Saturday, 8 October 2016

May I?

May I have this dance with you?
May I trust you to lift me?
May I hold you closer, 
and look you in the eye?
May I topple over on purpose,
so you could grab me?
May I seize the moment,
As I whisper how high am I?

May I wink at my worries,
So I could focus on your charm?
May I be consumed with your desire?
May I admire your persona,
As I caress your soul?
May I be endowed with your tenderness?
May I ask you to be my main?
May I embrace you forever?
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It's YOU

Your love is like a shroud of mist,
Obscuring all the gloominess within me.
I lay aside my worries,
and cease to think of my fears.
No No.. it doesn't happen deliberately,
It's an unintentional affair.

Your love is like the Vodka shots,
It has got me insanely high.
Perhaps, there's some spell in your touch,
An irresistible pleasure in your Aura.
A temptation in your essence,
That makes me tune into the ultimate ecstasy.

Ask me about my serendipitous encounter,
And I'd promptly say, It's YOU..
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