Sunday, 24 January 2016

Music and Me

It all started from my mother’s lullaby, when I first realized the existence of spirituality and positivity around me. I first thought that it was her honey like words that were spreading the enchanting vibes that always brought a wide smile on my face. A couple of years later, when I was able to stand on my feet and walk on my own without any support, she used to cheer me up with her singing and I used to dance with joy. I thought it was my dancing skills that made me happy. Later, I realized that those positive vibes were actually coming from the melody of my mother’s lullaby and that pleasure was from the music of her beautiful voice.

I used to sing the carols and patriotic songs from my hymn book because those were the only songs I knew as a child and without a doubt Jingle Bells was my all-time favorite. When I grew up from being a kid to a teenager, Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana, became my singing idol. It’s because of her, that I actually started listening to rock music. I used to imitate her style and the way she sings. Then, I started more of singing than listening to music. Downloading the Karaoke and recording my vocals was the only thing I used to do whenever I used to get a chance of being alone at home.

Other than singing I was always very fond of playing musical instruments. I never learned playing keyboard, I just used to listen to the melody and tried making it on my own by pressing different keys, after the keyboard I practiced my hands on bongo and it was quite fun playing it. Then, came the fever of guitar, I persuaded my father to buy me one because I really wanted to learn playing guitar. I took guitar classes for about a month, bruised my fingers and finally learned. Though I can’t sing while playing it and I have to continuously look at the strings. I don’t know how other people are able to do it so effortlessly. I also tried DJing by downloading some software but it was not my cup of tea and I failed but enjoyed it utterly. I definitely feel that I have some connection with music that keeps me connected to it in different forms.

As the time advanced, my ears were subjected to different kinds of music and to be honest, I can’t choose any one of them as my favorite. Every genre brings a different spirit in me, I enjoy listening to every kind of music. Well, there are exceptions, but I don’t consider such songs to be a part of what real music is. Music has always been an excellent healer to my wounds, a chief guest of all of my celebrations, listening to it will always be my favorite pastime and above all, it will always be my best friend. 

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