Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Is Loving Unconditionally, Stupid?

Unconditional love is the one that's really hard to find in someone but your mother. Since, only a mother could love her child without wanting or expecting anything, mind me not even a tiny little thing, in return. She would make a hell lot of sacrifices for you without even letting you know, without making them count to you. You probably, will never even know those million little things she has done to see just a little smile on your face. Its natural to have such feelings for someone who you have given birth to. And, everyone loves their mothers the most. Isn't it?
But what about loving someone who you are not related to by blood and that too wholeheartedly even after being dejected by them a whole lot of times?

What if it's not a two-way street? I mean it's obvious that people take you for granted, most of the times if you start giving too much attention to them. It really takes a big heart to love someone without ever questioning them or restricting them from anything. Is it fine to just let them free and keep waiting for the time they'll realize your importance in their lives?
Personally, I always try to be nice to everyone. But, it's not that I get the same treatment in return. Some care. Some don't. And, I feel awful when I don't get the same attention from them. Clearly, that's human nature, to have expectations from people who we care about.
Everyone needs love and at-least one reason to be happy. 

I don't think it's right to keep sacrificing and making efforts for someone continuously without getting any appreciation for it. Such people will eventually end up being depressed and feeling unwanted. Rather, it's better to make the other person feel your importance by not doing those things for a while and letting them spot your significance in their lives as they'll notice how difficult it is for them to survive without you. But, if they still don't see any change in their lives and continue ignoring your efforts, I don't think they'll ever realize your value. In that case, it's better to move on and stop being generous to someone who doesn't even fit to be a part of your life. 
Everyone deserves to be at-least appreciated for what they do, if not getting anything back in return. 

So, unconditional love is surely the most beautiful thing, IF it is for someone who is worthy of it and treasures it. But, not for someone who doesn't deserve it.
  1. let me ask a question on The last two lines you have written in this post---will you apply it for your children when you will be a mother ??---the answer is quite obvious, most of the Moms will say "No". Am i right?
    If we love someone unconditionally then the thought ---"In that case, it's better to move on and stop being generous to someone who doesn't even fit to be a part of your life." will surely not come, as this thought you will not apply in case of your children whatever the treatment you get in return from them/her/him.
    Think about it.

    1. Hey, I get your point here and I'm not talking about a mother's love. Ofcource you can't stop loving your child. :) Plus, I don't think your children will ever hurt you on purpose. If they're grown ups and still hurting your sentiments then that's a different thing and I'll get back to it some other time.
      But what actually I was talking about is two people at the same level who equally deserve to be loved but one of them is getting it in excesss and the other one is not even being admired for anything. Do you think it's right to let them hurt you time and again?

  2. Nope, it's never stupid. As long as you don't let the person walk over you its all good :)!

    1. Absolutely! :) Thanks for stopping by Archie. :)

  3. Unconditional and free love for souls who care and for people who have been part of your life makes sense totally. However, for some it's not just worth it. Agree to the point made:)

  4. For me, loving unconditionally is never stupid unless and until the person values you to the truest! A lovely article dear with a beautiful flow of words! <3

    1. Yes, you're right M. Thanks a lot love. Hugs :)

  5. I would say love is always unconditional and when there is condition then that's not love, that's compromise, be it any kind of relation.

    1. Sure, but if it's for someone who doesn't respect your feelings then is it fine to let them hurt you? Thanks for stoppinh by :)

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