Thursday, 28 January 2016

Peppy Pugs

Almost 5 years back this tiny packet full of liveliness and ebullience mingled into my family and made our lives ever animated and blissful. Chaze is my foremost love who's actually a 5 years old pug which they say is equivalent to a 25 year old but I seriously doubt it. As this little joy always acts like a tiny baby striving for a loving and caring babysitter. And I have always loved being a babysitter for him. Patting him, feeding him, playing with him, clicking him and teasing him became my favorite game, entertainment, pastime, pleasure and yes obsession too.

His wrinkled face with big, shiny and expressive eyes are literally to die for. It's always an endearing experience on seeing him jumping and standing with his two feet on floor and other two on my knees as soon as I enter the door. Though I know that he's a dog but he's such a copy cat that sometimes he totally imitates what I do, walks when I walk, eats when I eat, barks loudly if I shout and sometimes even cuddles me back.
There's still a minutest probability that I might get annoyed with him but I have full faith that he wont. I love the way he snores, the weird noises he makes while eating and even more weird looks that he gives when he sees me eating without offering him. 

For all those who say pugs are lazy should definitely meet Chaze and see his level of excitement, the fast speed of his tiny round tail that moves to and fro with rejoice on seeing you. 
Pugs are not meant for hating or hurting anyone. They are so affectionate and have such a big heart that they easily mix up with anyone and make you spellbound even if you're meeting them for the first time. Their perfect sense of humor and cutest expressions can make you go bananas over them. You can easily make them do anything by just giving them a piece of candy as they drool over sweets.
They are not the big barkers but do make the funniest sounds. As humans, pugs too love being pampered and hate being left out. Pug is a lot of dog in a small space with tiny little nose, short legs and a famous pug tail with 3-4 curls that make them the cutest breed of dogs. 

As a child I was always feared of dogs because I used to think that the ones in my street were always looking for a chance to bite me since they seemed so wild and dangerous to me. It was later that I realized that dogs are indeed our best friends who could even die for the ones they love. They are the peppiest creatures that transpire high spirits in your boring life. A bundle of liveliness, loyalty, warmth and endearment is what a dog is. The kind of tenderness and fondness they offer is truly one of a kind. 

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  1. 'A pug is a copy cat' ...That's sweet. I like the innocent look on Chaze's face.

  2. 'A pug is a copy cat' ...That's sweet. I like the innocent look on Chaze's face.


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