Friday, 29 January 2016

Impact of Mr. Perfectionist

He was always a very choosy person. He had the best things in world, perfect living, perfect friends and a beautiful and loving wife. He wanted everything to be perfect around him and the definition of perfect was also defined by his rules. He always took his wife for granted and complained her for not devoting her entire self to him. Nevertheless, she always tried to make him happy and satisfied. He used to come home at late night after working for long hours in office to avoid her.

He never checked her text messages or received any calls. Perhaps he married her because she was his obsession which she, misunderstood as love. After their marriage she became his official possession, so he stopped bothering about her as he slowly realized that she was not perfect. He was never satisfied with her even after the sacrifices she made and always demanded for even more. Though, he was not evil at heart but was a stubborn childlike person who acted like a cold Mr. Perfectionist. 

He always persuaded his wife to change according to him so that she could become his ideal wife and his acts made her believe that he's no longer in love with her. One day when he went out for work, he got a phone call from one of his neighbors on listening to which he immediately rushed back to home. 

"How did it? When?", he asked in a trembling voice.

"I'm deeply sorry for your loss, dear. May her soul rests in peace", his neighbor said sympathizing his loss.

"She left this piece of paper on the desk", he added.

A tear dropped instantly from his eye on looking at her writing on the paper.

"Check your text message.
                                           Love Priya."

He immediately checked his Inbox and found a recent message from Priya. Here it goes..

"All this time I kept looking,
for some space in your heart.
You kept looking, 
For some space to get out of mine.
I kept daydreaming of bliss,
You kept turning them into nightmares. 
I kept on trusting your lies,
You kept on doubting my truths.
You became my entire world,
I couldn't become even a part of yours.
I hugged your flaws,
You pierced my soul.
All this time, you were on my mind.
When you kept on complaining that I'm not a perfect lover.
You brutally sharpened your knife like a butcher,
I silently endured without uttering a word of sigh.
...And this was my last text to you."

Mr. Perfectionist then realized that in the search of perfection he even lost his beautifully imperfect love. 
He failed to notice the pain that she was going through and never thought that Priya would have such a drastic impact of his arrogant and stubborn behavior. This incident left him in complete shock. 

Don't criticize anyone so much that one starts hating one's identity. Always appreciate your loved ones and accept them for who they are.

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  1. Very well said! The last line sums it all up sweets!

  2. Sadly the realization came in a bit too late. Message well conveyed.

  3. I really abhor people who are obsessed with a perfect life, a perfect relationship, a perfect everything. Such people are never content with their lives and they convert other lives into hell.

    You've weaved the story so beautifully from one of the most bitter facts of life. Great writing, Deeshani :) Sharing it.


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