Friday, 8 September 2017

Letter to my 12 year old self


Just don't! 
Don't dream BIG. 
It's not gonna happen. 
At-least not for 10 more years.

I know you've been dreaming and still hoping to be in next Pogo Amazing Kids Awards, but no one's gonna see you in the market and take you to the Fancy world.
That colorful palace that you imagine within the bathroom is never going to be a reality. Stop imagining your customized Narnia world. You're going to face a lot of hardships, you're going to be a lot more of a mess than you are right now.

You'll feel like a loser in the coming time, you'll hide in the school toilet, at times you'll sit alone on first benches, you'll feel left out for like two years straight in a row. 
You'll get better in studies, a lot better than you would have ever thought.
You'll have first crushes, first heartbreaks, first college days and last ones too. You will meet many people in these years but will be left with just a handful. 

You would gain knowledge in vast fields but that knowledge will never pay back. You'd no longer feel like a loser though, you'd be confident enough to live independently and travel alone everyday. You'd still be alone on the benches but you would no longer give a damn now. 
But the fate would play games, you'd try your best to make the best out of everything but you'd still fail time and again. 
You would be rejected from multiple interviews after reaching the final rounds. You would be the highest scorer yet the least payed student of your batch. 

But one thing is for sure, you will turn up to be a wise woman, a caring daughter and a responsible employee. 
You would stalk hundreds of people on instagram during sleepless nights (by the way instagram would be the next facebook and facebook would be the next orkut) You'd cry wishing you would have gotten the opportunities that they got very easily. You would work hard, you'll give up every second of your free time to think every possible way of gaining success and this journey will continue to unfold what the future awaits. Till then I will keep the hopes high on your behalf.

An Adult version of you
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