Sunday, 24 January 2016

Peppy Pepper

Pepper was a peppy and carefree kitten who was so mischievous that all her kitten friends were afraid of coming in front of her but at the same time enjoyed her crazy company. She was born in a garbage tank to Sophie who was a street cat and was very famous for being the major troublemaker in every house. She was the most wanted milk thief in that colony. She didn't want her children to be in trouble because of her so she left as soon as she gave birth to Pepper and her siblings and was never seen again.
Pepper was never seen being sad or crying even though she had faced many miseries right from the time she was born. She had to feed and protect herself on her own because she had no caretaker.

Once when the cats of the colony were running to escape from the eye of Buzo, who was a ruthless bulldog and used to go to different colonies everyday for a morning walk on the streets looking for his next target, Pepper didn't realize this urgent call and was busy taking her cat nap. She was used to hearing the usual noise from her surroundings and suddenly got awake on realizing the prevailing silence all around. All the cats had escaped to a safer place, even her siblings were not seen anywhere. But she didn't panic and peeked out with courage. She saw a big giant like dog in front of him who was an alien creature for her for she had never seen a dog before and innocent Pepper started giggling with twinkle in her eyes.
Buzo got confused on seeing her so contended and asked in his intense voice, "What are you doing here kiddo? Aren't you afraid of me?" 

"No Sir, I find you really cute and it's so sweet of you that you didn't leave me alone here, like others did. I'm so glad to have you here. Will you be my friend?"

Buzo was stunned on seeing Pepper's courage and left the place silently, he didn't feel like harming her for no reason. 

Now, Pepper was once again left alone. Neither of her friends or siblings came back. Pepper had no choice left but to be friends with the children passing by the street. Her friends had once warned her to not go near them since they may harm her, but Pepper was always looking for a company so she went fearlessly. All the children loved to play with her on their way while going back to their homes from school. One of the kids, Priya, became so fond of her that she decided to take her home. On seeing a kitten, Priya's mom got worried and scolded Priya for bringing it home. But Priya didn't listen a word of her mom, she took Pepper in her hands and went to her bedroom. 

Now, that bedroom was her only home, she was not allowed to look into the outside world. Once, when Priya was sleeping, pepper silently sneaked out of her room. She played with curtains, ran on the stairs, jumped on the sofas, she was enjoying this heavenly house. Then, Priya's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mehra, came back to their house after work and were about to enter the living area bur peppy Pepper was so open to new friendships that she stayed there and on their arrival, she started making funny poses, ran swiftly here and there, played with their shoes and eventually won their hearts too. 
Pepper's peppy, cheerful and lively nature always made her survive through the difficult phases of life. 
Homeless Pepper became the most lovable family member of Mehra's  and continued spreading joy everywhere.

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  1. Aww...I am all smiles after reading this cute story.
    And the pic is super cute. A lovely post dear. Pepper is so adorable :)

    1. Not cuter than you :) Thank you so much dear :)


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