Sunday, 29 October 2017

Commendable Startups and their Godfather, Vodafone

"Dilli meri jaan"
"Yeh Sheher Nahin Mehfil hai"
"A paradise for foodies"
"A fusion of cultures"
"Delhiwallahas would rather die than live in any other city in the world."

These famous quotes vividly paint a picturesque imagery in every Indian's heart creating a soft corner for Delhi. Delhi indeed is a dream city with modern buildings and traditional architectures, with fashionable clothing and old school cultures, with contemporary thoughts and conventional lifestyles. Where else can you find a blend of so many notions? The center of government, the capital of nation, the core of emotions, the fuel pump of talents, the destination of food lovers, the heart of India is indeed the one and the only, Delhi. (Wiping off a tear of joy)

Delhi-ites are not only charming but also have a heart of gold, that's the reason why many Delhi based startups are rising day by day with unique ideas to promote growth of the country and make positive changes in the society. With social goodness added into the realms of technology, these startups truly deserve recognition and appreciation. Let's lay our focus towards few such start-ups that have taken positive efforts and initiatives towards making Delhi a better place to live.

1. Pom Pom Recycling
Pom pom is a Delhi-based waste management startup founded by Deepak Sethi and Kishor K Thakur, that helps people in disposing off recyclable waste as a contribution to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. All the recyclables go to a segregation facility where they are sorted and segregated according to their type and then sent for recycling to keep the environment clean and save resources. It also provides quick payment at the best possible price for your unwanted recyclable waste as per its weight and type. It has already started operations in South Delhi.
One can make bookings or schedule pickups via their website or by giving a call at +918881766766. They also have a Mobile app for Android and iOS.

2. Smart Joules
The Government of India has always seeked conservation of energy and promotes energy efficiency as it reduces financial costs and also controls the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.
One of the most effective solutions to this challenge is a Delhi-based energy efficiency startup, Smart Joules that makes saving energy smart and easy. Its products provide cost effective facilities to reduce energy consumption and thereby saving energy. 
"The amount of energy we are able to save in one hospital, say Sant Parmanand Hospital, is what 500 houses will consume in one year. This is what drives us to do this work", says Arjun P. Gupta, CEO at Smart Joules.

3. Chakr Innovation
Delhi has always been invaded by the tyrants of Air pollution causing various air borne diseases and premature deaths. Chakr Innovation is a team of skilled engineers and innovators from IIT Delhi who believe in fighting against such threats caused by pollution and protecting people's well being. They develop sustainable solutions to benefit and protect the environment. Their unique invention "Chakr Shield" is one such device that converts the harmful and carcinogenic emissions from the engines and diesel generators into harmless and useful substances that can be used as a raw material for making inks and paints. The "Chakr" word has originated from it's Hindi meaning circle, signifying the closing of the loop of particulate matter and purifying the quality of air for the people to breathe. 

4. Nurturing Green
Nurturing Green is one such pioneer in the arena of pollution that has brought a brilliant concept of "Green Gifting". They promote the idea of gifting live plants rather than bouquets which are already uprooted flowers that are meant to die in a week or so. They bring humans closer to greenery by selling exotic and unique plants for home decor, landscaping, green gifting and air purifying. Their quality plants come in attractive pots made of ceramic, jute or fiber adding value to the appeal of plants. In 2010, Hindustan Times mentioned Nurturing green among one of the top 50 enterprises who have brought effective climatic change ideas.

5. Shuttl App
Another startup by IIT Delhi alumni that promotes people to leave their cars at home is the Shuttl App which consequently contributes in controlling the traffic problems of Delhi. 
"In India, if you see, solutions for (the) daily commute are either overpriced or overcrowded. Passengers simply want to go to office without the stress and quite comfortably. What we are trying to do is offer a comfortable seat for a journey, for which the passengers won’t need to take their own vehicles,” says Amit Singh, co-founder of Shuttl. 
The company has 450 air-conditioned buses that travel along 75 routes connecting areas across Delhi and offers around 300 pick-up points. Many personal cab booking apps offer rides at very high rates whereas Shuttle App offers you a seat in fully air conditioned bus that is booked via their App and costs between just Rs 50-80 depending on the undertaken route.

Vodafone: The Godfather of Start Ups

Where we see all these startups venturing into the era of positive changes, some established companies like Vodafone are also very diligent towards serving the country for social good. 
They have recently come up with some pretty overwhelming initiatives exclusively for Delhi-ites. 


As we all know that the Supreme Court had lately banned the sale of firecrackers during Diwali to control the level of air pollution in Delhi NCR. Subsequently, Vodafone took a promising move towards inspiring people to celebrate Green Diwali from now onwards by selling their special "Super Crackers" during the Diwali week. These super crackers contained seeds of plants that could be sown as a token of new beginnings of Diwali celebration. This initiative was taken at 52 Vodafone stores across Delhi NCR spreading smiles and positive energies among the Delhi-ites. 

Another, applaudable and super initiative taken by Vodafone is the empowerment of start ups by providing them with the complimentary resources of Vodafone to help them grow and flourish as a strongly held company. Thus serving as a God Father to small start ups, Vodafone continues to be the flag bearer of good will. 
Not only this, Vodafone has also launched Delhi NCR's first air-purifying and Wi-Fi enabled bus shelters to facilitate all the people who wait for their buses everyday at the bus stop. The Wi-Fi facilty at the bus shelter is not just for Vodafone customers but for every person and can be availed up-to 20 minutes which is a great deal.
Last but not the least initiative taken by Vodafone in Delhi is the introduction of free Wi-Fi zones which are allocated at more than 120 famous places in Delhi NCR where Vodafone customers can enjoy the open Wi-Fi facility at no cost.

There's no doubt that Vodafone has always been a favorite of many that is why up-to 1.2 crore people of Delhi NCR rely on Vodafone solutions which makes up almost 50% of the population of the city. To know more about what great deals and facilities Vodafone has to offer to Delhi-ites, do visit
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Friday, 27 October 2017

Celebrating Super Beginnings


Delhi, Delhi, Delhi. It's something very special and unique about Delhi. Isn't it? 
Not just because of being the national capital but there are many other factors like the heartwarming and welcoming nature of Delhiites, their smiling faces, the wide range of delicious street food, and many more things that create a special place for Delhi in the heart of every Indian. Every time I visit Delhi, I feel very excited on seeing the huge buildings and busy lives of people but at the same time I feel very frustrated on seeing the height of pollution levels that Delhi has reached. Nevertheless, many positive efforts and great steps are being taken in Delhi NCR to help people live a super life!

I would like to mention an effective subset of these super initiatives taken in Delhi NCR which is as follows:

Public Bicycle Rental initiatives for a pollution free city:

One of the main causes of air pollution is certainly the use of automobiles. Delhi being a very populous city has busy roads all the time loaded with buses, cars, scooters and auto-rickshaws lined up after each other. Almost all automotive vehicles run on fuels and are known to emit various harmful pollutants in air causing severe environmental degradation. One can fairly imagine how Delhi's air is being victimized continuously with the attacks of motor vehicles since years now. 

With increasing standards of living, every person wants to own an automobile. In today's era, from junior executive to CEO, everyone either owns or is planning to buy a car or perhaps a scooter. In the busy schedules, no one really cares about the pollution and continue to travel by their personal vehicles despite increasing encouragement towards use of public vehicles. 

The main reason behind people not using public vehicles is probably the amount of crowd present in public transport and money spent in buying tickets. Delhi faces traffic jams at every corner almost every other minute. I believe it's wiser to opt for a vehicle that can easily take you through the jam packed traffic without using number of horns. One such, only eco friendly vehicle in urban cities is a bicycle. What's great about riding a bicycle is that it keeps you fit, is eco friendly and can  penetrate through the jammed roads easily. Trust me on this, a bicycle can be faster than a car in today's time of heavy traffics in Delhi.
Today, many organizations such as DRMC, Greenride, Greenolution, etc have taken the initiative to favor public bicycle rentals at a very minimal rate so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of easy transportation while staying healthy and keeping pollution free environment. 

Vodafone's initiatives for a green and digital city:

Vodafone has always been my favorite network service provider because of that 'Apna pan' (Affinity) they have for all their customers. That's the main reason why 1.2 crore people of Delhi NCR which is almost half of their population, rely on Vodafone services. Vodafone receives a new appreciation in every 30 seconds for effectively serving the people and their needs. If you're a Delhiite, you must definitely check out to know more about the great services that they offer.

But that is not all, they are not only known for their commendable achievements but also for their thriving initiatives towards making a better India. Especially in Delhi, which is the heart of India, vodafone has been very sincere in taking steps towards making it a green and digital city.

Some of the social manoeuvres taken by Vodafone are:

Free Wi-Fi Zones: Vodafone services are very promising in using the latest technologies to help their customers and one such service provided by them is the very popular, free Wi-Fi zones at more than 120 famous spots in Delhi & NCR such as Fortis Hospital, Khan Market, several malls like DLF Mall of India, Pacific Mall and many more. Now, one can easily enjoy internet facilities for free in public areas while handling their daily tasks.

Empowering start-ups: Vodafone has always believed in supporting the small scaled entrepreneurs and organizations. They provide right resources to the people with brilliant and bright ideas to nurture their growth in the tough arena of corporate which is very praiseworthy. Oyo and Zomato are also among these start ups who have been supported and powered by Vodafone.

Green Diwali Initiative: Our favorite festival Diwali has always been infamous for bringing loads of air pollutants with continuous burning of a range firecrackers for 4-5 days of Diwali Season. But this year, the Supreme Court of India took a very wise decision of banning the sale of firecrackers. Owing to this, Vodafone rolled up their sleeves to bring another great change in society by selling pollution free Super Crackers. 
And why were they super? 
That's because they didn't contain any black powder or chemicals, instead they were filled with eco-friendly plant seeds promoting new life instead of destroying many by polluting the environment, which the other firecrackers tend to do. These Super Crackers were available at 52 Vodafone stores across Delhi NCR during 16th-19th October. This initiative encouraged many individuals to give up bursting of harmful firecrackers and bring a new and fruitful change in their lives by planting these super crackers and seeing them flourish day by day in front of their eyes, which is the true realization of #CelebratingSuper.

Valuable Bus Shelters: Mostly every Delhiite's day starts with them waiting for their respective buses at the bus stop. Never did anyone realize the need of paying attention to benefit those people who come and stand there every day so that they could go back to their homes or work places. It was Vodafone which took this great action of introducing valuable bus shelters. One was creating first Air-purifying bus shelter in city so that people can breathe pollution free air while waiting for bus. Another was the first ever Wi-Fi enabled bus shelter in Gurgaon, which offers free Wi-Fi upto 20 minutes to everyone irrespective of whether they use Vodafone or not. Now waiting would not be boring and tiring as with the free Wi-Fi facility, people can enjoy the perks of open internet while waiting for their buses.

NDMC projects for a smart city:

Smart City term seems very fascinating to ears since we have never really experienced it in practice. Certainly with changing time, it is very important for a city to adapt new processes accompanied with modern technology to benefit its citizens for a better living.
In 2015, a smart cities mission was launched by the government. It is a five year program in which 100 cities all over the country were selected to get benefits from this mission. The NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) being selected as one of the first 20 cities for this mission, has already started many projects to make a smarter and digital city. Some of my favorites are listed below:

Smart City 311 App: NDMCC has launched 311 App for the citizens to digitize several services such as making household complaints, online payment of water, tax and power, booking a parking space, to name a few. This App will definitely ease the living of citizens in Delhi. Further, many more features are to be included in the application in near future such as bus scheduling services and checking frequency of buses.

Digital Screens: Digital screens will be installed at all major NDMC locations that will continuously display useful information such as weather forecast, pollution levels, traffic flow and suggested traffic diversions via FM and radio stations.

Smart Poles: Don't worry, Smart Poles aren't a sorcery, nor are they cousins of smartphones. They are simply the alternatives of street light poles that will serve as a boon to mankind, having LEDs, Wi-fi and CCTV cameras mounted on it to provide many advanced digital services to the people.

Government's initiatives for a safe city:

From stalking and staring to acid attacks and rapes, many women of Delhi including Nirbhaya have been subjected to extreme brutal violence turning out to giving up their dreams and even their lives. Delhi indeed seemed a red alert area for women back then. I strongly feel that safety of women is the key factor of any developed city. Even after plenty of advancements if a place is not safe, it's not worthy of living.

Thankfully, since then, many actions and measures have been taken by the government and society of Delhi to control and avoid such situations.
CCTVs cameras were installed in DTC buses and several Delhi markets to ensure that every act of people is under supervision. GPS installation was made mandatory in public vehicles. Moreover, vulnerable areas were made to be under constant patrolling to avoid any such mishaps. Also, a number of police helplines from 60-100 had been introduced to provide guidance and help to anyone in need. Several compensations are provided by the government and NGOs to the victims of such crimes to empower their dreams and motivate them to emerge as confident personalities. 

These actions light a hope to make Delhi a safer place for women so that they can live fearlessly. Nevertheless, many people still need to be educated so that they practice humanity within the country they live!

Of course, Delhi still has a long way to go but these initiatives have definitely ventured into the challenge to make Delhi a clean, green, smart and safe city one day. 

**Delhi Map Picture credits-
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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cheers to Dilli #CelebratingSuper

Delhi- The heart of India, is indeed the land of dreams. Where many dreams originate and many get the wings while many are subdued and many get a reality check. The feeling of patriotism that you get when you're in Delhi is one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else.

However, "Dilli Dillvalo ki toh hai par lungs valo ki nahi!" (Delhi may belong to the large-hearted people but not to those with healthy lungs).
One of the main reasons behind it is Delhi being an overly crowded city with a population of nearly 46 million and still growing, that means multiplied pollution is getting contributed to the environment by multiplied population. As per WHO, Delhi was the most polluted city in the world in the year of 2014. Shocking! Isn't it? Rising air pollution levels have contributed to rising vulnerability to various diseases affecting every community from children to elderly people.

When I think of Delhi, there are two perspectives that come to my mind. One is the negative face of Delhi that I mentioned above and second is the positive one. Where I see so many initiatives taken towards making Delhi a cleaner, greener, smarter and a much better city. Let's appreciate and acknowledge some of the initiatives taken by the government and people of India and celebrate these achievements with a hopeful and positive attitude of #CelebratingSuper.

Banning Fire Crackers and Introducing Super Crackers and E-Fuljhadi

India's supreme court has recently banned the sale of fireworks in Delhi during the Diwali season to prevent and regulate the amount of air pollution which otherwise crosses heights due to burning of fire-crackers.
Since ages, burning fire-crackers have contributed in causing toxicity in the environment filled with black smog which even the new-moon night couldn't hide. It not only pollutes the air but also causes noise pollution disturbing various street animals.

With the aim of encouraging people to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali, Vodafone has come up with its campaign of Green Diwali by bringing Super Crackers and E-Fuljhadi to the people.
The Super Crackers will be available from 16th-19th October at 52 Vodafone stores. These Super Crackers pose no threat to the environment, instead, they contribute towards making a greener India. It contains eco-friendly water soluble papers carrying different variety of seeds of plants with air-purifying characteristics. To burn is to destroy and to grow is to bloom. These super crackers are not meant to be burnt but are meant to bloom by planting the seeds. The E-Phuljhari is a personalized GIF greeting that can be sent to all your loved ones through social media.

Banning Polythene Bags and Introducing eco-friendly Jute bags

It is very well known that plastic bags are among the biggest enemies of pollution in National Capital, Delhi. Since, polythene is non-biodegradable and if harmful to wildlife if consumed by them. It also poses various kinds of land and water pollution.
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) recently imposed a temporary ban on use of non-biodegradable plastic bags which are less than 50 microns of thickness which would definitely help in reducing the use of plastic bags.

Last year, the Textiles Minister, Santosh Kumar Gangwar took an initiative to replace the use of plastic bags by using an eco-friendly alternative of Jute Bags. Jute bags were sold at the outlets of Mother Dairy booths to promote the use of bio-degradable products.
Another such initiative was taken by Ecoware Pvt. Ltd. which is India's largest manufactures of eco-friendly food packaging in India. It promotes the use of natural, biodegradable packaging materials in place of synthetic and non biodegradable products.

Public Wifi Hotspots

Being a free Wi-Fi enabled city is like a whole new level that makes a smart city even smarter. It's way more beneficial than it actually sounds. Vodafone offers the fringe benefits of over 120 public wifi hotspots scattered across Delhi & NCR. Be it in DLF Mall, Pacific Mall, Khan Market, Sadar Bazar, Fortis Hospital, to name a few. This facility allows citizens to get free access to Internet at all the major public places in Delhi.

Empowering Start-Ups to Kick-start their business

Vodafone comes with a vision of empowering not only its customers but innovative ideas too. It aims at helping many start ups with disruptive and unique ideas by giving them Vodafone products as per their needs that help them in their business in the earlier stages. One of the greatest virtues that a company or brand can incorporate is not  only to work for their benefit but for everybody's benefits which is what Vodafone does.

Vodafone has launched Ready Start-up Kit exclusively for reinforcing the small-scale companies with the resources that they need to tackle shortcomings and build great and reliable services. You might be amused to know that successful startups like Oyo and Zomato have also been supported by Vodafone.

Eco-Friendly and Smart Bus Shelter

Vodafone Group had taken the initiative to set up the first Air-Purifying bus shelter at Safdarjung Hospital bus stand in the city to facilitate pollution free air for the passengers waiting in line for their bus. This area was deliberately chosen as many patients used to come for their treatment in Safdarjung Hospital. Thus, to avoid any kind of discomfort caused to them while waiting for the bus, this place was chosen to have the first Air-purifying Bus Shelter. 
These shelters are covered with plastic curtains giving it a fancy closed room look having three industrial air purifiers installed inside.
This initiative was taken by Vodafone to address the issue of alarming air pollution.
Another creative initiative taken by Vodafone was when it introduced the first Wi-Fi bus shelter in Gurgaon to make a digital India by bringing Delhi & NCR into the world of free digital communication. The most amazing fact about the Wifi Bus Shelter is that it could be used by anyone for 20 minutes and there's no bar on which mobile network provider the person is using.

Not only this, Vodafone offers many more benefits exclusively for Delhiites. To explore more, do check out this link-
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Monday, 16 October 2017

Strangest Experience Of Selling A Gadget

There was a time when my life resided in my laptop. It had all my pictures, movies, documents, study material and what not. From blogging to banking, everything was handled by my laptop. I can't recall of a day when I didn't utilize the perks of having a laptop.

I bought my first laptop when I was in 2nd year of my graduation period. Since, the main motive of buying a laptop was for computer programming, I had bought the one with i5 processor which was costlier than the i3. It had all the latest specifications and was huge 15.5 inches in size, since I wanted my first laptop to be the best one. I couldn't ask more from a machine, it just served all the possible purposes that one could think of.

I took full advantage of this laptop for more than 2 years. But after I started working, I had to travel every weekend and carry my laptop with me from my hometown to the city where I work and the other way round. It became very difficult for me to carry it on the days I was already loaded with the luggage. So I finally decided to buy a smaller and cheaper one after selling this one as it would be easier to carry and would not affect me much if it by any chance gets damaged any time during travelling.

I listed its ad on a website with all the specifications and pictures of its left profile, right profile and front profile, to be precise. The price I quoted was very reasonable according to me, since I bought it for 50k INR, I quoted it for only 24k. As it was nearly 3 years old but was in perfect condition. Some dealer of a computer mechanic shop showed interest in it and agreed to pay 22k INR for it. He made the payment and took the laptop on a condition that he should not face any kind of performance or usability issues while using the laptop. I assured him with that.

Just a day later, he called me again complaining that the laptop wasn't up to the mark, it was hanging a lot and few other drawbacks that I don't remember exactly. I got annoyed on listening to his complaints so I asked him to bring my laptop and take back his money right away. After this incident, I dropped the plan of selling my laptop and continued using the same one.

Only a few days after this incident, I started facing a couple of issues with my laptop. It used to get shutdown in the middle of something important. It became very slow in processing which was very strange as I had never faced such issues before. The other day I was using my laptop while it was plugged into the charger and suddenly the screen turned black and laptop turned off. I tried to turn it on by pressing the power button for 30-40 seconds but it was of no use. I tried a different charger to charge it as the problem could be with the charger but that also didn't work. Then, we had no choice but to give it at a service center to get it fixed. It somehow got fixed but the mechanic told us something that left us in complete shock.

He told that the processor of this laptop is not the original one that came with it but has got replaced by a downgraded version which is why I was facing all the issues lately. He also told that this processor wouldn't work for long and I either have to get it replaced or buy a new laptop. Though I am not completely sure but I suspect it was the dealer who bought my laptop for one day, who might be responsible for replacing the CPU. As it was very strange of him to complain the very next day. I tried calling on his contact number but it was unreachable. I'm not sure but probably he tricked us into all this and got a better version of CPU for his benefit.

This was the strangest incident that has happened with me while trying to sell any gadget. Most of my gadget selling experiences have been extremely bad. So, I had almost made up my mind to give up on selling anything again until I came across Cashify, which is the smartest solution to sell all the old and spare gadgets. It is a safe, easy and fast way to #CleanUpCashOut. 

If you also end up messing things while selling, then don't worry, leave the job of selling to Cashify and enjoy the perks of #CleanUpCashOut.
Moreover, I am sharing a coupon code- CLEANCASH for you to get additional Rs. 250 on your sale of gadgets.
To know more about Cashify, please check the given link-

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My Story Of Clean Up But No Cash Out

A long time ago when letters were the key,
To pass the message or write a plea,
Then came a new invention called telephone,
When real time communication was rarely known.
In a blink of an eye came the revelation of pagers,
Text messages were sent by adults and teenagers.
Soon every medium was blown away,
With entry of mobile phones on the way.
Year by year a brand new technology,
Changing the patterns of our ideology.
A touch can grant the access to millions,
A button can broadcast everyone's opinions.
With changing era our expectations have grown,
Everyone wants a gadget which is most renown.

In today's world, gadgets have become such a great necessity that most of us can't even pass a day without using our mobiles, tablets or laptops. Our world completely relies on them, literally.
I still remember the first and the worst phone I was given by my parents was Nokia 1100 in sky blue color, I loved the color though. The only good thing about it was 'Snake 2'. I think that game can never be beaten by any of the games in smartphones now a days. There was a unique pleasure in pressing those buttons to dial any contact or type a message. One benefit of these mobiles for Parents was that they used to find out quickly if their children were typing any message due to the sound of button press on keypad. This is definitely one of the biggest drawbacks of mobile phones with keypad.

As soon as touch screen phones came into the picture, it took no time for the phones with keypad to get obsolete. No one used to buy it. I still remember the amount of hype these Nokias created when they first made an entry into the market but popularity of touchscreen phones were any day much better than the Nokia keypad mobiles.

Now, I too wanted to buy a touch screen phone since everyone around me had one. Some also had flip phones with no touch screen but a much sleek keypad, those were cool too. Though smartphone came early but Android and iOS were yet to be introduced, the smartphones then had a different OS called Symbian or Bada which only a handful of people know. Finally I too convinced my parents to buy me a touch screen phone that was 3.5-4 inches or so. It was very tiny and sleek, I still remember how difficult it was to hold without slipping it out of hands. Since I had brought a new phone, I had no need of the older one, so I returned it back to my father.

He went to one of his friends who had a mobile shop for the resale of my old phone. The shopkeeper being my father's close friend, agreed to take it back but wasn't agreeing at a convincing price. I obviously came up with a plan and asked my father to immediately comeback home without selling the phone. I wrote down a note with decided price and model of the phone and pinned the note in my school's notice board.
A person from my school showed interest in it and agreed to by it on quoted price, I was very surprised since I had to do no convincing and he agreed very easily. He asked for the phone, along with the box and accessories to check if it works fine and he told me that he would show it to his parents and would buy it if they are willing. I thought that this was fair enough so I handed over the phone to him so that he could show it to his parents and check that phone's in working condition.

Turned out this was one of the worst ways to sell a phone since the guy never reverted back, he took the phone and was absent for many days after that. I didn't have any contact of him. And the most shocking thing was that he acted as a complete stranger when I tried to confront him few days later. Since we discussed all the matter outside the school, nobody was involved in it. So, I had no proof of selling him the phone. I was very heart-broken and scared at that time. I could have done a complaint against him but since there was no proof against him as I chose a very unprofessional means of selling the phone so I did not take any action. No one was going to believe me if I have taken any action. I had to lie to my parents that I had lost my old phone since I thought it was a better option than being scolded for selling it for free.

This was one of my quirky experiences of selling an old phone. I certainly realized that these kind of matters should always be resolved professionally using all the formalities and under someone's supervision.

But that was a long way back, today there are many other ways of selling phones or other gadgets. Easiest of them all is the Cashify website and App. It is one of the fastest way to clean up your old gadgets and get the cash out of them instantly. With #CleanUpCashOut, anyone can rely on Cashify to sell their gadgets immediately at the highest available price.
Use the code CLEANCASH, to get additional Rs. 250 on the sale of your gadgets (Yippee..).
To know more about Cashify, do check their website-

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Daisy's Love Affairs

Gadgets were like aliens to Daisy, she had never felt any connection or attraction towards her laptop or mobile phone. She barely used her phone throughout the day.
The other day, Daisy was strolling around in the market and she suddenly saw a bright and beautiful store of mobile phones with a number of mobiles placed side by side, of different brands and size.
Out of all, the one placed in the center had a stunning appeal with a shining metallic sleek body and colorful screen. She instantly pointed it out to the store person who consequently picked it from the shelf and brought it towards her. Her eyes were constantly glued to the phone while admiring its beauty.

"5.1 inches, Android 7.0 Nougat OS, Storage 32 GB with 1 year warranty. I assure you, you'll have absolutely no complaints", said the shopkeeper.

It was the first time when Daisy actually felt some connection with a gadget. She indeed felt love at first sight on seeing the brand new 'X' phone.

"I don't care about the specs, Sir! What I really know is, love sees no OS and no processor", she said while still staring at the phone.

She had become so blind in the love of X phone that she didn't care about its expensive price and bought it in one go without giving a second thought to it.

Since then started the happiest days of her life. She and her phone and nobody else was all that she wanted. She and her phone used to spend the entire time in her room clicking selfies and watching movies. Her parents were strictly against her relationship with the new X phone. They thought that the phone was diverting her focus and dragging her away from her ex-love, studies. They wanted her to be with studies and leave X phone, but Daisy didn't listen to them as she felt that everything's fair in love and war. After all her phone used to wake her up and sing her to sleep. It was her only companion who never judged her for acting weird.

One fine day Daisy was hanging around with her X phone and she mistakenly slipped the phone out of her hands and it fell on the ground. On picking the phone, she noticed that the screen guard has got some cracks so she immediately headed towards the same mobile store as she couldn't see her phone being badly hurt. She got the screen fixed by a new guard and just when she was leaving, a new gadget crossed her view. Now, this gadget was an ultimate goals to her list of expectations from a mobile. Its rose gold color caught her attention and she couldn't blink her eyes for few seconds, her mouth was left widely opened on seeing the charm of the new 'Z' phone.

"5.5 inches, Mac OS 11.0, Storage 128 GB with 1 year warranty. I assure you, you'll have absolutely no complaints", said the shopkeeper with his evident smile.

After few seconds of gazing at the Z phone, she suddenly realized that she no longer loves her X phone. She had totally gotten over the fever of X phone and desperately wanted to buy the Z phone with all new trendy look and features.

Since, she was out of money so she had to go back home empty-handed. She tried to convince her parents by saying that Z phone is her true love and she would never ask anything again from them.

To which her mother replied, "But what about your X phone? Doesn't it require your love and attention? How can you get over it so easily? You chose it over studies and fought with us, I thought you actually loved X. How can you leave X alone?"

"You're right Mom. I can't leave X alone. I have decided, I will not move on with Z phone until I don't find a lover for X. Z phone will have to wait for me until I hand over X to genuine hands."

Since then, she got engaged in finding the right person for X phone, she searched many sites but couldn't fine a suitable solution as every site quoted a very low price for X phone. She didn't want to sell X at such a low cost as she knew the true value of it and believed that X phone deserved a much higher price than that.

Finally, she downloaded Cashify app which later served as a saviour for her, she didn't have to put much efforts and it helped her finding out the highest price for X phone. She instantly sold the X phone to a very genuine buyer. Eventually, Daisy felt satisfied and contended on selling her ex love- The X phone. She certainly realized that her love for new phones will keep on growing so she must keep Cashify App to help her whenever she has a new crush so that she could dispose off the oldie with its #CleanUpCashOut aim.

If you have an old gadget too and want to sell it off in the easiest and fastest way, then do checkout an absolutely amazing website called Cashify-
Here's a coupon code <CLEANCASH> that Daisy used to get additional Rs 250 on the sale of her old phone. Even you can avail this coupon code and enjoy the benefits of Cashify. :)

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Time When I Got Stuck With My Old Phone

All the TV anchors of online shopping channels ace in the art of portraying things in a much exaggerated manner that they can easily convince most of the people to buy any commodity even if it's not of their use. That's why I always stay away from such channels as they easily manipulate me to buy their products by laying stress on the features and saying things like "Hurry, only few minutes left for this bumper sale. Avail this offer before anyone else does". Despite knowing the fact that this is their marketing strategy, I somehow fall into their trap every single time.

Nearly two years ago, I saw an android phone being sold by one such on-air shopping channel which looked very attractive to me and had even more attractive features. Despite having all the alluring specifications like latest processor, camera quality, in-built memory and battery backup, its price was surprisingly very low. Honestly speaking, I didn't even have the need of a new cellphone at that time, but I couldn't resist myself from buying it as it was too inexpensive to have such great features.

But the harsh truth is, every budget-friendly product has its unforeseen shortcomings. The extra price that all the other reputed vendors or companies charge is not just for the up to date specifications but for the quality assurance too.

Just few months after the purchase of this phone, I started facing a lot of performance issues, frequent app crashes and quick battery discharge. I was fed up of charging my phone after every few hours. Soon, I realized that buying this smartphone was surely one of the worst decisions I have ever taken. In today's world, a smart phone handles a lot of things from waking you up and reminding important dates to sending urgent mails and doing important transactions. So, it's very crucial to have a smartphone working in a good condition. All my daily tasks were being impacted by the performance lag of this phone.

Since, the phone was under warranty period at that time, so I decided to get it repaired. Unfortunately there was no mobile store available at my location of that particular brand. Still, I managed to go the store situated in the nearby city to get it repaired. Even after getting it repaired I was not satisfied with the functionality. Soon after getting it repaired, I started facing some issues in the touch screen. Again, I got it repaired from the same mobile store. This time I got it properly fixed to make sure I don't face any issues as I am very dependent on my phone to manage my social and professional life. Even, after getting it fully repaired I was somehow not happy and satisfied with this phone. Perhaps, I just got over the fantasy of having a hi-tech phone as it didn't meet my expectations at all in the earlier days.  In no time, a huge series of smartphones with latest technologies came up for grabs and I finally decided to get rid of this old one.

I had no clue in the beginning as this was the first time I was trying to sell a used phone, so I asked a friend of mine for some advice. He instantly advised me to exchange it for another phone on any e-commerce website that offers discount on exchange. I found this option feasible to me so I checked online stores and finally filtered out a list of them which provided an exchange offer (By list, I mean only 2-3 of them). Apparently, you can avail the exchange offer for only those mobiles which are present in the product list of website that has brands and models which are applicable for the exchange. Unfortunately, my mobile was not present in that list and hence, it was not applicable for the exchange offer of any website.

The next option my friend suggested was to sell it to any dealer of the local market as they can be convinced on negotiation. This option was also cancelled from our "Get rid of my phone" option list when all the dealers refused to buy it even for a single penny as it was obsolete and the brand was not trustable. Finally, I had to put its advertisement on an online marketplace at a very low price (30% of what it costed me)
Surprisingly I didn't get any call even after weeks of putting the ad. I was frustrated by this time, I felt like this phone has got stuck with me like shadow and I'm unable to get rid of it. At-last, I just gave it free of cost to a cousin of mine who desperately needed a mobile. But he returned it back to me after few months as he didn't like the phone at all.

Sometimes I laugh so hard at these incidents that repeatedly didn't let me get relieved from the baggage of this phone.
I still have it but of-course I don't use it anymore. It's currently resting in the box inside the third drawer of the cupboard in the store room, but I believe that it's not the place where this phone should belong. I think Cashify is the apt place that will truly value this product of mine without judging it. And what's the best thing about Cashify is that my phone's brand is also applicable on Cashify which was not applicable at many other websites.

It not only offers selling old phones but old tablets, laptops, TVs  and Gaming Consoles too. I'm definitely going to advantage myself with #CleanUpCashOut motive of Cashify. If you too wish to sell your old gadgets in fast and easy way then do tune into
Psst.. Here's a bonus deal- You can use the coupon code- CLEANCASH to get an additional Rs. 250 on sale of your gadgets. Spread the news and help your loved ones to cashify their gadgets. :)
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Sunday, 8 October 2017


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Dear God,

Just a reminder that I am assuming, 
you have something huge planned for me tomorrow,
to balance all the things that were unfair today and yesterday, 
to compensate all the things that I really deserved, 
but fortune makers didn't let them happen to me,
to reimburse all the debts of happiness,
that you owe to those who needed it the most,
to do the virtue of justice to those who are worthy of,
And to those who have been keeping faith in morality.
Don't let this fire cease in anguish.
Don't let this faith be surrendered to the ghosts of misfortune.
Don't let this belief fade away in pain.
Don't let this hope die before I do.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Time When I Judged Babies

I can fairly imagine what a bliss it is to have a baby. I have always craved for having a baby of my own because just an hour or two of babysitting is not enough for me. I feel really sad when they start crying to go back to their mummies. And it's really partial of them for always wanting to hangout with their mothers and nobody else. I know it's very silly of me to judge babies who have no knowledge or clues at such tiny age.

But it really makes me upset when little babies get so much attached to their mothers that they are not willing to go with  anyone else, even if the other person is dying to cuddle the baby and just see that smile on their face for once. But no, the moment you'll pick them up, they start crying and shouting as if you have done something wrong to them.

It's only on your 'lucky' days that these babies, for real, tend to choose you over their moms. That feeling is an epic one, when a baby stops crying the moment you pick them up, but that moment just turns out to be a regular one when that baby just burps and continue with his usual hobby of crying and jumping out of your hands.

I wonder if they are taking the revenge of their mothers or grandmothers who tried to pick me up when I was a baby. And no doubt I was the flag bearer of these resilient babies who would cry all day long if a stranger(by which I mean a person other than their mom) comes to admire them.
Jokes apart, I love babies and am very fond of them. But, just can't bear the fact that they don't love me back! :D
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