Friday, 29 January 2016

Impact of Mr. Perfectionist

He was always a very choosy person. He had the best things in world, perfect living, perfect friends and a beautiful and loving wife. He wanted everything to be perfect around him and the definition of perfect was also defined by his rules. He always took his wife for granted and complained her for not devoting her entire self to him. Nevertheless, she always tried to make him happy and satisfied. He used to come home at late night after working for long hours in office to avoid her.

He never checked her text messages or received any calls. Perhaps he married her because she was his obsession which she, misunderstood as love. After their marriage she became his official possession, so he stopped bothering about her as he slowly realized that she was not perfect. He was never satisfied with her even after the sacrifices she made and always demanded for even more. Though, he was not evil at heart but was a stubborn childlike person who acted like a cold Mr. Perfectionist. 

He always persuaded his wife to change according to him so that she could become his ideal wife and his acts made her believe that he's no longer in love with her. One day when he went out for work, he got a phone call from one of his neighbors on listening to which he immediately rushed back to home. 

"How did it? When?", he asked in a trembling voice.

"I'm deeply sorry for your loss, dear. May her soul rests in peace", his neighbor said sympathizing his loss.

"She left this piece of paper on the desk", he added.

A tear dropped instantly from his eye on looking at her writing on the paper.

"Check your text message.
                                           Love Priya."

He immediately checked his Inbox and found a recent message from Priya. Here it goes..

"All this time I kept looking,
for some space in your heart.
You kept looking, 
For some space to get out of mine.
I kept daydreaming of bliss,
You kept turning them into nightmares. 
I kept on trusting your lies,
You kept on doubting my truths.
You became my entire world,
I couldn't become even a part of yours.
I hugged your flaws,
You pierced my soul.
All this time, you were on my mind.
When you kept on complaining that I'm not a perfect lover.
You brutally sharpened your knife like a butcher,
I silently endured without uttering a word of sigh.
...And this was my last text to you."

Mr. Perfectionist then realized that in the search of perfection he even lost his beautifully imperfect love. 
He failed to notice the pain that she was going through and never thought that Priya would have such a drastic impact of his arrogant and stubborn behavior. This incident left him in complete shock. 

Don't criticize anyone so much that one starts hating one's identity. Always appreciate your loved ones and accept them for who they are.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Peppy Pugs


Almost 5 years back this tiny packet full of liveliness and ebullience mingled into my family and made our lives ever animated and blissful. Chaze is my foremost love who's actually a 5 years old pug which they say is equivalent to a 25 year old but I seriously doubt it. As this little joy always acts like a tiny baby striving for a loving and caring babysitter. And I have always loved being a babysitter for him. Patting him, feeding him, playing with him, clicking him and teasing him became my favorite game, entertainment, pastime, pleasure and yes obsession too.

His wrinkled face with big, shiny and expressive eyes are literally to die for. It's always an endearing experience on seeing him jumping and standing with his two feet on floor and other two on my knees as soon as I enter the door. Though I know that he's a dog but he's such a copy cat that sometimes he totally imitates what I do, walks when I walk, eats when I eat, barks loudly if I shout and sometimes even cuddles me back.
There's still a minutest probability that I might get annoyed with him but I have full faith that he wont. I love the way he snores, the weird noises he makes while eating and even more weird looks that he gives when he sees me eating without offering him. 

For all those who say pugs are lazy should definitely meet Chaze and see his level of excitement, the fast speed of his tiny round tail that moves to and fro with rejoice on seeing you. 
Pugs are not meant for hating or hurting anyone. They are so affectionate and have such a big heart that they easily mix up with anyone and make you spellbound even if you're meeting them for the first time. Their perfect sense of humor and cutest expressions can make you go bananas over them. You can easily make them do anything by just giving them a piece of candy as they drool over sweets.
They are not the big barkers but do make the funniest sounds. As humans, pugs too love being pampered and hate being left out. Pug is a lot of dog in a small space with tiny little nose, short legs and a famous pug tail with 3-4 curls that make them the cutest breed of dogs. 

As a child I was always feared of dogs because I used to think that the ones in my street were always looking for a chance to bite me since they seemed so wild and dangerous to me. It was later that I realized that dogs are indeed our best friends who could even die for the ones they love. They are the peppiest creatures that transpire high spirits in your boring life. A bundle of liveliness, loyalty, warmth and endearment is what a dog is. The kind of tenderness and fondness they offer is truly one of a kind. 

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Peppy Music Playlist

Ice cold, freezing winters make you feel drowsy, sluggish and heavy eyed. Your days turn dull and lifeless. You don't feel like coming out of your bed and spend your entire time doing nothing but just sitting idle. All you need is a hot cup of coffee or tea with some energetic and peppy music that could make you feel active and cheer you up by bringing back colors to your colorless day and flavors to your tasteless life. Peppy music is a kind of upbeat music that is full of life, charisma, enthusiasm and high spirits. It gives a fresh kick start to your day so that you feel happy and energetic throughout your day.

Any kind of music can bring liveliness in your life, it could be jazz, rock n roll, pop music or any other too. It just depends upon your taste in music and how those particular beats affect your mood.
How about making your own playlist of such kind of peppy music to keep a fire ignited inside you that motivates you to work and fight against this frozen weather?
I have made one such playlist to boost my energy levels and keep me going during my day.

1. Tum hi ho bandhu from Cocktail is an ideal peppy number that makes me do the semi classical steps, though I have never taken any training in it. But, I have no control on my hands and feet that start tapping as soon as I listen to this one.

2. Gal mithi mithi bol from Ayesha is a Punjabi number and has been one of my favorites since its release. The slow beats of this song are so soothing and at the same time so enthusiastic!

3. Badtameez dil from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is another peppy song that is a perfect party song that brings high spirits to my lethargic day. This hit dance number with catchy lyrics has to be a part of a peppy playlist.

4. Ainvayi Ainvayi from Band Baja Barat is a fun dance number that is usually in weddings. It is the best song to groove on with a lively Punjabi touch in it.

5. London thumakda is again a Punjabi style number from Kangana starrer film, Queen. The beats of this song definitely spread excitement in the atmosphere.

6. Desi girl is yet another super peppy song from Dostana with desi lyrics and western beats. It injects a positive energy in my body and is a great dance number too.

7. Tu meri from the movie Bang Bang is a very cheerful and euphoric song that brings excitement within me for no reason. It's always a delight to listen to this number.

8. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi is a slow and light-hearted song that feels like honey to my hears and pacifies my ever wandering mind. After all those ebullient songs, at last I need a calm and tranquilizing song to hush by mind and keep my energy under control.  

So, this was my peppy playlist. Have you made your list yet?
PS: Any suggestions for the songs are openly welcomed.

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Fantastico Wedding


I'm very fond of attending weddings since I get a chance to get ready and put on some eye liner and all. It's really delightful to watch all the fantastico rituals and colors of a big fat Indian wedding especially the one on the north side and it's even more exhilarating to be a part of these customs. 
However, I had never got a chance to attend any wedding of someone really close to me until last to last month. Three months back my mother called me to tell that my eldest cousin is finally getting married and my excitement level touched the heaven on hearing this news. 

I always wanted him to marry soon because I wanted to experience how it feels to be an important person in a big crowd though I knew that he will be the main attention seeker but still I was not one of the guests who are not even noticed. So, I was really happy that people will notice me as the sister of the groom and I'll pretend to be the busiest person on earth. 
Plus, I was getting a bonus chance to buy new pretty dresses without worrying about their price tags because after all it was the first wedding that I was attending in our family. There were three functions, Ring ceremony, Sangeet and the wedding day on three consecutive days from 25th to 27th of November.

The most difficult task in this whole thing was selecting what to wear. I decided to wear Indian attire on the engagement and reception, western on sangeet and Indo-western on wedding ceremony. 
And finally the big day arrived and everything happened in the same way as I had imagined years ago. I am so fond of getting dressed up with all the accessories and make up that I was feeling like it was my wedding. The place was so prepossessing with beautiful flowers and lightening all around. The loud music and the aura of that place completely arrested my soul and I got tuned into the beats of the song that was being played.

Though I was wearing a heavy Saree and accessories and I usually get conscious about my dress and looks in a crowded place like that because of those weird looks given by the people around me. But this was the first time that I was having so much fun that I didn't care about my dress and danced with full spirit like no one's watching. Although, later I realized that everyone was busy in their own tune and no one really cared about noticing anyone else. So I was actually not being watched anyway. Also, I got a chance to meet many distant relatives for the first time.   
I had much fantastico "first time" experiences during these three days. I danced relentlessly from the beginning till the end, clicked countless selfies, got loaded with plenty of different cuisines and relished these moments thoroughly.

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Fantastico Indians in Tech-world

Today, most of the top-grade technology multinational companies of the world are headed and run by Indian immigrants. There's no doubt that technology world has always been a great means for Indians to bring their engineering and managerial skills in prominence. Indian graduates have been holding great positions in Silicon Valley with around 15% of Indian founded startups that are emerging rapidly. Their strides to success is commendable. 
The main reasons of Indians and American Indians for being the CEO's of the influential companies are that Indians have a good hold on English language and a deep understanding of business culture. Also, there is a great population of aspiring engineers in India and most of the companies openly welcome the coders to be their Executives since they'll have a better understanding of how the products work and are capable of bringing innovative ideas.

For all those who are unaware of these eminent Indian personalities, let's mention some of the most powerful and fantastico figures with Indian origin who excel in the tech-arena.

1. Sundar Pichai 
43-year-old, Mr. Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu, India and attained his graduation degree from IIT, Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering and also holds an M.S. from Stanford University. He was lately announced to be the top notch technology company, Google's next CEO. Pichai joined Google in 2004, where he led the product management of products such as Chrome OS, Google Drive and Google  Chrome and was announced as the CEO in August, 2015.

2. Satya Nadella
Nadella is an India-born American business executive. He attained a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, KarnatkaHe was appointed as the third CEO of Microsoft on 4 February 2014, after Steve Ballmer. This Hyderabad born man is the highest paid executive in the United States. Also, Forbes magazine recently ranked Nadella among the world’s 72 most powerful people.

3. Shantanu Narayan
Shantanu Narayen, born in 1963 in Hyderabad, India is a business executive and currently the CEO of Adobe Systems, which is one of the most colossal software companies. One of world’s top paid tech CEOsNarayen joined Adobe in 1998 as vice president of worldwide product research and was appointed as the CEO in 2007 at the age of 43.

4. Indra Nooyi 
India-born Indra has been consistently featuring in Forbes ‘The World's 100 Most Powerful Women' list in the last years. Indra was born in Chennai and attained bachelor's degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Madras Christian College and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. She is currently the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage giant in the world. She was named the third most powerful woman in business by Fortune magazine. She joined the company in 1994 and was announced as the CEO in 2006.

5. Ajay Banga
Ajay Singh Banga is from Pune, Maharashtra and attained his degree from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. He is the current president and chief executive officer of MasterCard. He began his career with Nestle in 1981 and then joined PepsiCo. Later, in 2010 he was appointed as the CEO of MasterCard at the age of 50. He was also appointed to serve as a Member of the President's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations by U.S. President Barrack Obama in February, 2015.

All the above success stories and achievements serve as a great inspiration and all the Indians must follow the path led by these fantastico figures to step into the field of success.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Impact of brands on consumer buying

In today's era, who wouldn't want to have top notch brands in their wardrobe? Wearing a brand has become a prevailing trend among people. They would prefer to spend thousands for just a 2 inch name tag and superior quality products than spending much less for a non-branded mediocre quality product. Clearly brands hold much importance in people's lives. 

People usually are influenced by the brands because they think that their image is reflected by the image of brand they wear or use. They are easily influenced by the imaginary lifestyle shown in the advertisements and crave to experience the same.
Brand's packaging, outlook, reputation and advertising definitely plays a crucial role in leaving an alluring impact on the consumers that keep them glued to these brands. For instance, the toothpaste doesn't really exhale romance that attracts the girl you've just met, as they show in the "advertisements" or the soap with a lovely packing doesn't really guarantee to be as good in quality. They are just meant to grab the attention of consumers such that they get manipulated and convinced in buying these products for the sake of experiencing same kind of happiness as shown in the advertisements.
Consumers are vulnerable to the attractive advertisements of brands and ambassadors of respective brands. There may be many consumers who are buying certain products just because their favorite celebrity promotes it on the television. Brands surely sway customers in making buying decisions. The extent of impact that each brand leaves in the consumer's mind doesn't depend on consumer but upon the brand's branding strategies.
Studies have shown that people in our country prefer international brands than the local brands because they feel that these brands perhaps are of better social status because they are more established and trusted among millions. They are  the exotic ones, so considered to be better in quality.
While the Indian ones are not considered to be the so called "luxury brands". 

However, the Indian market is growing swiftly both in quality and variety. They are many Indian brands that give tough competition to the foreign ones such as Lakme, Micromax, Louis Phillipe, Airtel, Infosys, ITC, etc. 
There is no such significant difference in quality that exists between the foreign brands and the domestic ones but still their credibility is perceived in different levels.
The main focus should be on promoting more of the Indian brands in our country to establish a better brand image of such brands and persuade consumers to buy domestic products instead of the international ones. 
Since there's a direct connection of brand image and credibility to its advertisement so much improvement is required to grab more attention of people towards such brands by making them look more luxurious and of high standards.
Social media and celebrities can create a great impact by motivating and publicizing the use of these brands. 

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Impact of hostel life


When I was a child I used to get these warnings from my parents that one day they'll send me to the hostel if I didn't behave and listen to them. On asking about what sorcery this hostel is, one of my friends replied,
"It's even worse than jail. Children are beaten and punished brutally and they have to work all day long to get some food to eat. All the naughty and insane children who can't be handled by their parents are sent to this place which has as dreadful impact as hell !!"
Since then I evolved a fear of living in a hostel within me. Even after I came to know that these were just the rumors spread by children, I still felt negativity about this place.

Years passed and I grew up. My college was about 170 km far from my place, so I had to clearly shift from my town to the near by hostel. It was a huge building with countless shining window glasses being prominent. I had to share my room with other two roommates though the room was only a two seater and its size was even less than a size of room for two should be. But, never mind, I had to adjust anyhow. 
We were not allowed to eat food in bed, we had to go to the mess that was 6 floors away from my room and there were strict and fixed timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No food was given once the time limit was exceeded. There were around 60 girls on each floor and just two lifts. Almost twenty girls used to get loaded in each lift which had a limit of at most 8 girls, but again, never mind! Though the food was still bearable, at least for the first day.

Keeping the difficulties aside, I was really enjoying this new place, seeing new faces, pretty ones, shy ones, bold ones, helpful ones and mean ones too. I was lucky enough to have one of my room mates as my old friend and the other one was too cold to talk politely. Everything was tolerable until next morning and my jaw nearly dropped when I went to the common bathroom at almost 8.
It was crowded with long queues of girls, some holding buckets in their hands, others brushing their teeth. One of my seniors, who was also my old friend met me in the bathroom itself and explained me the entire process to just take a bath on time. 
You had to come at least one hour earlier to get a chance to get empty bathroom before water supply is closed or you may prefer bathing in the evening or afternoon because it's least crowded at that time.
Soon I realized that there are even longer queues in mess too but only during the breakfast. I felt miserable in the beginning and thought that it was impossible for me to survive in a place like that.

As the days passed, I was getting used to the hostel's customs. Now, even I took a part in being one of those queues in order to get a turn in the bathroom. I made amazing friends who were quite helpful including the seniors who didn't take wrong advantage of their seniority. Our hostel used to get closed at 6:30 in the evening. Yes, that's true! 
We were not allowed to step out of the hostel gate after that. Though this time limit was not fixed, it kept on changing between 6-8 pm according to the time of sunset. It was the only thing that made me feel like living in jail because I was not allowed to see how outside life at night looks like. Hostel life is definitely the most  toughest but it taught me some of the most important things in life.

It had a great impact on my life, it's because of hostel that I learned to sleep early and wake up on time, I learned how to wash my clothes, I learned to have patience no matter how late you're getting, I learned that it's me who's going to take care of myself and not anyone else, I learned the importance of my mother's food that I used to crave in these four years and above all I learned to be independent. How could such a place that taught me so much be hell for me? Hostel life indeed turned out to be a cherishing phase of my life!

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Fantastico fruits

A juicy fruit is a doubtless fantastico treat to us. Being delicious and healthy at the same time is what makes fruits utterly fantastico. Their sugary and lemony juices tickle the palate and make us go gaga over them. You can thoroughly enjoy the taste of this delectable fare of fruits without worrying about your weight or health. Every fruit has its own amazing benefits to our health and as our body requires a balanced diet so, each one of them must be taken in limited amount to maintain balanced nutrition in our system. We must take full advantage of this wonderful gift granted to us as they are the sweetest medicines that prevent and cure many harmful health conditions. Fruits are concentrated with ample of indispensable micro nutrients ant nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber etc. Here is my list of super five fantastico fruits with exceptional health benefits:

1. Apple: An Apple a day surely keeps every doctor away. Not because of the famous saying, but because of how extraordinary value this crunchy fruit holds. One cup of apples contains about 80 calories and 3 grams of fibre. Apples contain antioxidants called flavonoids such as quercetin, epicatechin, and procyanidin B2 that help in preventing diabetes, regulate blood pressure and reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. Apples are also known for preventing certain types of cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

2. Banana: One wonderfully delicious banana contains approximately 104 calories and 3 grams of fibre and has impressive benefits. It makes you feel full and is a good source Vitamin B, potassium and folate. It helps in reducing blood pressure and is a perfect remedy for sleeplessness, sweet cravings, irritation and constipation.  It also helps in boosting body's metabolism.

3. Grapes: These sweet, round berries are one of the best sources of vitamin A, B, C, anti-oxidants and folate. 100 g fresh grapes provide around 70 caloriesFree radicals are the main cause of premature aging and the flavonoids found in grapes have antioxidant properties that reduce the damage caused by these free radicals making them an anti-aging fruit. Grapes also speed up metabolism and can cure uneven skin tones. 

4. Oranges: 1 medium orange provides 62 calories. Excellent source of vitamin C and also contains folate, potassium and fibre. Vitamin C helps in healing cuts and wounds and keep teeth and gums healthy. They also contain a phytochemical called hesperidin, that may help in reducing cholesterol levels. It is a citric fruit that is anti-inflammatory and helps building a strong immune system.

5. Cherries: 100 grams of this shiny taste rich cherry fruit provides 50 calories. They are of low calories and are richly packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Sour cherries are antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  They may help in fighting against cancers, aging, neurological diseases, and pre-diabetic condition. Also, they help in easing the arthritis pain.

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Peppy Pepper


Pepper was a peppy and carefree kitten who was so mischievous that all her kitten friends were afraid of coming in front of her but at the same time enjoyed her crazy company. She was born in a garbage tank to Sophie who was a street cat and was very famous for being the major troublemaker in every house. She was the most wanted milk thief in that colony. She didn't want her children to be in trouble because of her so she left as soon as she gave birth to Pepper and her siblings and was never seen again.
Pepper was never seen being sad or crying even though she had faced many miseries right from the time she was born. She had to feed and protect herself on her own because she had no caretaker.

Once when the cats of the colony were running to escape from the eye of Buzo, who was a ruthless bulldog and used to go to different colonies everyday for a morning walk on the streets looking for his next target, Pepper didn't realize this urgent call and was busy taking her cat nap. She was used to hearing the usual noise from her surroundings and suddenly got awake on realizing the prevailing silence all around. All the cats had escaped to a safer place, even her siblings were not seen anywhere. But she didn't panic and peeked out with courage. She saw a big giant like dog in front of him who was an alien creature for her for she had never seen a dog before and innocent Pepper started giggling with twinkle in her eyes.
Buzo got confused on seeing her so contended and asked in his intense voice, "What are you doing here kiddo? Aren't you afraid of me?" 

"No Sir, I find you really cute and it's so sweet of you that you didn't leave me alone here, like others did. I'm so glad to have you here. Will you be my friend?"

Buzo was stunned on seeing Pepper's courage and left the place silently, he didn't feel like harming her for no reason. 

Now, Pepper was once again left alone. Neither of her friends or siblings came back. Pepper had no choice left but to be friends with the children passing by the street. Her friends had once warned her to not go near them since they may harm her, but Pepper was always looking for a company so she went fearlessly. All the children loved to play with her on their way while going back to their homes from school. One of the kids, Priya, became so fond of her that she decided to take her home. On seeing a kitten, Priya's mom got worried and scolded Priya for bringing it home. But Priya didn't listen a word of her mom, she took Pepper in her hands and went to her bedroom. 

Now, that bedroom was her only home, she was not allowed to look into the outside world. Once, when Priya was sleeping, pepper silently sneaked out of her room. She played with curtains, ran on the stairs, jumped on the sofas, she was enjoying this heavenly house. Then, Priya's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mehra, came back to their house after work and were about to enter the living area bur peppy Pepper was so open to new friendships that she stayed there and on their arrival, she started making funny poses, ran swiftly here and there, played with their shoes and eventually won their hearts too. 
Pepper's peppy, cheerful and lively nature always made her survive through the difficult phases of life. 
Homeless Pepper became the most lovable family member of Mehra's  and continued spreading joy everywhere.

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Music and Me

It all started from my mother’s lullaby, when I first realized the existence of spirituality and positivity around me. I first thought that it was her honey like words that were spreading the enchanting vibes that always brought a wide smile on my face. A couple of years later, when I was able to stand on my feet and walk on my own without any support, she used to cheer me up with her singing and I used to dance with joy. I thought it was my dancing skills that made me happy. Later, I realized that those positive vibes were actually coming from the melody of my mother’s lullaby and that pleasure was from the music of her beautiful voice.

I used to sing the carols and patriotic songs from my hymn book because those were the only songs I knew as a child and without a doubt Jingle Bells was my all-time favorite. When I grew up from being a kid to a teenager, Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana, became my singing idol. It’s because of her, that I actually started listening to rock music. I used to imitate her style and the way she sings. Then, I started more of singing than listening to music. Downloading the Karaoke and recording my vocals was the only thing I used to do whenever I used to get a chance of being alone at home.

Other than singing I was always very fond of playing musical instruments. I never learned playing keyboard, I just used to listen to the melody and tried making it on my own by pressing different keys, after the keyboard I practiced my hands on bongo and it was quite fun playing it. Then, came the fever of guitar, I persuaded my father to buy me one because I really wanted to learn playing guitar. I took guitar classes for about a month, bruised my fingers and finally learned. Though I can’t sing while playing it and I have to continuously look at the strings. I don’t know how other people are able to do it so effortlessly. I also tried DJing by downloading some software but it was not my cup of tea and I failed but enjoyed it utterly. I definitely feel that I have some connection with music that keeps me connected to it in different forms.

As the time advanced, my ears were subjected to different kinds of music and to be honest, I can’t choose any one of them as my favorite. Every genre brings a different spirit in me, I enjoy listening to every kind of music. Well, there are exceptions, but I don’t consider such songs to be a part of what real music is. Music has always been an excellent healer to my wounds, a chief guest of all of my celebrations, listening to it will always be my favorite pastime and above all, it will always be my best friend. 

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but an ability of computer hardware and software to think and behave like humans. It’s a branch of science that deals with making machines able to perceive natural language used by humans, respond accordingly in a human understandable language and perform humanly tasks but with much better efficiency. These intelligent machines that exhibit human behavior are known as intelligent agents.

The aim of AI was to make autonomous machines or robots that perceive their environment and take actions without any requirement of manual handling by humans. These machines are meant for deducing, reasoning and problem solving. Today, AI techniques are already being used in every field, be it teaching, robotics, gaming, learning, military, medical uses, etc. Almost every machine around us will slowly turn into an intelligent device, from intelligent cars to intelligent lights.

There are certainly many advantages of computers over humans. Computers are not biased as humans are, so you can completely rely on computer’s decision because it is fairly based on computations and has a convincing justification for its decision while humans have a nature of being inclined towards their interests and may result in making unfair decisions. Computers are much fast and efficient than humans, they do not get tired or fatigued and can work continuously for long hours, days or even months if sufficient power is being continuously provided to them. Computers can also perform multitasking much smoothly and easily than human are able to.

Where there are the pros, there are also the cons of computers over humans. Since, computer is just a set of expressions, rules or axioms and work according to its constraints, it only works in a limited boundary of these constraints. A computer will always lack the human touch, it is not capable of human reasoning or experiencing human emotions. An intelligent agent can be used in a false manner or disruptively if given in the wrong hands, while humans can’t be that easily exploited. It’s clear that a human brain is a self-organizing system that doesn’t follow any rules or programming. It doesn’t have any fixed system clock or processing speed. In short, there is no limit on the functioning of a human brain and there’s still a long way for a simulated brain to reach the exact imitation of a human brain.

Nevertheless, improvements are continuously being made and the fast growth of Artificial intelligence in every field, may lead to a new era where everything will turn automatic with autonomous machines all around, when labors and workers will be replaced by Robots and intelligent agents. The low skilled workers will no longer be required and unemployment will be at its verge.  The question is, will that Era be a boon or a curse to us?

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GPS Navigation: My liberator


We live in a tech-driven world where innovative and amazing technologies keep on evolving to make our lives better and easier.  Most of them become obsolete and bankrupted, when an advance disruptive technology gets released with a bang. And this rapid application development cycle keeps on running, bringing new amenities and benefits to facilitate our daily routine. One such savior that came into our world and changed it completely, is GPS navigation, that is never going to get out of date, hopefully.

One of the biggest reasons that makes a smartphone smart, is GPS. There are various applications compatible with different operating systems from android to iOS, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, iGo, etc. which can be installed on corresponding compatible devices. Not only the mobile applications, but there are also many GPS products and devices that have been developed and launched for their use in location tracking. What could be more helpful than having a GPS navigation device in your car itself, that's portable and user-friendly. Having a turn by turn responsive navigation, assisting you at every step you take, is an absolute blessing and thanks to GPS software for letting us live in such a tech-prone world. 

In today’s world, from a geek to a novice, almost everyone is familiar with GPS navigation and how it works. Gone are the days, when you were bound to ask the strangers on the way, “Hello bhaiya, yeh road kahan ko jati hai?” When you used to restrict yourself from travelling to new places because you didn’t have any idea about the routes. Now, there's no need of wasting hours in finding your desired stations, restaurants, hotels or institutions and no one can be lost, even if he/she wants to. 
Along with the assisted directions you can even discover the near by landmarks, traffic loads and road closures.
So, if you are in a time critical situation, better switch on your GPS navigation, because you never know, a traffic jam might be awaiting you!! 

One of the most startling features of my Google Maps application is, it offers different Map views , be it traffic view, satellite view, street view or panoramic and you can easily switch between them depending on your needs.
I personally, have survived in new places, just because of this liberator in my hands that lets me know the answer to the two most important questions, where I'm standing at the moment and how much distant is my destination.
There hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t use my google maps application, not because I travel to new areas everyday but because I’m really poor in remembering the routes. So, for travelers like me, it’s a boon for lifetime.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.
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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Toothsome tale

Here's the tale, of a supernatural town,

with heavenly temptations all around.

Those tangy sauces and buttery crusts  

Allured her palate, widened her thirst.

Those luscious enticements

and nectarous essence.

The flavoury fountains and spicy scents,

Made her taste buds do tango dance.

Assorted chocolates, relishing cookies.

The fancy cravings, of mouth-watering dishes.

The beautiful dressings,

 brought twinkle in her eyes.

The colorful seasonings, 

of salt, herbs and spice.

She couldn't repel, the mesmerizing treat.

Got forever blended, in this night food street.
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Friday, 15 January 2016


The memories of midnight,

are never gonna cease.

The echoes of your voice,

are never gonna mute.

The bruises on my heart,

are never gonna heal.

'coz I've become resistant,

to the drug you've got,

the drug that's called love.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Better half

I concealed, he peeked

I quietened, he perceived

I attacked, he kissed

I drained, he fueled

I prayed, he heard

I rejoiced, he cheered

I pointed, he pleased

I dressed, he clicked

I cried, he healed 

I grieved, he eased

I ran, he stilled

I parted, he gripped.. 
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