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Our Contribution To Polluted Indoor Air

Human has a temperament to put the blame of every adversity on nature without giving a second thought towards actual reason behind it. Sometimes, it's us who are the partakers of causing unsound situations in our surroundings.

One such crisis is air pollution and we are not only responsible for making outside air polluted but within the confinement of our homes too. Unknowingly, we ourselves are partly blameworthy for letting the air pollutants invade inside our home. We always fail to observe our significant amount of contribution towards making the indoor air polluted.

One such ignorant household was the 'xyz' family. This family had 4 members, Mr. Ian- the family head, his son Ricky, his daughter Joanne and his younger brother Mr. Charles.
Mr. Ian worked as an engineer, he had two pets, a cat named Martha and a dog named Loui. Ricky was in high-school and loved to play football, Joanne was an intern at his father's office, while Mr. Charles had a small scale business of his own.

Mr. Ian, once invited his friend, Mr. James to dinner. Mr. James was a psychic, he used to make supernatural claims about people. On his visit to Mr. Ian's house, he acquainted Mr. Ian and his family that he sensed the presence of some evil spirits invading inside their house. On hearing about this, Mr. Ian got really worried and asked Mr. James to guide him and his  family through the ways to demolish the shadows of such ghostly figures from their house.
Mr. James very kindly, agreed to it.

"I sense something hazardous. Are there any pets around here?", Mr. James asked in his deepening voice.
To which Mr. Ian promptly answered, " Yes, two of them. My cat Martha and dog Loui, they are like family members to me.

Consequently, Mr. James replied, "I sense some pet dander floating in the air that came from Martha's body and mold spread everywhere that was initiated by Loui's fur. Are you aware that pets are one of the noteworthy factors of causing indoor air pollution? To overcome this situation, you must get your pets properly cleaned up and trimmed and make sure that you don't allow them to stay in your bedroom for long time."

Mr. Ian was surprised on knowing these facts and affirmed that he would take care of cleaning his pets everyday.

Further Mr. James asked if there is someone who smokes cigarettes in xyz family. Mr. Charles replied that he has a habit of smoking.
Mr. James was disappointed on knowing that.

"Smoking not only affects the smoker but the people around them too. Passive smokers are equally affected by the smoke.", he said.

"Moreover, tobacco smoking inside a confined space is strictly not favoured since it concentrates the harmful chemicals in indoor air and is more threatening than smoking outside in wide space.", he continued.

Mr. Charles felt very guilty on hearing this and apologized to his family. He further assured that he would never pollute the air by smoking inside the house from now on.

Then Mr. James asked the family about the person who continuously uses cellphone in their house. Joanne immediately raised her hand and told that she has a very bad addiction of using her smart phone all the time.

Following Joanne's word, Mr. James replied, "Not many people know the fact that smart phones are also one of the sponsors of making the indoor air unfit for breathing."

"But how? I don't see any smoke or germs that get emitted from my phone which can cause harm to the air.", said Joanne.

Mr. James replied that cellphones emit radio waves and micro waves and prolonged use of cellphones has been known for causing some serious health concerns such as brain cancer!
Joanne was really taken aback on listening to Mr. James and promised herself to minimize using her cellphone.

Mr. James continued his questions and asked about the person who is responsible for disposing off the garbage from the house.

Ricky answered that his father has made him the in charge of disposing off the garbage from the garbage bins.

Mr. James further asked, "how often do you dispose it off?"
"Until it doesn't start overflowing.", Ricky answered in laughter.

"I'm not very impressed on knowing that, Ricky. Do you know if the garbage gets old then it not only stinks but also release harmful gases, bacteria and other germs out of the waste into the air? It can pose serious respiratory issues in the body.", said Mr. James.

Ricky accepted his mistake and decided to empty the garbage bins everyday to keep his family safe from germs.

Mr. James carried on with his speculations  and asked the family about the person who brings dirty shoes inside the house.

Ricky replied that he has a habit of bringing muddy shoes inside the home after he comes back from the football ground after playing football.

Mr. James suggested him to always leave dirty shoes at the door of house since it can bring a lot of dust particles in the indoor air and contaminate it which further can cause certain infections.

The next conjecture of Mr. James was the presence of a leaky shower in the house. Mr. Ian accepted that the shower of his bathroom has been leaking since quite a long time and he didn't get a chance to get it fixed.

Mr. James enlightened that leaky showers can create moisture inside the bathroom and become the fertile grounds of mold and mildews which can cause various allergic reactions to the body. He further suggested Mr. Ian to get his shower fixed and make sure to keep his bathroom clean and dry to avoid the commencement of such pollutants in the indoor air.

Mr. James, then revealed, "The ghosts I mentioned earlier where not any unworldly spirits but these harmful pollutants that you have been bringing inside the house. And you can only keep these ghosts at bay if you improve your acts and make efforts to keep your home free from indoor air pollutants."

The xyz family was very grateful to Mr. James who enlightened such facts to them and helped them to make a cleaner environment inside their house.

We all are in same boat as Mr. Ian. Aren't we? Let's take a lesson from this story and make a change towards a cleaner air.

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