Monday, 16 October 2017

Daisy's Love Affairs

Gadgets were like aliens to Daisy, she had never felt any connection or attraction towards her laptop or mobile phone. She barely used her phone throughout the day.
The other day, Daisy was strolling around in the market and she suddenly saw a bright and beautiful store of mobile phones with a number of mobiles placed side by side, of different brands and size.
Out of all, the one placed in the center had a stunning appeal with a shining metallic sleek body and colorful screen. She instantly pointed it out to the store person who consequently picked it from the shelf and brought it towards her. Her eyes were constantly glued to the phone while admiring its beauty.

"5.1 inches, Android 7.0 Nougat OS, Storage 32 GB with 1 year warranty. I assure you, you'll have absolutely no complaints", said the shopkeeper.

It was the first time when Daisy actually felt some connection with a gadget. She indeed felt love at first sight on seeing the brand new 'X' phone.

"I don't care about the specs, Sir! What I really know is, love sees no OS and no processor", she said while still staring at the phone.

She had become so blind in the love of X phone that she didn't care about its expensive price and bought it in one go without giving a second thought to it.

Since then started the happiest days of her life. She and her phone and nobody else was all that she wanted. She and her phone used to spend the entire time in her room clicking selfies and watching movies. Her parents were strictly against her relationship with the new X phone. They thought that the phone was diverting her focus and dragging her away from her ex-love, studies. They wanted her to be with studies and leave X phone, but Daisy didn't listen to them as she felt that everything's fair in love and war. After all her phone used to wake her up and sing her to sleep. It was her only companion who never judged her for acting weird.

One fine day Daisy was hanging around with her X phone and she mistakenly slipped the phone out of her hands and it fell on the ground. On picking the phone, she noticed that the screen guard has got some cracks so she immediately headed towards the same mobile store as she couldn't see her phone being badly hurt. She got the screen fixed by a new guard and just when she was leaving, a new gadget crossed her view. Now, this gadget was an ultimate goals to her list of expectations from a mobile. Its rose gold color caught her attention and she couldn't blink her eyes for few seconds, her mouth was left widely opened on seeing the charm of the new 'Z' phone.

"5.5 inches, Mac OS 11.0, Storage 128 GB with 1 year warranty. I assure you, you'll have absolutely no complaints", said the shopkeeper with his evident smile.

After few seconds of gazing at the Z phone, she suddenly realized that she no longer loves her X phone. She had totally gotten over the fever of X phone and desperately wanted to buy the Z phone with all new trendy look and features.

Since, she was out of money so she had to go back home empty-handed. She tried to convince her parents by saying that Z phone is her true love and she would never ask anything again from them.

To which her mother replied, "But what about your X phone? Doesn't it require your love and attention? How can you get over it so easily? You chose it over studies and fought with us, I thought you actually loved X. How can you leave X alone?"

"You're right Mom. I can't leave X alone. I have decided, I will not move on with Z phone until I don't find a lover for X. Z phone will have to wait for me until I hand over X to genuine hands."

Since then, she got engaged in finding the right person for X phone, she searched many sites but couldn't fine a suitable solution as every site quoted a very low price for X phone. She didn't want to sell X at such a low cost as she knew the true value of it and believed that X phone deserved a much higher price than that.

Finally, she downloaded Cashify app which later served as a saviour for her, she didn't have to put much efforts and it helped her finding out the highest price for X phone. She instantly sold the X phone to a very genuine buyer. Eventually, Daisy felt satisfied and contended on selling her ex love- The X phone. She certainly realized that her love for new phones will keep on growing so she must keep Cashify App to help her whenever she has a new crush so that she could dispose off the oldie with its #CleanUpCashOut aim.

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