Saturday, 19 August 2017

Are you relying on Samples?

Let’s start with an example. Shall we?
There’s this friend of mine who happen to be a beauty products addict. But as we all know that all the top-notch products are way too expensive. What she does is, she uses some website that sells a surprise combo of sample products of expensive cosmetic brands every month which are cheaper as compared to the regular sized products. Mesmerizing deal, isn’t it?
But, the same website shuffles the products every month and sells new bunch of product samples. Yes, you might have heard of those subscription boxes. This friend of mine is actually subscribed to these and every month she has a brand new bunch of products to use. It’s cheap, it’s new, it’s exciting as it changes every month. So, basically she is totally relying on these samples. From face-wash to lipstick, she doesn’t stick to one specific brand. Of course, it’s boring to use the same products again and again, who does that?
Now, let’s talk about another friend of mine, who completely relies on one brand. She has been using the same products since last 5 years. She buys the larger value pack of products in the beginning of the year so that she doesn’t have to buy them again. She completely trusts those products, it suits her skin and she also gets discount as a regular customer.
You might be thinking that the second person is way too boring to not try newer and better products. Right?
So, which approach should we follow in life, the first one or the second one?
Wait.. Before answering, let me tell you something.
The former one (relying on samples) is also currently relying on some medication to treat her acne as one of the samples didn’t suit her skin. She has had a similar side effect earlier too but couldn’t figure out the reason. The dermatologist suggested her to not change the products that she has been using on her skin and should rather stick to the one that her skin adapts comfortably.
You were saying? :)
I guess, we also follow this kind of approach in our life too. We never stick to one passion or interest, but we are always keen to try new things and be successful in every field that we have interest in. As a result we end up failing at almost everything. In-fact, the person who is stuck to the same thing from a significant amount of time happens to be more successful and happier. Because he is doing what he loves, he is loyal to his passion and doesn’t let anything distract his way to follow what he truly loves.
Samples are necessary too, we must try new things to discover our talent and to find what we are really good at. But, that doesn’t mean you have completely rely on trying new things every now and then. Once, you find what you love you must stick to it rather than searching for new things that you might find more interesting. If you really want to explore more fields, you must, but not at the price of leaving the thing that you already have. First you should make yourself a pro in what you’re really good at without diverting your creative mind somewhere else. And when you already ace at a thing then you can try your hands on something else too.
As simple as that. :)
So, would you buy samples or an extra large value pack? ;)
  1. One must learn to figure out what his passion is, once he does that he will value that and won't have to look for samples anymore. Its a good point you made there, with a really funny example.

    1. I agree! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating :)

  2. It's such an interesting way to look at things? Why change a winning formula? But, at the same time, nothing wrong to experiment a bit and push our self to push the mountain. As long as passion makes one happy, no wrong is doing that.

    1. Of course, but one must not compromise prior commitments for the sake of diversions. :)

  3. Very interesting, I thought the post was about something else, but it does make a lot of sense. I try new products but once I find that suits me, I stick to it. The philosophy you've mentioned is pretty interesting. It is true that those who stick to things that suit them well turn out successful most of the times.

    Expressing Life

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting :) xoxo


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