Sunday, 17 January 2016

Toothsome tale

Here's the tale, of a supernatural town,

with heavenly temptations all around.

Those tangy sauces and buttery crusts  

Allured her palate, widened her thirst.

Those luscious enticements

and nectarous essence.

The flavoury fountains and spicy scents,

Made her taste buds do tango dance.

Assorted chocolates, relishing cookies.

The fancy cravings, of mouth-watering dishes.

The beautiful dressings,

 brought twinkle in her eyes.

The colorful seasonings, 

of salt, herbs and spice.

She couldn't repel, the mesmerizing treat.

Got forever blended, in this night food street.
  1. Umm tangy sauces buttery crusts, Assorted chocolates, relishing cookies - A bud tickling poem. :) Which place are you writing about? Karachi?

    1. Bingo! it's written about Karachi. Thanks a lot for visiting. :)

  2. Your poem made me so hungry. I am craving for some tangy and spicy street food now.
    Beautifully written, dear :)

  3. A tasty treat around every bend - very descriptive. Sorry Im so late in reading your food poem :)

  4. if you are interested in urdu poetry


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