Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Abstinence is NOT that bad, believe it or not.


This post is probably mostly for the teenagers. Let's talk about Abstinence. I'm sure you might have heard of it. Not sure if you believe in it.
Abstinence is not just an Indian practice, it is advised universally and there's a reason behind it. Young generation these days do not believe in abstinence as they find it as an orthodox opinion. 
You'd probably end up getting a bunch of reasons that counter the idea of abstinence.
For instance, why wait for tomorrow? Nobody has seen tomorrow. One should live life to the fullest, because you never know when it ends.

Ok, I get that. So does that mean, we should stop saving money for the future and spend all of it on the things we want now?
Should everyone neglect the legal age of doing certain things and just be carefree?
Should we all leave our jobs or studies and go out for a trip for the sake of living the moment?
I don't think so.

Firstly, it's your life, no one has any right to make you follow any kind of rules. 
But there's a simple fact that many people need to understand that probability of seeing tomorrow is much higher than that of not seeing it.
Which implies that probability of tomorrow's regret is more than that of  today's satisfaction.

Restraining yourself from things which you've been yearning from a long time can actually make you very strong minded and determined as you are prudent enough to make firm choices. 
There's a right time for indulging into certain things and when that time comes, you'd actually feel a lot more happier than being impatient and breaking the rules set by yourself.
Because that would just give you a momentary happiness along with feelings of guilt and anxiety. 

Let me give you an example, what would you prefer more, 
Being empty stomach from a long time and then getting your favorite food in a good quantity. 
Eating lots of food when you're not even that much hungry and eventually being left with no food at all when you actually need some?
I think the first one would be a good choice. Ehh?

That's how it works. I'm not just talking about the physical abstinence or abstinence from alcohol but every desire or yearning of yours will be eventually fulfilled but it would be even more satisfying if you be patient enough and give priority to the 
things which are important for you now. 

Leaving the cultural and the conservative thoughts aside, I'm saying as a rational person that there wouldn't be any excitement left in your life if you will experience everything today. Just go with the flow and wait for the appropriate time. Do not take any step in the heat of the moment because that moment could change your entire life. 
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