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Peppy Music Playlist

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Ice cold, freezing winters make you feel drowsy, sluggish and heavy eyed. Your days turn dull and lifeless. You don't feel like coming out of your bed and spend your entire time doing nothing but just sitting idle. All you need is a hot cup of coffee or tea with some energetic and peppy music that could make you feel active and cheer you up by bringing back colors to your colorless day and flavors to your tasteless life. Peppy music is a kind of upbeat music that is full of life, charisma, enthusiasm and high spirits. It gives a fresh kick start to your day so that you feel happy and energetic throughout your day.

Any kind of music can bring liveliness in your life, it could be jazz, rock n roll, pop music or any other too. It just depends upon your taste in music and how those particular beats affect your mood.
How about making your own playlist of such kind of peppy music to keep a fire ignited inside you that motivates you to work and fight against this frozen weather?
I have made one such playlist to boost my energy levels and keep me going during my day.

1. Tum hi ho bandhu from Cocktail is an ideal peppy number that makes me do the semi classical steps, though I have never taken any training in it. But, I have no control on my hands and feet that start tapping as soon as I listen to this one.

2. Gal mithi mithi bol from Ayesha is a Punjabi number and has been one of my favorites since its release. The slow beats of this song are so soothing and at the same time so enthusiastic!

3. Badtameez dil from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is another peppy song that is a perfect party song that brings high spirits to my lethargic day. This hit dance number with catchy lyrics has to be a part of a peppy playlist.

4. Ainvayi Ainvayi from Band Baja Barat is a fun dance number that is usually in weddings. It is the best song to groove on with a lively Punjabi touch in it.

5. London thumakda is again a Punjabi style number from Kangana starrer film, Queen. The beats of this song definitely spread excitement in the atmosphere.

6. Desi girl is yet another super peppy song from Dostana with desi lyrics and western beats. It injects a positive energy in my body and is a great dance number too.

7. Tu meri from the movie Bang Bang is a very cheerful and euphoric song that brings excitement within me for no reason. It's always a delight to listen to this number.

8. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi is a slow and light-hearted song that feels like honey to my hears and pacifies my ever wandering mind. After all those ebullient songs, at last I need a calm and tranquilizing song to hush by mind and keep my energy under control.  

So, this was my peppy playlist. Have you made your list yet?
PS: Any suggestions for the songs are openly welcomed.

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  1. A few on the list are my favourites too :)

  2. Good peppy list. I can see many of my favorite numbers too.


  3. Peppy List to pep up the mood.

  4. Loved your list sweetie.
    Badtameez Dil and Tum hi ho bandhu always make me groove, no matter where I am :)


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