Monday, 25 January 2016

Impact of hostel life

When I was a child I used to get these warnings from my parents that one day they'll send me to the hostel if I didn't behave and listen to them. On asking about what sorcery this hostel is, one of my friends replied,
"It's even worse than jail. Children are beaten and punished brutally and they have to work all day long to get some food to eat. All the naughty and insane children who can't be handled by their parents are sent to this place which has as dreadful impact as hell !!"
Since then I evolved a fear of living in a hostel within me. Even after I came to know that these were just the rumors spread by children, I still felt negativity about this place.

Years passed and I grew up. My college was about 170 km far from my place, so I had to clearly shift from my town to the near by hostel. It was a huge building with countless shining window glasses being prominent. I had to share my room with other two roommates though the room was only a two seater and its size was even less than a size of room for two should be. But, never mind, I had to adjust anyhow. 
We were not allowed to eat food in bed, we had to go to the mess that was 6 floors away from my room and there were strict and fixed timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No food was given once the time limit was exceeded. There were around 60 girls on each floor and just two lifts. Almost twenty girls used to get loaded in each lift which had a limit of at most 8 girls, but again, never mind! Though the food was still bearable, at least for the first day.

Keeping the difficulties aside, I was really enjoying this new place, seeing new faces, pretty ones, shy ones, bold ones, helpful ones and mean ones too. I was lucky enough to have one of my room mates as my old friend and the other one was too cold to talk politely. Everything was tolerable until next morning and my jaw nearly dropped when I went to the common bathroom at almost 8.
It was crowded with long queues of girls, some holding buckets in their hands, others brushing their teeth. One of my seniors, who was also my old friend met me in the bathroom itself and explained me the entire process to just take a bath on time. 
You had to come at least one hour earlier to get a chance to get empty bathroom before water supply is closed or you may prefer bathing in the evening or afternoon because it's least crowded at that time.
Soon I realized that there are even longer queues in mess too but only during the breakfast. I felt miserable in the beginning and thought that it was impossible for me to survive in a place like that.

As the days passed, I was getting used to the hostel's customs. Now, even I took a part in being one of those queues in order to get a turn in the bathroom. I made amazing friends who were quite helpful including the seniors who didn't take wrong advantage of their seniority. Our hostel used to get closed at 6:30 in the evening. Yes, that's true! 
We were not allowed to step out of the hostel gate after that. Though this time limit was not fixed, it kept on changing between 6-8 pm according to the time of sunset. It was the only thing that made me feel like living in jail because I was not allowed to see how outside life at night looks like. Hostel life is definitely the most  toughest but it taught me some of the most important things in life.

It had a great impact on my life, it's because of hostel that I learned to sleep early and wake up on time, I learned how to wash my clothes, I learned to have patience no matter how late you're getting, I learned that it's me who's going to take care of myself and not anyone else, I learned the importance of my mother's food that I used to crave in these four years and above all I learned to be independent. How could such a place that taught me so much be hell for me? Hostel life indeed turned out to be a cherishing phase of my life!

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  1. You have portrayed the pros and cons of hostel life so very well dear. A very genuinely write-up and yes even I was damn scared of hostel life for every time I would do a mischief, I was warned to be sent to the hostel. :-P But no doubt, the real hostel life has also given me some of the fondest memories of my life. :)

    1. haha.. glad to know that we share the same fear ;) Thank you so much love. :*

  2. A lovely, heartwarming post dear. Beautifully written :)

  3. Gosh 6.30 pm!! Ours would close at midnight but there was no such could twist things to go out at anytime and jumping the gate.haha Hostel life was fun but taught so many things in life.

  4. Nicely written and though I never had to stay in a hostel, I can still relate to some of the things... :-)

    By the way, how are you doing?


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