Saturday, 30 September 2017

#DaanUtsav- Feel The Grandeur Of Giving

One of the greatest virtues one can imbibe is the virtue of giving. Sometimes being just a little generous to someone can light up their world and ultimately yours too. One of the inexplicable feelings in the world is to see someone happy and contended because of you, to be someone's first aid and to be the patron of someone's hope.

Have you ever felt the goosebumps on seeing tears of joy in someone's eyes and knowing that you're the reason behind it? If not, then let me tell you that it is an exceptional experience to be someone's reason of smiling.

The Art of Giving not only signifies giving money to the needy but it could be giving anything that you posses be it your time, your skills, your knowledge or it could be something from your wardrobe too.

In the busy schedules of contemporary world, no one really has the time to show concern or be empathetic to anyone. We all have somewhere put the blindfolds and have been ignorant of the fact that there are many people in our surroundings who are at the verge of killing all their hopes. They certainly need our help, our time and our concern towards them. It is our sole social responsibility to be the support system of such people and provide them any facility that could in any way heal their adverse conditions.

We should always participate in practices and programmes that benefit the people who are in need of a helping hand. One such programme is conducted in my workplace where our management provides blankets to each employee so that each one could donate them to the poor people living around or in their locality. Another such activity organised by our company is selling of handmade products near Diwali festival in the lobby of the building where on purchase of every product by the employee, funds are raised for an NGO. Such activities when conducted in a gathering can raise substantial amount of funds and can help many organisations to achieve their goals of serving people.
On this #DaanUtsav, let us join hands to give joy and get an equivalent joy in return, as the joy of giving is the biggest of all.

Do you have clothes that you don't wear anymore, or some old books from school time?
If yes, then you can make the best out of those by giving them to poor kids who can't afford such basic necessities of life.

Do you have spare time on weekends or after office hours?
If yes, then you can utilise that precious time to teach children who are hindered to get education. The achievement of being the guiding light of someone's life is indeed one of a kind.

Did you make extra food for guests but they cancelled their plan?
If yes, then rather than serving that food to garbage, you can simply give them to the ones who are starving since morning. In return you get the heartiest blessings from innocent souls which always help to shape your future as well.

Did you get or are you getting your Diwali Bonus this year?
If yes, then think that, for some people even Diwali is like any other ordinary day without food and shelter. You could really light up their Diwali by giving a part of that bonus to them. It feels awesome, trust me!

This season let's fill happiness and joy in someone else's life and feel the grandeur of giving.
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