Friday, 8 September 2017

#LoveJatao- It's never too late

Being a parent means being a caretaker, a guardian, a teacher and a friend altogether. Being a grandparent simply adds grand to every responsiblity that a parent holds. 

You know when you're a mischievous kid, everyday is like a battle with your parents scolding you for one thing or another. It's the grandparents who come to your rescue at that time. They are the biggest source of love, the ones who you actually listen to. They are the warmest place where you could hide yourself from all the worries. They are your secret pocket-money bank and the ones who cook the most delicious food. I still remember the taste of my Nani's cooked finger chips (French Fries). I don't really know what magic she used to do but that flavour could never be replaced by any of the brilliant chefs out there. Also, my Nanu is the sweetest person I've ever seen. Though he has a hearing problem but very smartly he acts like he's interested in and listening to all my talks. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get pampered by my paternal grandma (Dadi ma), also I lost my paternal grandpa who I used to call 'Daddy' and Nani Ma when I was quite young.
I was more close to my grandfather (Daddy) since we used to live in the same house. If I have to define him in short, I would just say that he was my biggest entertainment source. Very shamelessly, I used to play practical jokes on him and fight with him over the remote control of television. And he used to act like he's actually mad at me and scolded me. But we both knew how much we care for each other. I always took him for granted as I thought he's always going to stay with me no matter how much mess I create for him. Little did I know, that we had to say goodbye very soon.
Sadly, I never got a chance to express my love and respect to him.
I always feel guilty for not expressing how dear he was to me. I remember his presence every now and then, on his birthdays, my birthdays and on every happiness and milestones that I cover.

Talking about my grandparents actually makes me feel very blessed to be the descendent of such purest souls.

On this occasion of grandparents day, I would definitely love to express my gratitude and love towards my grandparents.

I'll take my nani's favourite sweet(Barfi) to the temple and distribute it among the children outside. I'll pray to god to give them multiplied love and peace wherever they are right now, which I couldn't provide. Also, I will cook my grandfather's favourite food and remember the golden memories by looking at our pictures of the good old times. I know that they are still watching me from above and I hope this #LoveJatao gratitude of mine reaches them somewhere over the stars.

Since, I live away from my Nanu's place, so I will send him oodles of love and warmth over the phone. I'll let him know how important treasure he is to my life and will ask Mamu to give him a big treat on my behalf.

Also, I have a very dear lady in my life who I call Dadi with love. Apparently, I live as a paying guest at his son's house and she lives in the room next door. I feel like I have found my lost grandma in her. On this grandparents day, I'll cook her favourite Aloo tikki with Imli Ki Chutney and spend some quality time with her while gossiping about people and laughing at the funny incidents.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.
  1. It's such a beautiful and heart warming ad. True, grandparents play an immense role in our lives and from my Dad's side, I didn't know my grandparents at all but had Dad uncle and aunty whom I made my grandparents. They have always been very sweet to me and taught a lot. Your post came straight from the heart. Belated Grandparents Day to your loved ones.

  2. Nice post.....
    Nice reminder to care for very important persons in our life.....


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