Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Final Verdict

"It'll be fine. Calm down", they said.
While I was dreaming in my bed.
I dreamed of scented flowers all around,
Butterflies playing hide and seek,
Was beauty really prevailing everywhere or
was it the only thing my eyes could see?
I certainly ignored the dead plants,
The dreary weather and the sound of silence.
I was always glued to the glamour as I was studying aesthetics.
Be it the natural appeal or the art of cosmetics.
Admiration of art used to cheer me up
But who knew, that mom would wake me up.
Where reality was awaiting my acceptance,
It hit me hard like a life sentence,
In the court room of hospital
where the doctor was my defence 
and my fate was the prosecution.
I was convicted for being the lover of beauty, 
the final verdict was, I'd no longer be able to see!
  1. Sad...when one faces a fate of losing sight. you played the words well.

  2. The ending was hard-hitting. Very well weaved dear :)


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