Saturday, 30 September 2017

#DaanUtsav- Feel The Grandeur Of Giving

One of the greatest virtues one can imbibe is the virtue of giving. Sometimes being just a little generous to someone can light up their world and ultimately yours too. One of the inexplicable feelings in the world is to see someone happy and contended because of you, to be someone's first aid and to be the patron of someone's hope.

Have you ever felt the goosebumps on seeing tears of joy in someone's eyes and knowing that you're the reason behind it? If not, then let me tell you that it is an exceptional experience to be someone's reason of smiling.

The Art of Giving not only signifies giving money to the needy but it could be giving anything that you posses be it your time, your skills, your knowledge or it could be something from your wardrobe too.

In the busy schedules of contemporary world, no one really has the time to show concern or be empathetic to anyone. We all have somewhere put the blindfolds and have been ignorant of the fact that there are many people in our surroundings who are at the verge of killing all their hopes. They certainly need our help, our time and our concern towards them. It is our sole social responsibility to be the support system of such people and provide them any facility that could in any way heal their adverse conditions.

We should always participate in practices and programmes that benefit the people who are in need of a helping hand. One such programme is conducted in my workplace where our management provides blankets to each employee so that each one could donate them to the poor people living around or in their locality. Another such activity organised by our company is selling of handmade products near Diwali festival in the lobby of the building where on purchase of every product by the employee, funds are raised for an NGO. Such activities when conducted in a gathering can raise substantial amount of funds and can help many organisations to achieve their goals of serving people.
On this #DaanUtsav, let us join hands to give joy and get an equivalent joy in return, as the joy of giving is the biggest of all.

Do you have clothes that you don't wear anymore, or some old books from school time?
If yes, then you can make the best out of those by giving them to poor kids who can't afford such basic necessities of life.

Do you have spare time on weekends or after office hours?
If yes, then you can utilise that precious time to teach children who are hindered to get education. The achievement of being the guiding light of someone's life is indeed one of a kind.

Did you make extra food for guests but they cancelled their plan?
If yes, then rather than serving that food to garbage, you can simply give them to the ones who are starving since morning. In return you get the heartiest blessings from innocent souls which always help to shape your future as well.

Did you get or are you getting your Diwali Bonus this year?
If yes, then think that, for some people even Diwali is like any other ordinary day without food and shelter. You could really light up their Diwali by giving a part of that bonus to them. It feels awesome, trust me!

This season let's fill happiness and joy in someone else's life and feel the grandeur of giving.
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Do-It-Yourself to Rescue Yourself


Meet Miss DIY, who is a fan of greens and a foe of blacks (if you know what I mean).
Lately, she came up with an urging cause of making a green environment not only outdoors but indoors too.

She prepared a list of environmental enemies being used in every household and replaced them with the Eco-friendly DIY alternatives to promote a healthier and green living. 

Be a part of her journey and experience the fringe benefits of Eco-friendly and pocket friendly products.

Enemy No. 1: Commercial Laundry Detergents:

Miss DIY researched the cause of laundry detergents being top in the list of air contaminators and came up with a whole bunch of reasons behind it.
Laundry detergents are made of harsh chemicals and over 25 VOCs (volatile organic compounds), some of which have been declared harmful and life threatening by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 
Moreover, these detergents that make your clothes sweet smelling and clean, actually contain toxins such as petroleum based solvents for the purpose of this scent. Bleach added into detergent just makes an icing on the cake of danger by adding chlorine to the list of chemicals degrading the air quality scale to even worse condition.Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause a bouquet of diseases inside the human body.

Do-it-yourself Detergent Recipe:

Here's a chemical free and inexpensive alternative for the silly chemical containing detergents that Miss DIY chose:
  • 6 cups of washing soda
  • 3-4 cups of baking soda
  • Grated non toxic bar soap (6 Bars)
  • 5-10 drops of essential oils such as Lavender oil (For Aroma)
  • 4 cups of borax (Sodium Borate- A safer alternative of harmful chemicals)

Enemy No. 2: Floor Cleaners:

Floor cleaners play an essential part in making our house germs free but should we really use them at the cost of lowering the air quality?
Miss DIY was indeed concerned about the toxic ingredients of floor cleaners and their negative impact on the indoor air quality. She found out that chemicals present in the synthetic floor cleaners such as chlorine and ammonia can pose a serious threat to our respiratory organs. Moreover, since floor cleaners are used in every corner of the house for the purpose of cleaning, it can actually contaminate the air in every corner as well.

Do-it-yourself Floor Cleaner Recipe:

The easiest one of all that Miss DIY couldn't resist to share with you, goes as follows:
Mix a cup of white vinegar in a bucket (nearly 4L) of water and you're done!
For a better version, mix half a cup of baking soda into the mixture and get started with cleaning and mopping.

Bonus tip: Vacuums are the best way of removing dirt and debris! Try vacuuming first and then give a finish to the clean floors by mopping with the natural Eco-friendly floor cleaner.

Enemy No. 3: Perfumes

Synthetic chemicals in perfumes and body mists were the next in the list of Miss DIY's concerns.
Here's why:
It's essential for every person to smell good if he/she wants to leave an appealing impact on anyone. For the sake of smelling good, we all are somewhere guilty of degrading the quality of air.  As the synthetic compounds in perfumes, deodorants and mists are known to cause acute allergic reactions, headaches and asthma.

Do-it-yourself Perfume Recipe:

Miss DIY was very excited to use this recipe and try her hands on a wide range of eco friendly fragrances.
  • 15-20 drops of essential oils such Lavender, Rosemary, Pepper mint, etc (Use as per your preference of fragrance)
  • 1 tbsp of carrier oils such olive, jojoba, almond or coconut.
  • 2 cups of fresh water for diluting the mixture.

Enemy No. 4: Disinfectants

The other day, Miss DIY was surfing the Internet and came up with a shocking fact about disinfectants. It said that a significant amount of VOCs are apparently emitted from disinfecting and sanitizing products into the air that may cause health issues such as wheezing and asthma too!
This left Miss DIY in astonishment. She wondered for a while and started her experiments to find an effective alternative for another environmental enemy.

Do-it-yourself Disinfectant Recipe:

Finally, the moment has come when Miss DIY can proudly share her recipe of an optimum substitute for disinfectants and sanitizing sprays.
Miss DIY remembers the time when her mother used to mix Tea tree oil in her moisturizer for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This triggered an easy recipe of homemade disinfectant in her mind.
  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup of white vinegar
  • 10-15 drops of essential oils such as tea tree oil.

Enemy No. 5: Candles

Most candles are made of paraffin wax which release a wide range of toxins such as toluene and benzene. These toxins if exposed to air can pose serious health concerns such as respiratory diseases. Moreover, the soot produced from incomplete combustion of paraffin wax can cause harm to our lungs.

Do-it-yourself Candle Recipe:

Miss DIY couldn't resist herself using scented candles in her home all the time but after knowing these frightful facts, she made sure to do the needful. She came up with an easy alternative of paraffin wax, that is beeswax which is 100% natural and Eco-friendly.

Here's the recipe:
  •  1/2 kg beeswax
  •  1/2 cup of coconut oil
  •  10-15 drops of essential oils. (For scent)
  •  Cotton wicks
  •  Glass Jars

Enemy No. 6: Nail Polish Remover

Conventional nail polish remover can make you inhale a great deal of air pollutants if you continue using it.
Since the ingredients of nail polish remover such as Acetone can cause health issues like irritation, dizziness and headaches. Wouldn't it be great if we can replace it with a natural and non-toxic nail polish remover?
If yes, then continue reading what Miss DIY is upto..

Do-it-yourself Nail Polish Remover Recipe

Miss DIY researched a lot and came to the conclusion that since Eco-friendly ingredients are mild in nature, they may take longer time to show results than that of strong chemicals. But there's no harm in that, right?
So, here's the best green replacement of the conventional acetone nail polish remover:
  • 1 tsp of Citrus fruit such as Lemon or Lime
  • 3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar
With this recipe, you no longer have to hesitate to wipe off the unnecessary strokes of nail paint from your nails! Miss DIY is truly a saviour. Isn't she?

Enemy No. 7:  Adhesives

Miss DIY was very addicted to making artwork and fixing stuff. She used to spend almost 2-3 glue sticks on her artistic pieces every week. Little did she know that she was contributing to downgrading air quality in her home. Most of the glues contain formaldehyde which by the way is among the most widespread pollutants of indoor air. Inhalation of formaldehyde could cause irritation in nose, eyes and throat while in extreme cases like prolonged ingestion, it can even cause terminal diseases!

Do-it-yourself Glue Recipe

Look what Miss DIY has in store for you.

Voila! It's the DIY Eco-friendly glue recipe!
  • 1 cup of Flour
  • 1 cup of Sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups of warm filtered Water
  • 1 Tbsp of white Vinegar (to preserve the glue)
  • 5 drops of essential oil

Enemy No. 8: Hair Sprays

When we talk about sources of air pollutants, hair sprays are no less in the discussions. They play an equal role in polluting the inside air with harmful chemicals. Every young person these days uses this product and some style freak people have a habit of over-exploiting the hair sprays without knowing how much harm they are causing to the environment. 
Ultimately, we ourselves have to pay for our misdeeds so it's high time to look for the substitutes of such products. But you don't have to worry my friend as Miss DIY is to your rescue with her next handy recipe!

Do-it-yourself Hair Spray Recipe:

Presenting to you, the all natural homemade hair spray recipe with absolutely no chemical additives.
Here it goes:
  • 1 cup filtered hot water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 10-15 drops essential oil such as orange or lemon

Enemy No. 9: Room Fresheners

Last but not the least in the list of Miss DIY was room fresheners, which are known to emit unfriendly and poisonous chemicals in the air making it lethal. Since, room fresheners are used so widely used, it was very disturbing for Miss DIY on encountering the risk facts about these fresheners.
She pulled her socks and dedicated herself in finding the replacement of this enemy.

Do-it-yourself Room Freshener Recipe:

Miss DIY was very impressed by essential oils due to their aromatic qualities and even more exciting fact was that they come in so many different varieties! But one thing to be kept in mind while using essential oils is, they should always be diluted by a carrier oil or water before using as they are concentrated in nature.

Enjoy the benefits of natural room freshener:
  • 1 cup of distilled water.
  • 15-20 drops of sweet smelling essential oils as per your choice. (Miss DIY prefers lime or lavender)

Miss DIY is truly a knight in shining armour for us, so is the Royale Atmos wall paints by Asian Paints. This new range of wall paints are specially manufactured for the purpose of solving the problem of indoor air pollution and substitute the conventional unfriendly air fresheners. It absorbs all the air impurities and foul smell leaving the air clean and fragranced. I hope that you too have made your mind for #CleanAirBeautifulHomes by now as Deepika says, "To breathe clean at your home, start with your paint."

To know more about Asian paints tune into-

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Our Contribution To Polluted Indoor Air

Human has a temperament to put the blame of every adversity on nature without giving a second thought towards actual reason behind it. Sometimes, it's us who are the partakers of causing unsound situations in our surroundings.

One such crisis is air pollution and we are not only responsible for making outside air polluted but within the confinement of our homes too. Unknowingly, we ourselves are partly blameworthy for letting the air pollutants invade inside our home. We always fail to observe our significant amount of contribution towards making the indoor air polluted.

One such ignorant household was the 'xyz' family. This family had 4 members, Mr. Ian- the family head, his son Ricky, his daughter Joanne and his younger brother Mr. Charles.
Mr. Ian worked as an engineer, he had two pets, a cat named Martha and a dog named Loui. Ricky was in high-school and loved to play football, Joanne was an intern at his father's office, while Mr. Charles had a small scale business of his own.

Mr. Ian, once invited his friend, Mr. James to dinner. Mr. James was a psychic, he used to make supernatural claims about people. On his visit to Mr. Ian's house, he acquainted Mr. Ian and his family that he sensed the presence of some evil spirits invading inside their house. On hearing about this, Mr. Ian got really worried and asked Mr. James to guide him and his  family through the ways to demolish the shadows of such ghostly figures from their house.
Mr. James very kindly, agreed to it.

"I sense something hazardous. Are there any pets around here?", Mr. James asked in his deepening voice.
To which Mr. Ian promptly answered, " Yes, two of them. My cat Martha and dog Loui, they are like family members to me.

Consequently, Mr. James replied, "I sense some pet dander floating in the air that came from Martha's body and mold spread everywhere that was initiated by Loui's fur. Are you aware that pets are one of the noteworthy factors of causing indoor air pollution? To overcome this situation, you must get your pets properly cleaned up and trimmed and make sure that you don't allow them to stay in your bedroom for long time."

Mr. Ian was surprised on knowing these facts and affirmed that he would take care of cleaning his pets everyday.

Further Mr. James asked if there is someone who smokes cigarettes in xyz family. Mr. Charles replied that he has a habit of smoking.
Mr. James was disappointed on knowing that.

"Smoking not only affects the smoker but the people around them too. Passive smokers are equally affected by the smoke.", he said.

"Moreover, tobacco smoking inside a confined space is strictly not favoured since it concentrates the harmful chemicals in indoor air and is more threatening than smoking outside in wide space.", he continued.

Mr. Charles felt very guilty on hearing this and apologized to his family. He further assured that he would never pollute the air by smoking inside the house from now on.

Then Mr. James asked the family about the person who continuously uses cellphone in their house. Joanne immediately raised her hand and told that she has a very bad addiction of using her smart phone all the time.

Following Joanne's word, Mr. James replied, "Not many people know the fact that smart phones are also one of the sponsors of making the indoor air unfit for breathing."

"But how? I don't see any smoke or germs that get emitted from my phone which can cause harm to the air.", said Joanne.

Mr. James replied that cellphones emit radio waves and micro waves and prolonged use of cellphones has been known for causing some serious health concerns such as brain cancer!
Joanne was really taken aback on listening to Mr. James and promised herself to minimize using her cellphone.

Mr. James continued his questions and asked about the person who is responsible for disposing off the garbage from the house.

Ricky answered that his father has made him the in charge of disposing off the garbage from the garbage bins.

Mr. James further asked, "how often do you dispose it off?"
"Until it doesn't start overflowing.", Ricky answered in laughter.

"I'm not very impressed on knowing that, Ricky. Do you know if the garbage gets old then it not only stinks but also release harmful gases, bacteria and other germs out of the waste into the air? It can pose serious respiratory issues in the body.", said Mr. James.

Ricky accepted his mistake and decided to empty the garbage bins everyday to keep his family safe from germs.

Mr. James carried on with his speculations  and asked the family about the person who brings dirty shoes inside the house.

Ricky replied that he has a habit of bringing muddy shoes inside the home after he comes back from the football ground after playing football.

Mr. James suggested him to always leave dirty shoes at the door of house since it can bring a lot of dust particles in the indoor air and contaminate it which further can cause certain infections.

The next conjecture of Mr. James was the presence of a leaky shower in the house. Mr. Ian accepted that the shower of his bathroom has been leaking since quite a long time and he didn't get a chance to get it fixed.

Mr. James enlightened that leaky showers can create moisture inside the bathroom and become the fertile grounds of mold and mildews which can cause various allergic reactions to the body. He further suggested Mr. Ian to get his shower fixed and make sure to keep his bathroom clean and dry to avoid the commencement of such pollutants in the indoor air.

Mr. James, then revealed, "The ghosts I mentioned earlier where not any unworldly spirits but these harmful pollutants that you have been bringing inside the house. And you can only keep these ghosts at bay if you improve your acts and make efforts to keep your home free from indoor air pollutants."

The xyz family was very grateful to Mr. James who enlightened such facts to them and helped them to make a cleaner environment inside their house.

We all are in same boat as Mr. Ian. Aren't we? Let's take a lesson from this story and make a change towards a cleaner air.

One of the optimum ways of closing the doors for dangerous air pollutants is using Royale Atmos wall paints by Asian Paints. Since its active carbon technology absorbs harmful pollutants in air and it's fragrance keeps away the foul smells. Thus, it does the work of air freshener in an effective and helpful way. Now, everyone can have #ClearAirBeautifulHomes with Royale Atmos.

To know more about Asian Paints, tune into
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Air We Breathe In

Air is the basic necessity in life, if that air itself is contributing to harming our life, then there's no way to avoid this situation. Since there's no alternative to air, you have to ultimately breathe in and breathe out. Yes I am talking about air pollution.

So basically, what is air pollution?

Air pollution is a phenomenon where air in the atmosphere gets contaminated with hazardous substances which affects humans, animals, plants and infrastructure too.
Air is omnipresent, so is harmful pollutants. Surprisingly not many people are aware that they are breathing the contaminated air not only when they are outside but inside the walls of their building too!
Usually people are not concerned about indoor air pollutants because they feel that their house is much more clean and hygienic than the environment with dust particles and smoke present outside. But the reality is that even a clean house does not guarantee a clean air.
There are many more factors that contribute to indoor air pollution other than dust. So even if you are keeping your house clean, chances are that you are still breathing the polluted air.

Here are some aspects of indoor air pollutants that people tend to overlook all the time:

Pets And Plants

Who doesn't love pets or planting?
Everybody does, isn't it?
Nearly, each family either has plants or pets or both inside their homes.

But did you know that flower bearing plants contain a powdered substance called pollen that easily get carried away by air causing air to get polluted?
Since many pollen from plants have a tendency to cause allergic disorders in human body on coming in contact, plants highly contribute to increasing air pollution in any public or private buildings.

Household pets are another contributors to indoor air pollution with their saliva, feces and urine causing allergic reactions.
Mostly, all the domestic animals like cats, dogs and rabbits have dense fur on them. These furry coats can collect various substances from outside dust and also accumulate mold and pollen. Similarly, feathers of birds also collect certain mites and other allergens.
These substances spread into the indoor air and trigger harmful allergens in the household.

Apart from this, pet dander which refers to skin flakes of pets is also very infectious when released into air. Since dander is lightweight and very small, it can easily spread into air without getting noticed. This can cause various respiratory conditions and skin diseases like eczema.

Furnishings And Building Materials

Many home furnishings contain harmful materials that emit airborne chemicals.
Pressed wood such as plywood contains a toxic gas known as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can trigger various health problems ranging from chronic to acute. Other than this, many adhesives and dyes used in building materials are known to release volatile organic compounds into the air causing serious health conditions.

Some cushions, curtains and couches contain flame retardants that impose major threats like cancer and reproductive issues if exposed into the air. Many insulation materials used in pipes, contains microscopic fibers called asbestos, exposure to which is bad for health. These can be emitted into the air making it unfit for breathing.

Household Products

A majority of household products like detergents, disinfectants, cosmetics, candles, floor cleaners and incense products are used on daily term by almost every household. However, these commonly used product apparently emit dangerous chemicals into the air such as aerosols and volatile organic compounds (VOC's). This results in increased levels of concentrated air pollution inside the house, causing various health concerns such as headaches, dizziness and respiratory problems.

Indoor Laundry Drying

During winters since outside weather is insufficient for drying clothes, so clothes are dried indoors. This increases the moisture levels within the house if it's not properly ventilated which favours the breeding conditions for mold, dust mites and mildews. These can be alarming as they can cause Asthma and various infections within humans and animals.

Cracks, Openings and Joints

Last but not the least, one of the most infamous indoor air pollutant happens to be Radon, which is a radioactive gas. Radon is formed by the natural breakdown of Uranium which is present in rocks and soil. This can be easily escaped into the buildings through the cracks in floor, floor drains and floor-wall joints. Once emitted into the air, it may pose serious life risk. Moreover, it can not be detected without the help of professionals since it is colourless and odourless.

These were few origins of indoor air pollution that should be confronted by taking control measures and should be managed to ensure a healthy living.

Royale Atmos #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

One such indoor air pollution control initiative has been taken by Asian paints with its Royale Atmos wall paints. Royale Atmos has activated carbon technology. Activated carbon is used for air purification by reducing air contaminants, thus making it clean and fit for breathing.
Now, you can enhance the beauty of your homes along with the fringe benefits of air purification to stimulate a healthier living. 

The Air we breathe in to sleep,
The Air we breathe out in laughter,
The Air that flicks off the hair,
The Air that gives us the chills,
The Air that lets the candles burn,
The Air that makes us feel relaxed,
The Air that makes our clothes dry,
The Air that satisfies,
The Air we breathe out in sigh,
The Air we breathe in to survive.

That Air is full of harmful fungi,
Bacteria, toxicity, just to name a few.
It's polluted everywhere, this condition isn't new.
Even when you're home, you're at acute risk,
Working in office is no less in the list.
Don't let this air to be someone's plight,
Let's pledge to ourselves to win this fight!
Let's pledge to ourselves to win this fight!

To know more about Royale Atmos, visit
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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Hidden Air Pollutants

In happiness, in pain, in loss, in gain, in stress, in relief, we always tend to breathe!
Have you ever wondered that breathing not only involves taking in oxygen but also other gases and substances present in the air?
These tiny particles which couldn't be seen with the naked eye could impose a greater threat than the visible ones.

We all have heard of air pollution and its causes. Consequently, we are also making efforts and changes in our lifestyle to make the environment clean and pollution free. But are we familiar with the fact that polluted air is not only present outside but everywhere, in our homes, workplaces, schools, gyms, shopping centers, hospitals, and other public and private buildings too?
Indoor air tends to be more contaminated and harmful to your health as compared to the outdoors since the outdoor air pollutants are widely scattered in the open space so their concentration is very low whereas in the buildings, the air pollutants happen to be much more concentrated due to lack of space and sources of fresh air.

Another reason of indoor air pollution being more alarming to mankind is that most of our lives is spent living indoors. Mostly, people are outdoors only when they are travelling from one place to another which comprises only 10-30% of their day.
Unfortunately, children are the ones who suffer the most from indoor air pollution since they are always indoors and are more prone to getting affected.

Since childhood we make an image of air pollution in our mind as the smoke coming out of chimneys, industries and vehicles as it's shown in the diagrams of science books but there's much more to air pollution and there are many other sources of airborne pollutants that we have been overlooking over the years!

Apparently there are many sources, certain activities and products used inside the buildings that can cause indoor air pollution.

Harmful Areas In Your Bedroom

Air Conditioning Ducts
If the air conditioning ducts are not clean then mold can grow inside the air conditioner due to moisture and dirt. This mold is spread into air every time the AC is switched on. This can cause wide range of infections from mild allergies to severe illness. One should get their AC cleaned up frequently to prevent the growth of mold inside it. Presence of mold can be detected if you smell a peculiar odour on switching on the AC.

Dust in Mattresses and Carpets
Over the time dust particles get collected into the mattress and carpets. The dust inside them becomes the fertile grounds of dust mites which release into the air if one tries to remove the dust from the mattresses or carpets. It is highly recommended to clean them outside the house or use a trusted vacuum cleaner to avoid dust mites to spread into indoor air.

Air Spoilers In Your Living Room and Office

Mosquito Repellents
Mosquito repellents such as coils and sprays are often used at our homes and workplaces to get rid of disease prone mosquitoes. However, these repellents apparently contain a high amount of particulate matter that increases pollution levels of indoor air to a great extent.
It is always advisable to use such sprays in the absence of children, pets and even adults. Additionally having a good ventilation and using exhaust fans afterwards clean the air by replacing the contaminated air with fresh air.

Air Fresheners or Air Pollutants?
Commercial air fresheners are used almost in every house and office buildings to keep the foul smell away and for maintaining nice aroma inside the room. However, air fresheners do not actually kill the foul smell, indeed they just mask all other odours.
Moreover, these sprays are known to emit dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and aerosol pollutants which can cause adverse effects to our body such as dizziness, headaches, asthma and other breathing problems.
Use of commercial air fresheners can be minimized or replaced by an alternative of natural and homemade air fresheners by diluting essentials oils into water which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Also, they smell great!
Another way is using baking soda as an alternative of commercial room spray. Baking soda is known to effectively absorb foul odours. You can combine baking soda with any aroma imparting liquids like lemon juice or rosewater, etc.

Alarming Activities In Your Kitchen

Faulty Gas Burners
Faulty gas stoves can cause incomplete combustion of flame while cooking which leads to increased emission of Carbon Monoxide which is a toxic gas. Presence of carbon monoxide in air can cause several health problems such as chest pain, weakness, vomiting, just to name a few.
To reduce the risks of CO emissions, one should immediately get their gas stoves checked if they notice an abnormal color in the flame and always use exhaust fans in kitchen after cooking.

Biomass Cooking
Biomass fuels are the fuels obtained from organic materials such as plant waste, wood, charcoal, cow dung and other animal matter. These are easily available in local markets and extremely inexpensive which is why many people belonging to low-income group prefer using this means for cooking in their homes. Despite being an easy option for cooking, this is the most hazardous option too. Since, burning biomass produces large amounts of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). Both these gases contribute largely to respiratory problems and could even cause fatality.
Opting for a cleaner source like bio-gas which is obtained by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, is an effective alternative way to replace biomass fuels since it is equally available and affordable.

Troublesome Areas and Products In Your Bathroom

Problematic Areas
Shower heads, faucets, sinks and toilet seats in bathroom can accumulate unwanted bacteria over time due to moisture or leakage. Moreover, mold can start growing on the surface of walls due to moisture. These bacteria and mold contaminate the air inside your bathroom and can cause various allergies and infections.
Keeping the bathroom clean using disinfectants and environment friendly cleaners is the only way to avoid such situations.

Critical Cleaners
Some bathroom cleaners and sprays tend to release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and chemicals into the air that are of serious health concern. Volatile organic compounds when emitted into air can cause several problems like asthma, headache, irritation in eyes, skin conditions, etc.
As a preventive measure, one should always tighten the lids of such products after use and keep proper ventilation in bathroom. You can also use an alternative homemade cleaner that can be made by simple ingredients such as baking soda or vinegar.

Gas geysers
Gas geysers or gas water heaters are used to increase the temperature of water by burning LPG or natural gas. This results in producing carbon monoxide inside the four walls of bathroom which is very dangerous and can even cause death if it is installed in a confined space. It is generally not advisable to install gas geysers due to life risk. But if anyone considers using it, they should make sure to install it in a spacious bathroom which has proper ventilation.

These were some of the overlooked sources of indoor air pollutants that need to be addressed.
Thankfully, Asian Paints has launched a product called 'Royale Atmos' air purifying wall paint with #CleanAirBeautifulHomes initiative which will not only make your homes 'look beautiful' but 'feel healthier' too. It has activated carbon technology and since activated carbon is known to be a good adsorbant, it will help in reducing air pollutants such as formaldehyde from the air resulting in a cleaner and aromatic indoor air for us to breathe.
To know more about Royale Atmos, visit
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

#ApneTareekeSeHealthy- My Ways of Being Healthy

As you grow up, you should certainly realize that your health is your first priority in life. There's no value of money, power or fame if you're unhealthy. These things can be achieved anytime by anyone who's determined and fit enough to make the efforts. Fortunately, I did realize how important it is to have a healthy body and how every aspect of your life and work is in some way, directly or indirectly dependent on your health.

One of the myths that I have heard from my mother since childhood is that only whole-wheat flour can make you feel full and it is the only 'real' source of energy that body needs. Even if I have had plenty of fruits, vegetables, milk products or even other alternative grains, that is never going to be enough if I didn't have at-least 4-6 whole wheat Indian breads(Roti) throughout the day. But over the time, I have realized that there should be a balance of every nutrition in your diet.
I don't think that one should completely rely on wheat but rather, should have a wholesome multi-grain diet as long as you're not intolerant to any of the grains.

Extra carbohydrates or extra protein on the cost of cutting some other nutrient will never be beneficial to your body. Our body requires each nutrient only within some limited range in our daily diet. Thus, eating more or eating less both can be harmful to our body.

My mantra for a healthy diet is maintaining a balanced diet that is rich in every nutrient be it protein, fat, fiber, calcium or carbohydrates.
Can you imagine that drinking too much milk or having too much nuts could also be bad to your health? Yes, that's true. Though our mothers will never agree to it but milk is one of the contributors to increasing cholesterol.
Drinking only one or two glasses of milk and just a handful of nuts is enough for an individual on a daily term. And I make sure to have only unsalted nuts as the high sodium is not good for our health and may lead to some chronic diseases.

Moving forward, another myth that I believed was that starving the entire day helps one to shed extra weight which is completely false. When I tried the same, I used to actually end up binge eating during the night since I had been controlling my diet during the day. These habits actually contributed in gaining more weight rather than losing.
Instead, having smaller amounts of healthy food after small intervals of time during the day is the key to a fit body.
Eating frequently eventually increases the body metabolism which burns unhealthy fat faster.

Another most vital way of staying healthy is consuming lots of water. Water is such an asset to mankind that has ultimate benefits. It helps you to reduce weight, it keeps you hydrated, it keeps your skin healthy and what not.
I always make sure to drink nearly 12 glasses of water in a day which is my way of staying fit.
Additionally, I follow a morning detox routine where I drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon and honey added into it, 30 minutes prior to having breakfast. I am following this routine from a month now and I am able to see the changes and postitivity in my body and my skin which feels great.
Also, I make sure to have a wholesome breakfast within an hour of waking up which is a good practice for having a healthy metabolism.

Apart from having a balanced and managed diet, I also make sure to include moderate activities during the day. I always prefer going to my office on foot since it's just a mile away from my house. I always take stairs when I have to go down in the office building. Also, some activity is done while doing daily chores like cooking and cleaning. I think these activities and diet is enough for maintaining a stable and healthy weight.
This was my way of staying healthy, please let me know yours and together we can make a healthy and positive world. Cheers!

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.
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Finding Your Niche


What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing certainly refers to focusing on selling a deliberately refined subset of all the services or products available in market that you are really capable of providing. The one thing that will be the building block of your business, that one thing that will make your business stand out among others.

But finding a profitable niche is not as easy as it seems. People have been struggling a lot to find their niche and be the best and one of a kind in it.

The 3 Cs

One of the biggest reasons why everyone prefers opting for something new is that their ideas has been already held in the hands of powerful influencers and just because there's so much of competition in every field, it's natural for people to try their hands on different genres. It may sound challenging but the truth is that success only comes to those who are confident, committed and cognitive towards their niche.

So to help the people out there who are striving to be successful in the world full of competition, here are the top few tips for finding your niche and sticking to it.

Don't Overdose Yourself

You just have two hands to hold things, if you overdo with holding multiple things, chance are, you would end up losing everything.
Finding the one thing that you love and being a pro at it, is the only way to influence people and make them connected to you.

Understand Your Interests

Make a list of all the things that you find attractive and self consuming. The activities in which you are always willing to participate, it could be your hobbies or something you have always yearned of doing.
Firstly, select an umbrella term say technology, food, fashion and lifestyle, etc that is of your interest. Moving forward you could further refine the broader term into specific categories and so on, until you find a handful of focused and exact things that you find the most appropriate for you.

Understand What Market Needs:

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Always keep yourself updated with the contemporary world. It is vitally advisable to follow the marketing trends and adapt yourself accordingly. Be a solution to what people are looking for. Be a change that market demands. Do a full fledged analysis of market trends by doing some research, reading newspapers and articles so that you are well aware with the advancing technology and current customer needs and interests.
Shortlist your interests by filtering out the profitable ones on the basis of your market analysis.

Start Working Today

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to do, you should pull your socks and get determined towards making efforts to achieve your goal. Don't let any excuse subdue your productivity. Make every minute count. Even when you're casually surfing the internet, you should end up with a new learning. Plan and document your ideas and requirements to project them.
Every success story starts with a first step. Let's take one today. 
Cheers! :)

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Six Great Habits Before Going to Bed

A wholesome sound sleep of 8 hours is a must. Follow these six essential habits to make the best of those sleeping hours.

1. Wear comfy clothes
This is the most important aspect of a having a good sleep. If you're not comfortable, there's no point of going to bed. Even if you're sleepy as hell, you must change your clothes to wear a comfortable night suit. Wearing a pair of pyjamas or maybe shorts with vest would do a great job. You can wear any loose clothes. Women should avoid wearing bra while sleeping as it hampers the blood circulation and a wholesome sleep.

2. Brush your teeth well
It is very important to brush your teeth before going to bed as your mouth is closed for most of the time while you're sleeping due to which the sugar left inside your mouth can break into bacteria and imbalance the pH of your mouth which is why tooth decay and other oral problems could commence. So, brushing your teeth and making sure that your mouth is properly clean would protect your teeth against such bacteria. Moreover, having a cleaner mouth and fresh breath creates a positive attitude itself.

3. Avoid taking stress before going to bed
If you are under any stress, it's natural that you would not be able to sleep. Even if you do, your brain would constantly bring strange thoughts inside your mind which can also induce sleep paralysis which means your body is relaxed but you brain is still awake. This would make you very anxious, though it is just for few seconds but this would eventually spoil your sleep hours. Try simple exercises to calm your mind like thinking of something positive, breathing in and out, counting forward and then backwards or listening to soft music, etc are some of the activities that you can do to release stress.

4. Wash your face with cold water
This is a very healthy practice to induce a satisfying stress-free sleep. Moreover, since your face is exposed to the polluted environment throughout the day, washing your face at night removes all the dullness and dirt from your face after a long working day.

5. Apply a moisturizer and hand cream
This is the best time to apply a moisturiser to your face and a handcream to your hands as it would thoroughly hydrate your skin and as you're mentally and physically relaxed while sleeping, this would help in good absorption of the cream into your skin. And you would notice a healthy glow on your skin on waking up.

6. Drink limited but sufficient water
Drink half a glass of water before going to bed which would be enough. If you drool at night like me, then you can drink more than that. But avoid drinking lots of water as you might have to wake up in the middle of your sleep for peeing. So, you should drink limited water but that should be sufficient enough to keep your mouth hydrated.

These habits would surely improve your sleep cycle and you would start your day with a fresh and positive attitude if you start following some of these habits on daily basis. I hope this helps you. Cheers! :)

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Friday, 8 September 2017

#LoveJatao- It's never too late

Being a parent means being a caretaker, a guardian, a teacher and a friend altogether. Being a grandparent simply adds grand to every responsiblity that a parent holds. 

You know when you're a mischievous kid, everyday is like a battle with your parents scolding you for one thing or another. It's the grandparents who come to your rescue at that time. They are the biggest source of love, the ones who you actually listen to. They are the warmest place where you could hide yourself from all the worries. They are your secret pocket-money bank and the ones who cook the most delicious food. I still remember the taste of my Nani's cooked finger chips (French Fries). I don't really know what magic she used to do but that flavour could never be replaced by any of the brilliant chefs out there. Also, my Nanu is the sweetest person I've ever seen. Though he has a hearing problem but very smartly he acts like he's interested in and listening to all my talks. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get pampered by my paternal grandma (Dadi ma), also I lost my paternal grandpa who I used to call 'Daddy' and Nani Ma when I was quite young.
I was more close to my grandfather (Daddy) since we used to live in the same house. If I have to define him in short, I would just say that he was my biggest entertainment source. Very shamelessly, I used to play practical jokes on him and fight with him over the remote control of television. And he used to act like he's actually mad at me and scolded me. But we both knew how much we care for each other. I always took him for granted as I thought he's always going to stay with me no matter how much mess I create for him. Little did I know, that we had to say goodbye very soon.
Sadly, I never got a chance to express my love and respect to him.
I always feel guilty for not expressing how dear he was to me. I remember his presence every now and then, on his birthdays, my birthdays and on every happiness and milestones that I cover.

Talking about my grandparents actually makes me feel very blessed to be the descendent of such purest souls.

On this occasion of grandparents day, I would definitely love to express my gratitude and love towards my grandparents.

I'll take my nani's favourite sweet(Barfi) to the temple and distribute it among the children outside. I'll pray to god to give them multiplied love and peace wherever they are right now, which I couldn't provide. Also, I will cook my grandfather's favourite food and remember the golden memories by looking at our pictures of the good old times. I know that they are still watching me from above and I hope this #LoveJatao gratitude of mine reaches them somewhere over the stars.

Since, I live away from my Nanu's place, so I will send him oodles of love and warmth over the phone. I'll let him know how important treasure he is to my life and will ask Mamu to give him a big treat on my behalf.

Also, I have a very dear lady in my life who I call Dadi with love. Apparently, I live as a paying guest at his son's house and she lives in the room next door. I feel like I have found my lost grandma in her. On this grandparents day, I'll cook her favourite Aloo tikki with Imli Ki Chutney and spend some quality time with her while gossiping about people and laughing at the funny incidents.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.
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