Monday, 4 January 2016

You never fail unless you stop trying.

2015 was a crucial year of my life. It was the year when I started blogging, when I realized that even I can paint my imaginations, when I discerned that there is a novice poetess within me. I started blogging in May 2015 and blogged regularly till August but then came into limelight, the worst nightmare of my life, the placements. I was too optimistic about myself and my skills in programming. I didn't really care about preparing for aptitude and technical tests because according to me I was already a ninja in giving interviews. 

I saw many of my friends clutched to their laptop screens, some hugging their aptitude books, and others crushed under the pressure of interviews. Besides the fretful friends of mine, there was another friend, 'S', who was just as cool-headed and laid back as me. But there was one difference between two of us, she was confident and I was over-confident. She kept on preparing not for a particular company but for gaining the general knowledge that may help her in future. Then came the big day (not for me though), when the mass recruiters came in our campus.

It was like piece of cake for me to crack this interview since it's always easy to crack such recruitment. Around 100 students including me and S got through the final interview. However, I never wanted to be in an established company. Since, my work would have no significance in their turnover, it's like being one of the drops in the ocean where your presence or absence would not make any difference in the ocean's volume. After this, S and I, also got selected for the technical round of another big company that offered a handsome package, now this was my kind of company, with limited employees and big responsibilities. 

I prepared for it with utter and thorough dedication, and fortunately the only person in the college, clearing the technical round was me. It was a great achievement for me since technical test is the most difficult milestone, interviews are usually easier to crack. This made me even more composed regarding the F2F round which was scheduled in Gurgaon. I didn't prepare much for it because I thought that I'm the only one selected from my college so there is a maximum chance of my selection and icing on the cake was that I was the only girl candidate present there, so that was a plus point for me. The interview process included two technical interviews which lasted for 4 long hours. They gave me four programs out of which I was able to run three, and I had no idea about the fourth one. 
Now, I was feeling doubtful when I came out of the office to the cafeteria, but other candidates again made me confident about myself since they told me that they were not even able to run a single program. The Interviewer told me that he'll disclose the results on coming Monday.
Meanwhile, I got busy in spreading out the news about my 'almost selection'.
Then came Monday, that was supposed to be a big day and the most special one for me. I kept on waiting for the entire day and didn't get any response from them. And finally, on Tuesday, I received a mail regarding my rejection that left me in complete shock. I still don't know the reason behind my rejection.

Now, S and I both were victims of facing rejection, where I got rejected in final round and she in the preliminary one, but the difference was that she was still confident and I lost all my hope. 
The mass recruiters sent us the final confirmation letter regarding their Internship program. Now, S and I, both were not willing to work in their company but I was afraid enough about the job uncertainty so I accepted their offer and fearless S decided to desert their offer and appear in the other interviews. 
I didn't try for any further Interviews. She kept on trying even after facing rejections and finally she got placed in a company that offered her 7 times the package of what was offered by the mass recruiters. A package that I might not even reach if I work my entire life. 
I'm definitely regretting for being over-confident in the beginning and feeling negative and dejected after my rejection. But S is that one person who served as a greatest inspiration for me, since she proved that one only fails when he/she stops trying.
Her great achievement charged me and gave me the courage to abandon the offer of the established company and keep trying for the kind of company, I want to work with. Right now, I feel no shame to tell that I refused the offer that was given to me and I feel happy about my decision since I don't have to work in the environment that is not satisfactory for me. Perhaps, I'm Jobless right now but I'm not hopeless and I'll keep on trying until I succeed and would definitely be on another page till the end of 2016.
Cheers! :) 

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  1. Such incidents teach us many things and make us strong enough to be prepared for better tomorrow. Consistency and patience will win at the last and you will surely achieve what you desired. All the best for your goal.
    And wishing you a very happy new year as well... :-)

    1. I agree with u.. Thanks for your support. :)

  2. Beautifully penned :)
    Happy 2016 !

  3. Honestly, reading your post, I got worried. I can't handle this much stress. I think S is very headstrong and intelligent person. Hope you land in your dream job soon. Loads of good luck your way.

    1. Thank you dear :) And you don't need to worry.. I'll figure it out. :)

  4. Deeshani, it is good that you realize that you were over confident. sooner or later you will get a job but take this as a lesson for life. I may sound preachy but it may help to keep in mind that college life is a shielded life, it is much more difficult once you are out to work. Use the blogging platform to your benefit do not get carried away by it. With best wishes.

    1. Yes, I totally agree and will definitely keep that in mind.. thanks a lot dear. :)

  5. This is a very beautiful post dear.
    Your friend, S is indeed a very courageous girl to face rejections so bravely. This story inspired me. Hope you get your dream job real soon.
    Wish you lots of luck, darling. Hugs <3


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