Monday, 13 June 2016

Stop #BodyBashing

Shaming someone for their body type is not cool at all, rather it's offensive. It's a fact that many people get labelled with "Too fat", "Too skinny", "Too short", "Too dark", "Too curvy", "Flat" or "Ugly" tags which is quite pathetic. Body shaming trend needs to be stopped right away because let's face it, no one in  this world is perfect. Right? If you're not a perfect person, you have no right of ridiculing someone else for not being one.

Many people get discouraged on being subjected to such kind of behavior. They start feeling conscious and hesitant with their body-type. And this thing can leave a long term effect on many people's lives. It could result in loss of confidence and even depression. I don't think ignoring people buzzing rubbish about you and feeling dejected is a solution to it. You should first bring the self-assurance within yourself. Because it's absolutely OK to be skinny or big, curvy or curve-less. And, it's equally offensive to scorn someone for being any of these.

I have been teased many a times for being heavy. It felt awful, I started cutting out my diet to a huge extent. I gave up having breakfast and snacks at tea-time. It was really very hard for me but I wanted to stop people from making fun of me. As a result, I became very skinny. I suffered from hair loss and also my health went down. Still, I was satisfied because I was sure that now I won't be the butt of ridicule. But, again I was wrong, now those same faces suddenly realized that I was a lot more cuter earlier and have become too much skinny. I was again subjected to the same kind of mockery, the only difference was, that this time it was for being skinny. At that point of time, I realized that I should stop getting worried from people's comments about my body-type. I started taking care of my diet.
Now, I have a normal size but I wouldn't mind being fat or skinny as far as I'm healthy.

You should accept yourself with all your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses. Even if you're not satisfied with yourself, all you could do is just put efforts towards improving yourself. You can definitely get better by working out on it but can not change yourself completely because that is how you were born and God chose you to be that unique character, which you're playing right now.
Accept it proudly and never let anyone's mockery or hate, disturb your lifestyle.
There's nothing wrong with your imperfections, accepting your flaws gracefully is as beautiful as being flawless. 
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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Is Loving Unconditionally, Stupid?

Unconditional love is the one that's really hard to find in someone but your mother. Since, only a mother could love her child without wanting or expecting anything, mind me not even a tiny little thing, in return. She would make a hell lot of sacrifices for you without even letting you know, without making them count to you. You probably, will never even know those million little things she has done to see just a little smile on your face. Its natural to have such feelings for someone who you have given birth to. And, everyone loves their mothers the most. Isn't it?
But what about loving someone who you are not related to by blood and that too wholeheartedly even after being dejected by them a whole lot of times?

What if it's not a two-way street? I mean it's obvious that people take you for granted, most of the times if you start giving too much attention to them. It really takes a big heart to love someone without ever questioning them or restricting them from anything. Is it fine to just let them free and keep waiting for the time they'll realize your importance in their lives?
Personally, I always try to be nice to everyone. But, it's not that I get the same treatment in return. Some care. Some don't. And, I feel awful when I don't get the same attention from them. Clearly, that's human nature, to have expectations from people who we care about.
Everyone needs love and at-least one reason to be happy. 

I don't think it's right to keep sacrificing and making efforts for someone continuously without getting any appreciation for it. Such people will eventually end up being depressed and feeling unwanted. Rather, it's better to make the other person feel your importance by not doing those things for a while and letting them spot your significance in their lives as they'll notice how difficult it is for them to survive without you. But, if they still don't see any change in their lives and continue ignoring your efforts, I don't think they'll ever realize your value. In that case, it's better to move on and stop being generous to someone who doesn't even fit to be a part of your life. 
Everyone deserves to be at-least appreciated for what they do, if not getting anything back in return. 

So, unconditional love is surely the most beautiful thing, IF it is for someone who is worthy of it and treasures it. But, not for someone who doesn't deserve it.
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Till my last breath

I will always remember,
That beguiling glance,
which gave me a million butterflies,
That golden touch,
which got goosebumps all over me,
That pleasing personality,
which left me thinking how lucky I was to have you,
That candid heart full of love,
which resolved all my hiccups,
That pretty puppy face,
which made me melt like a popsicle in summer,
That hilarious humor,
which tickled my funny bone.
I will always remember,
Those deep voiced words
you whispered to my ears,
And will keep it here with me,
till my last breath,
till my world ends.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Are you ready for redi-GO?

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While purchasing a new vehicle, people are always very fussy and selective, so am I. Right now there are plenty of different models of sedan, SUV, sports car, hatchback in the market. But we're always bewildered about which one suits us the best. Isn't it?
The best thing about hatchbacks is that they are way more affordable than sedan, SUV or a sports car. But for the wanderlusts like me who crave for the long road trips, have to give a second thought while taking a hatchback to the rough and bumpy areas.

Wouldn't it be great if we could combine a hatchback and an SUV to give birth to a car that's small and easier to drive like a hatchback with tough on and off road ability like an SUV?
Yes, I think you're getting to the point, I'm talking about a crossover car that borrows the features from SUV and hatchback to give a really cool, comfortable and tough vehicle for helping us to beat our urban blues.

Datsun, India has always been very promising in launching cars with new technologies and modern designs. I think Datsun absolutely understands the features what most of the people desire in a car as they are bringing us India's first ever Urban cross, the Datsun redi-GO. An ultimate fusion of urban hatchback and compact crossover. Here are some startling features of this car that I couldn't resist myself from mentioning.


The aggressive look of this car gives it a modern, sporty and cool look. The large sweptback headlamps contribute a big part to the striking look of this car. The flared wheel arches and aerodynamic lines that extend into the boot makes a very attractive side profile. The tail lamps give a boomerang like look as they extend from the rear wheel to the middle of the boot door.


redi-GO seems to have an elegant interior with a modern looking dashboard in a classy grey color. The center console has a unique design with embedded fan and music system. The high mounted and thin seats appear quite comfortable. The designers have done a great job in low priced limit as it has enough space for five adults. It also has front power windows, AC, two large bottle holders, driver side airbag and a 12 V port for charging.


I have not taken the test drive yet but on seeing other reviews about the same car, I'm amused by the engine performance. Redi-GO uses 799cc three-pot 53bhp motor and is based on CMF-A platform. It accelerates very smoothly that allows the driver to experience an easy and comfortable drive. It has a power assisted brake and a smooth clutch that doesn't let the driver to be tired of driving it.

If I get a chance to take a test drive of this beauty, I'd prefer to test it in my city, Bathinda for a long drive and also on the way to Manali as I'm sure it's tough enough to drive all the way to the hills and it would be really easier to drive such a car on a tiresome journey.

So get ready to experience "Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback."
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

What God is to me

The perception of optimism in the world full of despair,

Survival of zest in the deepest melancholy,

A ray of hope in the midst of darkness,

Dominion of pure love over the wealthy hatred,

The unpainted desire in a wretched heart,

Commencement of healing in the bruised parts,

Is what God is to me.

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