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#ApneTareekeSeHealthy- My Ways of Being Healthy

As you grow up, you should certainly realize that your health is your first priority in life. There's no value of money, power or fame if you're unhealthy. These things can be achieved anytime by anyone who's determined and fit enough to make the efforts. Fortunately, I did realize how important it is to have a healthy body and how every aspect of your life and work is in some way, directly or indirectly dependent on your health.

One of the myths that I have heard from my mother since childhood is that only whole-wheat flour can make you feel full and it is the only 'real' source of energy that body needs. Even if I have had plenty of fruits, vegetables, milk products or even other alternative grains, that is never going to be enough if I didn't have at-least 4-6 whole wheat Indian breads(Roti) throughout the day. But over the time, I have realized that there should be a balance of every nutrition in your diet.
I don't think that one should completely rely on wheat but rather, should have a wholesome multi-grain diet as long as you're not intolerant to any of the grains.

Extra carbohydrates or extra protein on the cost of cutting some other nutrient will never be beneficial to your body. Our body requires each nutrient only within some limited range in our daily diet. Thus, eating more or eating less both can be harmful to our body.

My mantra for a healthy diet is maintaining a balanced diet that is rich in every nutrient be it protein, fat, fiber, calcium or carbohydrates.
Can you imagine that drinking too much milk or having too much nuts could also be bad to your health? Yes, that's true. Though our mothers will never agree to it but milk is one of the contributors to increasing cholesterol.
Drinking only one or two glasses of milk and just a handful of nuts is enough for an individual on a daily term. And I make sure to have only unsalted nuts as the high sodium is not good for our health and may lead to some chronic diseases.

Moving forward, another myth that I believed was that starving the entire day helps one to shed extra weight which is completely false. When I tried the same, I used to actually end up binge eating during the night since I had been controlling my diet during the day. These habits actually contributed in gaining more weight rather than losing.
Instead, having smaller amounts of healthy food after small intervals of time during the day is the key to a fit body.
Eating frequently eventually increases the body metabolism which burns unhealthy fat faster.

Another most vital way of staying healthy is consuming lots of water. Water is such an asset to mankind that has ultimate benefits. It helps you to reduce weight, it keeps you hydrated, it keeps your skin healthy and what not.
I always make sure to drink nearly 12 glasses of water in a day which is my way of staying fit.
Additionally, I follow a morning detox routine where I drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon and honey added into it, 30 minutes prior to having breakfast. I am following this routine from a month now and I am able to see the changes and postitivity in my body and my skin which feels great.
Also, I make sure to have a wholesome breakfast within an hour of waking up which is a good practice for having a healthy metabolism.

Apart from having a balanced and managed diet, I also make sure to include moderate activities during the day. I always prefer going to my office on foot since it's just a mile away from my house. I always take stairs when I have to go down in the office building. Also, some activity is done while doing daily chores like cooking and cleaning. I think these activities and diet is enough for maintaining a stable and healthy weight.
This was my way of staying healthy, please let me know yours and together we can make a healthy and positive world. Cheers!

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.
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