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Celebrating Super Beginnings

Delhi, Delhi, Delhi. It's something very special and unique about Delhi. Isn't it? 
Not just because of being the national capital but there are many other factors like the heartwarming and welcoming nature of Delhiites, their smiling faces, the wide range of delicious street food, and many more things that create a special place for Delhi in the heart of every Indian. Every time I visit Delhi, I feel very excited on seeing the huge buildings and busy lives of people but at the same time I feel very frustrated on seeing the height of pollution levels that Delhi has reached. Nevertheless, many positive efforts and great steps are being taken in Delhi NCR to help people live a super life!

I would like to mention an effective subset of these super initiatives taken in Delhi NCR which is as follows:

Public Bicycle Rental initiatives for a pollution free city:

One of the main causes of air pollution is certainly the use of automobiles. Delhi being a very populous city has busy roads all the time loaded with buses, cars, scooters and auto-rickshaws lined up after each other. Almost all automotive vehicles run on fuels and are known to emit various harmful pollutants in air causing severe environmental degradation. One can fairly imagine how Delhi's air is being victimized continuously with the attacks of motor vehicles since years now. 

With increasing standards of living, every person wants to own an automobile. In today's era, from junior executive to CEO, everyone either owns or is planning to buy a car or perhaps a scooter. In the busy schedules, no one really cares about the pollution and continue to travel by their personal vehicles despite increasing encouragement towards use of public vehicles. 

The main reason behind people not using public vehicles is probably the amount of crowd present in public transport and money spent in buying tickets. Delhi faces traffic jams at every corner almost every other minute. I believe it's wiser to opt for a vehicle that can easily take you through the jam packed traffic without using number of horns. One such, only eco friendly vehicle in urban cities is a bicycle. What's great about riding a bicycle is that it keeps you fit, is eco friendly and can  penetrate through the jammed roads easily. Trust me on this, a bicycle can be faster than a car in today's time of heavy traffics in Delhi.
Today, many organizations such as DRMC, Greenride, Greenolution, etc have taken the initiative to favor public bicycle rentals at a very minimal rate so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of easy transportation while staying healthy and keeping pollution free environment. 

Vodafone's initiatives for a green and digital city:

Vodafone has always been my favorite network service provider because of that 'Apna pan' (Affinity) they have for all their customers. That's the main reason why 1.2 crore people of Delhi NCR which is almost half of their population, rely on Vodafone services. Vodafone receives a new appreciation in every 30 seconds for effectively serving the people and their needs. If you're a Delhiite, you must definitely check out to know more about the great services that they offer.

But that is not all, they are not only known for their commendable achievements but also for their thriving initiatives towards making a better India. Especially in Delhi, which is the heart of India, vodafone has been very sincere in taking steps towards making it a green and digital city.

Some of the social manoeuvres taken by Vodafone are:

Free Wi-Fi Zones: Vodafone services are very promising in using the latest technologies to help their customers and one such service provided by them is the very popular, free Wi-Fi zones at more than 120 famous spots in Delhi & NCR such as Fortis Hospital, Khan Market, several malls like DLF Mall of India, Pacific Mall and many more. Now, one can easily enjoy internet facilities for free in public areas while handling their daily tasks.

Empowering start-ups: Vodafone has always believed in supporting the small scaled entrepreneurs and organizations. They provide right resources to the people with brilliant and bright ideas to nurture their growth in the tough arena of corporate which is very praiseworthy. Oyo and Zomato are also among these start ups who have been supported and powered by Vodafone.

Green Diwali Initiative: Our favorite festival Diwali has always been infamous for bringing loads of air pollutants with continuous burning of a range firecrackers for 4-5 days of Diwali Season. But this year, the Supreme Court of India took a very wise decision of banning the sale of firecrackers. Owing to this, Vodafone rolled up their sleeves to bring another great change in society by selling pollution free Super Crackers. 
And why were they super? 
That's because they didn't contain any black powder or chemicals, instead they were filled with eco-friendly plant seeds promoting new life instead of destroying many by polluting the environment, which the other firecrackers tend to do. These Super Crackers were available at 52 Vodafone stores across Delhi NCR during 16th-19th October. This initiative encouraged many individuals to give up bursting of harmful firecrackers and bring a new and fruitful change in their lives by planting these super crackers and seeing them flourish day by day in front of their eyes, which is the true realization of #CelebratingSuper.

Valuable Bus Shelters: Mostly every Delhiite's day starts with them waiting for their respective buses at the bus stop. Never did anyone realize the need of paying attention to benefit those people who come and stand there every day so that they could go back to their homes or work places. It was Vodafone which took this great action of introducing valuable bus shelters. One was creating first Air-purifying bus shelter in city so that people can breathe pollution free air while waiting for bus. Another was the first ever Wi-Fi enabled bus shelter in Gurgaon, which offers free Wi-Fi upto 20 minutes to everyone irrespective of whether they use Vodafone or not. Now waiting would not be boring and tiring as with the free Wi-Fi facility, people can enjoy the perks of open internet while waiting for their buses.

NDMC projects for a smart city:

Smart City term seems very fascinating to ears since we have never really experienced it in practice. Certainly with changing time, it is very important for a city to adapt new processes accompanied with modern technology to benefit its citizens for a better living.
In 2015, a smart cities mission was launched by the government. It is a five year program in which 100 cities all over the country were selected to get benefits from this mission. The NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) being selected as one of the first 20 cities for this mission, has already started many projects to make a smarter and digital city. Some of my favorites are listed below:

Smart City 311 App: NDMCC has launched 311 App for the citizens to digitize several services such as making household complaints, online payment of water, tax and power, booking a parking space, to name a few. This App will definitely ease the living of citizens in Delhi. Further, many more features are to be included in the application in near future such as bus scheduling services and checking frequency of buses.

Digital Screens: Digital screens will be installed at all major NDMC locations that will continuously display useful information such as weather forecast, pollution levels, traffic flow and suggested traffic diversions via FM and radio stations.

Smart Poles: Don't worry, Smart Poles aren't a sorcery, nor are they cousins of smartphones. They are simply the alternatives of street light poles that will serve as a boon to mankind, having LEDs, Wi-fi and CCTV cameras mounted on it to provide many advanced digital services to the people.

Government's initiatives for a safe city:

From stalking and staring to acid attacks and rapes, many women of Delhi including Nirbhaya have been subjected to extreme brutal violence turning out to giving up their dreams and even their lives. Delhi indeed seemed a red alert area for women back then. I strongly feel that safety of women is the key factor of any developed city. Even after plenty of advancements if a place is not safe, it's not worthy of living.

Thankfully, since then, many actions and measures have been taken by the government and society of Delhi to control and avoid such situations.
CCTVs cameras were installed in DTC buses and several Delhi markets to ensure that every act of people is under supervision. GPS installation was made mandatory in public vehicles. Moreover, vulnerable areas were made to be under constant patrolling to avoid any such mishaps. Also, a number of police helplines from 60-100 had been introduced to provide guidance and help to anyone in need. Several compensations are provided by the government and NGOs to the victims of such crimes to empower their dreams and motivate them to emerge as confident personalities. 

These actions light a hope to make Delhi a safer place for women so that they can live fearlessly. Nevertheless, many people still need to be educated so that they practice humanity within the country they live!

Of course, Delhi still has a long way to go but these initiatives have definitely ventured into the challenge to make Delhi a clean, green, smart and safe city one day. 

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