Saturday, 13 August 2016

Happiness is..

Mom's excitement when I buy her,
Some fancy cookware.
Papa's pride when he sees me,
Taking a step forth in life.
Sister's silent relief on seeing me,
back home after a while.
Tikki wale uncle's content,
As he knows even if no one does,
I'll always have one plate of chole bhature.
Rikshaw wale bhaiya's delightment,
When I don't argue with his rate.
My doggy's tail, twirling around,
When I pat him and bring him his favorite salami.
My little cousins' enthusiasm,
When I pretend to be a guest in their tea party game.
When my bestie is all smiles, on seeing that I still care,
Even if we no longer share the same room.
I am happy, when they're happy.
If they're not, why would I be?
  1. Super Poem.<3<3<3.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  2. Please from the little things of life...You have expressed it so beautifully with all the near & dear ones around. :) very nicely penned dear.


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