Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Believe in yourself

Isn't it strange how time plays with our life and gradually changes the meaning of everything as we grow up?

Definition of what's right and what's wrong has changed like a million times for me since childhood to now. 
And now after so many experiences I've literally reached at a point where I feel like I'm no one to judge what's right and what's not. 
There's no rule book for it. What's right for you certainly may not be right for someone else and you have to deal with it anyhow.

There's hope if you keep it, there's God if you feel it, there's karma if you believe it, there's evil if you imagine it, there's good if you see it. At the end it's all about one's opinions about everything. 

Anyone's wrong opinion about you or anyone's abundant love towards you does not define you as a person. Only you have the right to judge yourself and make choices between what's right for you and what's not. It doesn't have to necessarily be right for hundreds of people but trust me their opinion would not even matter as long as you believe in yourself.

I really feel the urge to motivate people to believe in themselves and their beliefs without getting influenced by what others think and without trying hard to convince them and implement your thinking on them. When one reaches an age of adulthood, they should be treated as mature enough to make decisions for themselves and take full responsibility of the consequences of that decision.

Let's create a world where everyone is minding their own business without interfering into others and doing a great job. 
Let's create a place where only positivity is spread, where people make healthy criticism which is taken as a feedback rather than a setback.
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