Saturday, 14 May 2016

Free Spirit

 Boho chic playing her guitar

Unconventional and bizarre

As brilliant as a shooting star

Got everyone airy and tipsy

When she moves like a gypsy

Grooving until she gets dizzy

Some call her hippie, some call her freak

But she sustains, without getting weak

Discerning she's eccentric and unique

Since that's all what matters

Let your nemesis chatter

Leave them speechless later..!

  1. Loved the flow... beautifully weaved dear :)

  2. That's how life should be lived...without caring what others think of us. Such a beautiful and optimistic poem :)

    1. Yes my dear, we should live for ourselves following the way we want, without being disturbed about the judgements that people make. So glad you liked it. Hugs<3

  3. Flow of words are very nice. Liked it a lot.


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