Monday, 13 June 2016

Stop #BodyBashing

Shaming someone for their body type is not cool at all, rather it's offensive. It's a fact that many people get labelled with "Too fat", "Too skinny", "Too short", "Too dark", "Too curvy", "Flat" or "Ugly" tags which is quite pathetic. Body shaming trend needs to be stopped right away because let's face it, no one in  this world is perfect. Right? If you're not a perfect person, you have no right of ridiculing someone else for not being one.

Many people get discouraged on being subjected to such kind of behavior. They start feeling conscious and hesitant with their body-type. And this thing can leave a long term effect on many people's lives. It could result in loss of confidence and even depression. I don't think ignoring people buzzing rubbish about you and feeling dejected is a solution to it. You should first bring the self-assurance within yourself. Because it's absolutely OK to be skinny or big, curvy or curve-less. And, it's equally offensive to scorn someone for being any of these.

I have been teased many a times for being heavy. It felt awful, I started cutting out my diet to a huge extent. I gave up having breakfast and snacks at tea-time. It was really very hard for me but I wanted to stop people from making fun of me. As a result, I became very skinny. I suffered from hair loss and also my health went down. Still, I was satisfied because I was sure that now I won't be the butt of ridicule. But, again I was wrong, now those same faces suddenly realized that I was a lot more cuter earlier and have become too much skinny. I was again subjected to the same kind of mockery, the only difference was, that this time it was for being skinny. At that point of time, I realized that I should stop getting worried from people's comments about my body-type. I started taking care of my diet.
Now, I have a normal size but I wouldn't mind being fat or skinny as far as I'm healthy.

You should accept yourself with all your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses. Even if you're not satisfied with yourself, all you could do is just put efforts towards improving yourself. You can definitely get better by working out on it but can not change yourself completely because that is how you were born and God chose you to be that unique character, which you're playing right now.
Accept it proudly and never let anyone's mockery or hate, disturb your lifestyle.
There's nothing wrong with your imperfections, accepting your flaws gracefully is as beautiful as being flawless. 
  1. A wonderful post dear. Body shaming is disgusting and should be stopped. We should always love ourselves and try to be healthy, instead of getting desperate to attain that so-called perfect body.

    1. Yes, dear. I feel disgusted seeing such kind of trolls everywhere on the social networking sites. I hope that people realize how offensive it sounds to the person who's subjected to it. Thanks a lot love :)

  2. Body shaming is not cool at all...totally agree. Great write up, Deeshani.

  3. The last line says it all. Brilliant write-up dearie :-)

  4. The way body shaming is creating a hype on social media is totally disgusting! We should all remain healthy rather than running after that so-called 'perfect-10' figure. A very well laid article on a thought-provoking subject dear.

  5. Kuchh to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna. Don't take shaming seriously. The choice rests with you. Deeshani, liked your take on body shaming.

  6. Yes do what ever you want to do, its a "Mean" world and nobody really cares except dear ones. Enjoy life as what you are.

    1. Yes dear. Thanks a lot and welcome to ITOT. :)

  7. Very true, people will say something or the other. We have to think for ourselves what we want to live with!


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