things. I still remember the first comment on this blog was by Shweta Dave, who is a wonderful and one of the most friendly and honest bloggers that I know. Also I must mention, the first warning or rather a useful suggestion that I got regarding my blog post was by Lata Ma'am, a sharp-witted woman whose thoughts always blow up my mind and make me comprehend a different side of life that is usually left unseen.

Not to forget, the mind-blowing bloggers that I came across during this journey of mine. Be it the Haiku masters Somali, Archana, Ravish and Maniparna or the protector of the Vampire community, Tenny, who actually aroused an inquisitive interest about vampires in me, though he's quite strict critic :P
Also I fell in love with the Hindi language after reading Ashish and Sangeeta Ma'am's poetry flowing seamlessly like honey, absolutely beautiful..!!, Saru and Kokila's poems are no less.
Debajyoti's humor and witty comics never failed to make me lose my breath while laughing while Ananya's style statement always left me awestruck.
And as they say, you should save the best for last, the most amazing personalities and my constants on this blog, Purba and Maitreini. I never even imagined that such esteemed and talented bloggers will be appreciating my work. I always knew that these guys will always make time to read my post no matter what.

At last I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for being regular readers of my blog and supporting me throughout this journey.
PS: I'm sorry if I misspelled any of the names and I will be back very soon :D
  1. Aww dear <3
    This is so sweet of you. I can't tell you how much I missed you. Today only I was remembering you and wondering when I would be able to see you again in the blogosphere.
    Much love :-* And please be back soon :D

    1. I am so glad to know that you missed me too.. :') And I have to be back as I can't resist reading your posts any longer :) Much much love :*

  2. Hey Deeshani, I am so so happy my brilliant budding fellow blogger and a sweet little sis is back in the blogosphere. :) Can't tell you how much I missed you be it your super special comments on TSS or your pristine poetry on Inner Thoughts of A Taciturn. Mom & I feel honored to have our names mentioned by you here and we're so glad you missed us. We love you & your blog more than words can portray and we are brimming with elation on the fact that we would reading your brilliant posts all over again. Much love <3

    1. You always make me go Awww :')
      And I missed you too dear.. your lovely comments have always made my day special just like it did today. And TSS will soon be having me as its regular visitor :D. I'm so glad to receive so much love from you and your Mom and there's so much more to say but for now let's just have a virtual hug :) <3

  3. You were missed a lot during the blogging adventures :)
    You know, I am very happy and extra confident to be called the strict critic :D
    I shall wait for your return like the Vampire Bat awaited the opening of a Blood Bank near the castle ;)

    1. Haha, and I'll make sure, to be a part of many more adventures that are yet to come. :) The Vampire clan will soon get to see their old admirer. :D

  4. Thanks for acknowledgment, Deeshani. All the best for the placement thing. May you get the bestest :)

  5. Hey, Thanks sweety. It's so overwhelming being mentioned by you kiddo. Welcome back to blogging and all the very best for your new job. May you shine bright on both the spheres. God bless. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Ma'am.. And my gratitude to fellow bloggers would have been incomplete without mentioning your name in it.. So you had to be there :)

  6. Thank you so much Deeshani for acknowledging my writing. Good to hear from you that like my poems... Welcome back to the blogging world after a gap... And I am extremely sorry for my late visit to this post... will be looking forward to read your outstanding creation... Best wishes... :-)


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