Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Fantastico Wedding

I'm very fond of attending weddings since I get a chance to get ready and put on some eye liner and all. It's really delightful to watch all the fantastico rituals and colors of a big fat Indian wedding especially the one on the north side and it's even more exhilarating to be a part of these customs. 
However, I had never got a chance to attend any wedding of someone really close to me until last to last month. Three months back my mother called me to tell that my eldest cousin is finally getting married and my excitement level touched the heaven on hearing this news. 

I always wanted him to marry soon because I wanted to experience how it feels to be an important person in a big crowd though I knew that he will be the main attention seeker but still I was not one of the guests who are not even noticed. So, I was really happy that people will notice me as the sister of the groom and I'll pretend to be the busiest person on earth. 
Plus, I was getting a bonus chance to buy new pretty dresses without worrying about their price tags because after all it was the first wedding that I was attending in our family. There were three functions, Ring ceremony, Sangeet and the wedding day on three consecutive days from 25th to 27th of November.

The most difficult task in this whole thing was selecting what to wear. I decided to wear Indian attire on the engagement and reception, western on sangeet and Indo-western on wedding ceremony. 
And finally the big day arrived and everything happened in the same way as I had imagined years ago. I am so fond of getting dressed up with all the accessories and make up that I was feeling like it was my wedding. The place was so prepossessing with beautiful flowers and lightening all around. The loud music and the aura of that place completely arrested my soul and I got tuned into the beats of the song that was being played.

Though I was wearing a heavy Saree and accessories and I usually get conscious about my dress and looks in a crowded place like that because of those weird looks given by the people around me. But this was the first time that I was having so much fun that I didn't care about my dress and danced with full spirit like no one's watching. Although, later I realized that everyone was busy in their own tune and no one really cared about noticing anyone else. So I was actually not being watched anyway. Also, I got a chance to meet many distant relatives for the first time.   
I had much fantastico "first time" experiences during these three days. I danced relentlessly from the beginning till the end, clicked countless selfies, got loaded with plenty of different cuisines and relished these moments thoroughly.

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  1. You looked super pretty in the wedding sweetie... I saw some pics you shared on Insta...
    much love :-)

    1. Aww.. thanks much Archie :* Much love to you too <3


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